The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 281


The next morning…

Sae-jin told JiHan about the message he'd received from the constellation.

"So that's what happened… the condition for him giving you a sponsorship is having a conversation with me?" JiHan asked.

"Yes. He mentioned your name. That's why I haven't accepted yet."

"The Primordial King, huh…?" JiHan wasn’t sure why the constellation was suddenly trying to talk with him.

"If you feel that the conversation would be too difficult, I will decline," Sae-jin said.

"Talking isn't hard,” JiHan calmly replied, “but I'm not sure if the constellation will be of help to you."

"Really? My constellation slot has been empty for a while. I want to receive sponsorship, if possible. I feel like my growth has been too slow lately."

Was it because he couldn't do much during the abyss crisis? It seemed like, as long as JiHan was okay with it, Sae-jin wanted to receive sponsorship from the Primordial King.

"I'll talk to him right now,” JiHan said. I'm also curious about the constellation."

"Understood." Sae-jin accepted the conditions.


A golden light suddenly appeared in his eyes. "Are you Sung JiHan?"

"Dad…?" Sae-ah, who’d been listening from the side, asked.

Golden-eyed Sae-jin looked at her and said, "My child, I must discuss something important with JiHan, so leave us alone for a moment."

"Ah… Yes." Sae-ah nodded and returned to her room with a blank expression on her face.

JiHan gave Sae-jin a cold look. "You don't seem to be my brother-in-law… Are you the constellation? What did you do to Sae-ah?"

"Fufu. As the king of humans, I just ordered her to step aside. A human must listen to my words, after all."

"King of humans…?"

"Yes. I'm Gilgamesh." Gilgamesh, who'd entered Sae-jin's body, sat on the sofa and crossed his legs.


He flicked his finger, and a golden barrier formed around the living room, blocking them off from the outside world.

"Yes. I'm also the Wandering Martial God's first and last servant."

"You are?" JiHan had heard it from Pythia already, but he tried to act surprised.

"You don't seem too surprised. It's as if you already know." Gilgamesh smirked, sensing that JiHan wasn't being genuine.

JiHan worried the servant would ask how he already knew and said, "I actually saw the name ‘Gilgamesh’ recently inside an abyss."

"Inside an abyss?"

"Yes. The words said you are a first-class surveillance target. The Seven-colored Heavenly Bull was about to be dispatched."

"First class… As expected, it seems the void is still cautious of me. Once again, I've benefited from you."

"Once again?" JiHan asked.

"Yes. Thanks to you using the Wandering Martial God’s power, I woke up. I was originally supposed to wake up just before humanity's destruction; that's why you've become a huge variable for me."

Gilgamesh looked at JiHan while making a satisfied expression. "I hope you stay as a variable."


"Yes. The Wandering Martial God thinks differently and doesn't tolerate any variables. You already exceeded the limits he can allow, which is why he gave Longinus the order to kill you."

"Longinus… Is he allowed to descend to Earth just like that?"

"Although Battle Net rules seem absolute, there's always a way to sneak through. Until you become a ‘Constellation Candidate’, even if he ends up dying in the process, he’ll do all he can to kill you."

"A ‘Constellation Candidate’…"

Thanks to the hidden bonus option, 'Star Chaser', JiHan could become a ‘Constellation Candidate’ in 300 days. That also meant he wouldn’t receive Battle Net’s full protection until then.

"If you survive Longinus's attack, you'll be safe for a while. The Wandering Martial God is asleep now, and I've been put in charge of the Fight Star."

"If you're in charge, then couldn't you stop Longinus?"

"That's impossible. The orders given by the Wandering Martial God must be carried out, but…"


A screen appeared before JiHan.

"I can help you like this from the side,” Gilgamesh said. The screen showed the chains that had appeared during Celestial Tree’s Descent.

At first, it seemed like the chains were spreading toward the sky and the ground, but soon, they returned to their original positions.

[Enkidu.] When the Gilgamesh on the screen mentioned the name ‘Enkidu’, the chains gathered and transformed into a huge, steel-armored giant.

Clank. Clank—!

"These chains created Enkidu. The God-killing Spear targets gods first, so you should be able to block Longinus's attacks with Enkidu. You woke me up and even defeated the Seven-colored Heavenly Bull in my place. As a reward, I will teach you how to summon this being."

"Enkidu…" JiHan murmured.

"Do you want to learn?" Gilgamesh asked.

Of course, learning it wouldn't hurt. JiHan nodded.


Light burst from the screen, and a new way to use Celestial Tree's Descent was transmitted to JiHan. So much information was being transmitted that JiHan subconsciously frowned.

"As expected of someone with Martial Soul." Gilgamesh nodded in satisfaction upon seeing that JiHan's troubles ended with just a frown.

After a brief moment, JiHan’s facial expression returned to normal, and Gilgamesh asked, "Did you understand?"

"Roughly. I'll have to continue training."

"That's good to hear. Then, I wish you luck. Make sure to survive Longinus's attack."



