The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 282


- JiHan, it's Vladimir.

The call that came through the Association was from Russia's representative player, Vladimir.

- Because of the resources you obtained in the previous match, my mother's health improved. Thank you.

Vladimir spoke to him in English.

- I'm sure you didn't call through the Association to say that.

- Ah, yes. Actually… my constellation, 'Godslayer,' asked me to tell you to come out in this match.

- Against Russia?

- Yes. It seems that he's planning to use me as his avatar again.

The 'Godslayer', Longinus, was planning to kill JiHan. If he was going to descend anyway, there should’ve been no reason for him to choose Vladimir's body.

- I can't think of any reason for him to use you as an avatar… What did he say?

- I'm merely conveying what he told me. I hope there isn't any sort of misunderstanding.

- Don't worry about that. Tell me.

- My master said, “'Sung JiHan. Though it was ordered of me by the Wandering Martial God, it doesn't matter how much I think about it, the spear is too much of a luxury for you. Come out during the next match, and I will crucify and eliminate you.'

Of course, JiHan couldn’t understand what Longinus was intending. Dying inside a Regional League match would only be an in-game death for him. He wouldn’t die in real life.

- Ah, he also told me to convey something more… 'If you don't appear, it will be your loss…'

It would be his loss? JiHan began thinking. 'Even if I lose, I won't die. This could be a great opportunity for me.' Rather than waiting patiently for Longinus to come and attack him, it was more beneficial to figure out Longinus's level of power through his avatar, Vladimir. He wasn't sure why the enemy was giving him such an opportunity, but he decided he might as well take it.

- Tell him I'm going to participate.

- Understood. I… will also do my best to help you!

- What?

- If you die, JiHan, humanity will be in danger…! I will do my best to interfere with the constellation.

JiHan smirked when he heard what Vladimir said to him. South Korea and Russia… Although they were rivals in the Regional League, if they thought of the Space League, all countries were, in reality, allies. He felt that Vladimir had a true desire to help him.

- Don't push yourself too much.

- Yes!

As soon as the call ended, JiHan decided to participate in the match.

"Coach, please don't ban Vladimir."

"Understood." Coach No YeongJun nodded before entering the coach's room.

= The ban cards for the first game are being chosen!

= Russia decided not to ban JiHan. Instead, they decided to ban two players among the top 10!

= Do they think it will be tough either way?

= That must be it. Recently, Yoon Sae-ah has been growing a lot. Many people say that she should be among the top five Archers.

= Being able to play twice a day is huge! As time passes, she will show even more overwhelming growth!

= The Late Bloomer Gift played a really big role. I wonder if she hasn't bloomed too fast!

= Haha! You're right!

The commentators weren't aware of what was going on behind the scenes.


- Still, wouldn't banning JiHan be the better choice?

- Right? If JiHan gets into a game, it’s like giving one game away for free, hahaha.

- Sae-jin and Sae-ah are also quite strong… So aren't they leaving things to luck? If JiHan and one of them get banned, they might have a chance.

- No. Seeing Sae-ah's recent growth, I think she might be able to win on her own.

- Yes. Although many people haven't noticed, Sae-ah's also an overpowered character, lol. No one can stop her when she shoots invisible arrows, and they can’t even see her.


Even without Sung JiHan, the South Korean team was among the top teams.

= Ah, but it seems the Russian coach's gamble worked! JiHan has been banned!

= The last ban card targeted Ha YeonJu!

= We could say the Russian coach has been quite successful with the bans…

= We still have Sae-jin and Sae-ah!

= Yes. The South Gate map was chosen, which is advantageous to us!

From the moment Sung JiHan was banned, one could think things had worked for Russia, but the father-daughter duo still made for formidable opponents.

"I'll be going."

"I'm going to get the series MVP title~"


- It looks like an easy win, even without JiHan.

- Well, they still have to beat Vladimir.

- The Sword King alone is enough to deal with him.

- That's if a constellation doesn’t use him as an avatar like last time, lol.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


The South Korean team had become strong enough for the viewers to feel relaxed, and the starting game went as everyone expected.

= The starting round's MVP title has gone to Sae-jin!

= He broke the enemy's gate by himself and showed overwhelming power while riding his sword!

= Sae-jin seems to have gotten stronger compared to the previous Space League game. He cut the Russian players apart in one attack!

= That's right. I wonder if something happened.

Sae-ah shook her head as she exited the connector. "Dad, you're too strong. I can't keep up. I wonder if I should charge forward, too."

"Sae-ah, you have to stick to your assigned role. Don't you know that team play is more important than a score?"

"I don't want to hear that from someone who used Twin Sword Flight to charge into the enemy's base alone."

"That was my assigned role." Even while saying that, Sae-jin was making a satisfied expression. He'd almost single-handedly ended the first game, just like JiHan usually did.

"Brother-in-law, you definitely seem to have gotten stronger," JiHan said.

"If it looked like that to you, then I guess I wasn't just imagining things. I wonder if the 'Primordial Blessing' had another effect." Sae-jin seemed to have confirmed his suspicion.

