The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 283


= Vladimir…

= H-his appearance… Is a constellation using him as an avatar?

= Yes. Based on videos I've seen from Russia, that definitely seems to be the case! Vladimir blew away his fellow countrymen and the monsters around him to absorb their blood!

Everyone but Vladimir had been wiped out on the Russian team, and monsters were piled up around him. He seemed to have absorbed more blood than when they'd faced each other previously on Valhalla. Of course, that definitely made him stronger than before as well.

'If he's only this strong, I think I can win.' Compared to then, JiHan had gotten stronger as well.

"Many eyes are watching us." Vladimir raised his hand, and blood showered the area.

= Ah… O-once again, the view is obscured with blood!

= It's already been revealed that a constellation is using Vladimir as an avatar, so why cover the screen again?!

= To make things worse, it’s at the most crucial moment…!

After blocking what the viewers could see, Vladimir stared at JiHan. "Sung JiHan… You've grown a lot in a short period. At first, I couldn't understand why my master asked me to kill you. After seeing you, though, I think I can somewhat understand him."

"Well,” JiHan said, “Now that I see you again, I think you’ll be easier to deal with than I expected."

"We'll see about that." Blood rose from Vladimir and soon covered him as if it were armor. A moment later, a giant, cross-shaped blood sword appeared in his hand. "Actions speak louder than words, after all!" Vladimir charged at JiHan in the blink of an eye.

He was much faster than before, but JiHan was easily able to trace every movement, unlike when he’d faced the ancient elf. 'He isn't as fast as the ancient elf was.' The cross-shaped blood sword tried to slash him, but he easily blocked the attack with his red lightning-imbued Phoenix Flag.


Combined Origin Divine Arts Heavenly Lightning Phoenix Flames Technique: Red Lightning Cannon.

Red lightning started gathering around the tip of the spear, and a fierce projectile soon burst forth, cast almost instantly. Vladimir's cross-shaped blood sword was enveloped by the red lightning and visibly shrunk.

"Hmm…" Vladimir tried to restore the sword to its original size, but the technique didn’t end there—bursts of red lightning kept assaulting him.


Vladimir’s blood armor initially repelled some of the red lightning, but a crack soon appeared on one side of his armor. Once that gap opened up, the red lightning streaked into the narrow opening and cooked his body from the inside out. That spelled the end for the blood armor, and even the cross-shaped blood sword shrank and vanished.


'This is too easy…' JiHan thought. The Red Lightning stat, Dragon Flame, and his Purple Cloud Divine Arts made it so he couldn’t even be compared to how he was before. 'If this is the result without fusing my stats, then I can't wait to see how it’ll look in the future.'

JiHan had decided to use all his remaining stat points on Dragon Flame, which was enough to raise the stat to 197. It was only three points away from Red Lightning’s value of 200, and one might think it was worth trying to fuse them at that point. 

Fearing a potential failure due to the three-stat point difference, he only wanted to fuse the stats after Dragon Flame reached 200. Still, he’d invested a lot in the stat, and the fire within his red lightning was naturally stronger as a result. It was so strong, in fact, that it vaporized all of the blood Vladimir had gathered.

"You're stronger than I expected," Vladimir admitted, emerging from a pool of blood in the distance after being atomized. “We’re only just getting started, though.”


Vladimir reabsorbed the scattered blood over the ground and grew even bigger than before, until he looked like a bloody knight in red armor with a cross-shaped blood sword.


Instead of approaching JiHan, he turned to the monsters behind him and sprinted into the horde, instantly causing every monster he approached to explode before draining their blood, regardless of their size.

'Hmm.' JiHan watched, his arms crossed. Naturally, he knew that Vladimir gained strength from absorbing blood. He would have tried to stop it in a real-life battle, but… 'Right now, Longinus's avatar isn't a match for me. He needs to get as strong as possible so I can better prepare for when Longinus truly comes down.'

Even if he died inside the game, there would be almost no penalty, so it was better to see every single one of the enemy’s cards that he could. That way, he could gather useful information to better prepare for when he would have to fight the real battle.

"So this is the limit of this avatar…" Vladimir muttered, about twice his original size.

"Really?” JiHan asked. “Then, here I come." He unfolded his arms and rushed forward.


"Transfusion!" Vladimir, much stronger than before, tried to draw blood from JiHan, but he couldn’t pierce through Martial Soul’s Absolute Domain.

"Is that all?" JiHan asked. His Eclipse slashed through Vladimir’s body, but blood poured from the cut and pulled the man back together. 

Compared to when Vladimir was hit by the red lightning earlier, his wounds were healing much more easily. He stared at Eclipse, the sword that had cut him, and asked, "Aren't you going to use your red lightning? I can easily regenerate from an attack like this."

"Ah, using that would make things too easy."

"Ha. How arrogant…!" Angered, Vladimir swung his sword at JiHan, and they exchanged blows a few times.

Clang—! Clang—!

"Hmm…!" Soon, the cross-shaped blood sword split apart, and Vladimir’s head rolled across the ground.

Thud. Thud…

"See? Too easy," JiHan said as he put his sword away and looked at Vladimir’s head. “Do you understand now?”