* * *

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* * *


The golden light started to disappear from Sae-jin's eyes.

"Wait," JiHan said.


"That Enkidu thing you taught me… How is it related to the elves?"

Gilgamesh looked at JiHan in surprise. "You deduced that Enkidu is connected with the elves from that…?"

"Enkidu's body is too similar to an elf’s on the inside." JiHan had cut apart his share of elves, so he was very knowledgeable about how they looked inside.

The only difference was that Enkidu wore armor on the outside. Its insides were like a 'doll' with super-regenerative abilities. 

"To think you'd 'truly' understand… You're more exceptional than I thought. It seems that your chances of survival have increased, which is satisfying. Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question. That subject is connected to the 'beginning'."

"The beginning… Were there already elves back then?"

"I also cannot answer that." In contrast to what he said, Gilgamesh nodded. Was that supposed to be a ‘yes’?

"It seems I don't have much time,” Gilgamesh said. “Make sure to survive Longinus."


The light completely disappeared, and Sae-jin's eyes returned to normal. "Brother-in-law… did the constellation descend upon me just now?"

"Yes. I had a conversation with him."

"How was it…? I hope it wasn't harmful for you." It seemed that Sae-jin wasn't aware of the conversation with Gilgamesh, and he gave JiHan a worried look.

"It wasn't harmful but actually very helpful. I received something from him," JiHan said. Although he wasn't completely sure of Gilgamesh's motives, he'd shown a friendly attitude toward him and taught him how to use Celestial Tree's Descent to help him survive. On top of that, he taught him how to summon Enkidu.

Yoon Sae-jin's constellation ended up giving JiHan more than he gave Sae-jin. "I think you should ask the constellation for more," JiHan said.

"Hmm… It seems the constellation was satisfied with the conversation. He gave me five extra stat points. I also obtained a title that increases my growth rate called ‘Primordial Blessing’." Sae-jin told him what he'd received with a sense of relief. 

The rewards he got weren't bad, but… 'It seems that I somehow earned more, so I can't help but feel sorry,' JiHan thought while looking at Sae-jin, who was making a satisfied smile.


"Uncle! What just happened?" Sae-ah, who'd entered her room following Gilgamesh's orders, came running out.

"Did you return to your senses?" JiHan asked.

"Yes… It was as if I had no control of my body. After Dad talked to me with flashing golden eyes, I had no choice but to do what he said."

"You couldn't resist at all?"

"Yes. It was as if I obviously had to follow the order."

Was that another power Gilgamesh had? As expected, the Wandering Martial God's servant wasn't someone who could be taken lightly.

"So, did things go well?" she asked.

"Yes. I need to practice what I learned, though."

"Ah… You're going to train again?"

JiHan nodded. He needed to learn how to summon Enkidu before Longinus invaded. 'I also have to raise my Dragon Flame to 200 and fuse it with Red Lightning.' The opponent was strong, so he needed to make some preparations.

"I just have to come back by the month's end, right?" JiHan asked. Both the Space League match and the promotion match would take place at the end of the month.

Sae-ah scratched her head. "Hmm… Actually, there's the regional match as well, but we're going to take care of that!"

"Yes. The Champions League is almost confirmed,” Sae-jin said, “so we're going to take care of the minor matches."

"Ah, what country are we fighting?" JiHan asked.


Eastern Russia was in 3rd or 4th place in the East Asian League. Sae-jin had rejoined South Korea. Not only that, but Sae-ah had grown a lot, so South Korea could deal with them. Obtaining a victory without JiHan shouldn't have been hard.

'If nothing else were going on, I would just participate, but…' Jihan didn't know when he would have to face Longinus, so he needed to train as much as possible. "Understood. I'll leave things to you." Just when he was about to leave… 


"Huh, the Association is calling?" He received a call from the Battle Net Association.


* * * 


= Ladies and gentlemen, you've been waiting for a long time! The match that will allow us to participate in the Champions League as the 1st-place country is about to start!

= Today's lineup has been attracting a lot of attention! There's been a lot of talk about whether JiHan would participate or not!

= Indeed. South Korea's team has overcome the crisis. Many were wondering if they’d also ask JiHan for help in the match.

After the Space League started, the Regional League matches lost some prestige. Still, it was an honor to join the top players from each country. It was a different story for JiHan, though. The team was clearly in a lower position, so they practically had to beg JiHan if they wanted him to participate.

= Sung JiHan is in the lineup!

= I heard he called the Association and told them he would participate!

= Was it to achieve a perfect end? With Sung JiHan participating, our Champions League spot is confirmed!

Within the players’ waiting room…

When she heard what the commentators said, the leader of the Archers, Ha YeonJu, asked JiHan, "Did you really come today to make sure we’d win?"

JiHan chuckled and answered, "No." He wasn’t originally planning to participate due to the Longinus issue. In the end, though, he'd decided to participate. As for why…

"I have something to resolve with a Russian player." It was because of Longinus's avatar, Vladimir. JiHan thought of the phone call he'd received from the Association a few days prior.


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