"Primordial Blessing… That's a blessing that helps you with your growth, right?" Sae-ah asked.

"Yes. After receiving this blessing, my movements while training with my swords improved greatly. Before entering the game, I thought it was just a placebo effect… but since JiHan said that, it must be helping me."

If Primordial Blessing changed a player's movements that much in such a short time, it was a great sponsorship effect.

'So… Gilgamesh didn't come just to talk with me?' JiHan was thinking about Gilgamesh's intentions.

"Woah. Mr. Yoon, did you also get a sponsoring constellation? I'm jealous!" Ha YeonJu, who was listening from the side, excitedly asked. "I wonder when I will get one… Is it because my Gift is ambiguous? Constellations don't even look at me."

"YeonJu, your Gift is rank SS, right? I'm sure you're going to get a sponsoring constellation soon. I only received mine recently."

"Is that so? I've been anxious because many top players have been saying that the amount of sponsoring constellations has increased recently."


"Yes. I heard it happened after Planet Pioneer."

After Planet Pioneer? The timing was strange. JiHan asked, "Do you happen to know the names of these new sponsoring constellations?"

"I don't know their names… After all, players haven't disclosed that."

"I see."

Humanity was given many buffs during that particular match, so had the constellations started to sponsor humans because they thought they wouldn't get demoted anymore?

Or maybe…

'Is Gilgamesh sponsoring more players besides Sae-jin?' JiHan decided to take a closer look at the phenomenon.

= The second game is starting!

= Russia used the same ban cards!

= This time, Sae-jin and YeonJu were banned!

= I wonder if YeonJu will end up being banned three consecutive times…

"Ah, again?" YeonJu frowned. "It's going to be over in three games… I hope I get a chance to at least play."

"YeonJu,” Sae-ah said, “won't that be a new record in itself? Three consecutive bans is something not even my uncle or dad have been able to achieve."

"Ahh… but I need to take advantage of the games to leave a good impression on the constellations."

"Well, I don't think constellations will be watching Regional League matches like this."

"Is that so? In that case, I hope to get banned three consecutive times. That way, just like you said, I at least get some sort of record." YeonJu was sure the match would end in three games.

= Coach No YeongJun decided to use a different ban card strategy! He targeted the opponent's key Support! 

Since Coach No YeongJun spared Vladimir, JiHan was finally able to confront him during the second game. 


* * *


= The chosen map is… 'Blood Earth.' It's a map neither Coach used their cards for!

= 'Blood Earth'… It's the first time this map has been picked during a Regional League match…

= All classes can play on this map, but there are also monsters on the map.

= So this is a survival map!

Sure enough, Blood Earth was a survival map where each team faced off in a land full of monsters. Coaches didn’t like the map since you had to kill a certain number of monsters before confronting the opposing country’s players. The type of monster that appeared for each team to fight was very important.


- I've seen other countries play on this map, and it's too random…

- Yes. I saw England lose to Portugal. A horde of giant monsters appeared next to the English team.

- I also saw that. The Portuguese were fighting orcs while the English faced giant monsters of some kind.

- Luck plays a huge part in this map. That's why many weak countries choose it.

- No matter how much luck plays a role, since JiHan is in the game, it’s practically over already.

- Yeah. JiHan making it through bans is the worst possible luck for Russia.


Viewers weren't worried since JiHan had joined the participating players. Hadn’t he already single-handedly defeated huge dragons? No monster was big enough to defeat him. Also…

"I just have to hunt down monsters, right?" JiHan asked.

"Yes, that's right. Once you hunt a certain amount of monsters, the enemy team will appear!" a Warrior answered as if he were talking to a military superior.

JiHan slowly took out his sword. The monsters around them were wyverns—a weaker species of dragon. The monsters flew around them a bit before charging in to attack.

"Kiik!" Although they were one of the hardest monsters to deal with on that map due to their ability to fly…

"It seems that we'll meet them soon." JiHan made Eclipse rise from his hand.

Combined Origin Divine Arts Three Talents Technique: Thousand-Soldier Sweep.

His sword energy split the sky, and the wyverns all fell to the ground in pieces, painting the land red with their blood.


"He won't even give us time to loose an arrow…"

The other players on his team were stunned by his attack.

[The ground has been painted with blood.]

[You've fulfilled the condition.]

[From now on, the opposing country's players will be visible.]

JiHan had cleared the first condition as soon as they entered the map.


- How fast…

- I saw Mexico's team get wiped out by a group of wyverns last time.

- Why didn't Russia ban JiHan?

- Yeah. It's time to teach them a lesson.


Naturally, the viewers believed the game would be over soon.

"I'll go find the Russians." JiHan jumped up into the sky. In the distance, he saw a giant spout of blood shoot into the air. 'There he is.' Longinus wasn’t far. "It seems that they're in the north. I'll clean things up a bit and come back," he said to the others.

JiHan used his footwork techniques and quickly traveled over to where he’d seen the spout of blood.

"Welcome." Vladimir, drenched in crimson gore, greeted JiHan while emitting a fierce aura. 


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