"Indeed. No matter how much strength I gather, I won’t be able to do anything through an avatar," Vladimir calmly said, as if he'd been expecting to lose. "I admit it. I can’t beat you with an avatar."

"Why did you call me out, anyway?" JiHan asked.


"If you were going to kill me following the Martial God's order, wouldn't it have been easier to simply descend to Earth? Why go through the hassle of fighting me inside a game through an avatar?"


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


Longinus had originally claimed that he’d murder and crucify JiHan in-game, but then he’d been steamrolled. "My reason, huh…?" Vladimir’s head melted into blood and vanished before reappearing on his body. "You modified my duty to fit you."

"Are you talking about the Iron Blood Cross? Yes, I did." JiHan drew a cross with two fingers.

Combined Origin Divine Arts God-killing Technique: Iron Blood Cross.


A white cross rose in front of JiHan as if it were trying to protect him. He’d previously needed to use two weapons to manifest the technique, but it only required two fingers since he’d grown so much. "People need to evolve, right?"

"Ha." Vladimir frowned. JiHan had destroyed and modified the method by which his 'duty' had to be used. Every time he saw that, he couldn't help but feel displeasure. Still, he tried to calm himself as he asked, "Is that all…?"


"About you modifying my duty… Is that all you can do?"

"I'm not sure. I haven't been using it much recently."

"Is that so?"


The cross-shaped blood sword disappeared. "Then, try to modify my duty again from now on." A bloody spear started to form in Vladimir’s hands. “If you fail, you’ll surely die.”

The God-killing Spear, which he needed his master’s special authorization to use, was ready.


* * *


JiHan was well aware of the spear’s destructive power. 'It was Longinus's spear that broke through the Thunder God’s barrier.' It was what the Wandering Martial God had used to break through the impasse, but there was a huge difference between the spear the fearsome being had used back then and the one JiHan was facing at the moment. Nevertheless, the God-killing Spear had a huge presence.

"Didn't you ask Vladimir to tell me the God-killing Spear was too important to be used against me?" JiHan asked.

"I won't stab you with it yet,” Longinus said as blood leaked from his body. The spear was taking its toll on him and slowly ripping him apart. Regardless, he didn’t seem to care and said, "I'm just going to aim it at you." Sure enough, he simply pointed the spear at JiHan.

JiHan's body stiffened. 'This…' It was the same thing he'd felt when attacked by the God-killing Spear before. It seemed like he’d lost control of his body, and Vladimir, who’d been rapidly deteriorating, also seemed to completely pause as the droplets of blood around him hung in the air.

'Time is stopping…? I felt it last time, but I can't control my body.' JiHan might’ve been stronger than before, but the only energies he was able to use within his body were the ones related to his Martial Soul and Void stats—the power from his Red Lightning and Dragon Flame stats didn’t move at all.

In that moment, when the world seemed to have come to a halt, the bloody spear moved forward. A bloody mist rose from the weapon and formed into purple words.


[Target condition: partially matched.]

[Extinction Code has manifested.]

The same words he’d seen the last time Longinus stabbed him appeared. Longinus wasn’t doing anything but pointing at him. If he thrust the spear forward, that ‘Extinction Code’ would probably erase him instantly. At least dying inside a game wouldn’t be a huge loss for him.

'If the God-killing Spear created by an avatar is enough to immobilize me, then I definitely won't be able to react if Longinus himself used it against me…' If he couldn’t overcome the God-killing Spear’s ability to stop time, then he would most certainly die.

'It isn't that I can't move my energy at all…' He tried to overcome the situation by moving the energy from his Martial Soul and Void stats, but his body didn’t even twitch.

'This can't go on.' JiHan seriously worried about what would happen if he couldn’t figure out how to overcome the attack.

"M-Mr. Sung…! I will help you…!" The bloody spear suddenly dissipated, and Vladimir’s voice suddenly broke through.

"You…! What are you doing?!" Longinus’s voice shouted, apparently warring for control over the body.

"Even if you're a constellation… I cannot let you kill Mr. Sung!"

"You bastard…!"

JiHan sighed when he saw how Vladimir and Longinus were arguing and fighting over control of one body. It wasn't like he would die in real life. Why had Vladimir appeared at such a crucial moment? "Vladimir, it’s okay," he said.


"Rest for now. This is a great opportunity for me."

"Ah. Did I mess things up?"

"If you keep doing this, you probably will."

"Understood…" Vladimir, eager to help JiHan, made a disheartened expression and surrendered control of his body again.

Longinus, having regained control, gave a dumbfounded expression. "Haa… To think the avatar would resist by taking advantage of the moment I used the God-killing Spear. How unbelievable."

"Hey, can you use it again?" JiHan asked.

"Yes, I can…"

"Then wait a moment." JiHan opened his status window. Void and Martial Soul… He couldn’t overcome the spear’s abilities with the two stats alone. 'I'll have to fuse Dragon Flame and Red Lightning…'

It was time for him to create a new stat from the fusion of the two unique stats and test if it would be enough to overcome the God-killing Spear.


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