The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 262


The first game made people think they would lose three-to-zero against the dragonkin. Unexpectedly, though, humanity stole a three-to-one victory.

= The dragonkin’s representative must regret giving away two wins to meet with JiHan! 

= Indeed. He probably didn't expect to be so one-sidedly defeated in the fourth game! 

= Humanity happily secured a three-game winning streak! 

After dragging down the ranked 2nd dragonkin, humanity became 5th in the overall rankings.


- Sweet, three consecutive wins~

- Why's JiHan so overwhelmingly strong?? The difference is insane.

- It feels like he's getting stronger and stronger, lol.

- It was annoying when he was an opponent, but having him on the same side is reassuring…

- It seems like JiHan's easy days are over… He’ll be humanity’s top ranker by the next match and be the focus of targeted bans.

- It will be impossible for him to remain in 2nd, right?

- Yeah. He’d have to completely stop playing for that to happen.

- We should be satisfied with the opponent's ban card not working.

- Enemies that haven't met before won't know about JiHan, so they won't ban him right away. That means we will secure at least one win in each match, right?

- Doesn't that mean we will always win a game and lose three?


Though they were worried about the future, people decided to enjoy the victory for the moment.


After the Battle Net match ended, Altkaizen reappeared in the coach's room and said, “I can't believe it… To lose like this… How could an irregular like you emerge from such an insignificant species? If I knew things would turn out like this, I wouldn't have given you two games…” His confidence from before was nowhere to be seen.

[You will be soon logged out from the coach's room.]

JiHan asked Altkaizen, "Hey, do you know anything about the Dragon Lord?"

“Why did you suddenly bring up the Dragon Lord?”

"Because he might become my sponsor."

“Wh-what?” Altkaizen raised his head in shock. “Why would the Lord sponsor an insignificant being like you…?!”

"Who got beaten up by such an insignificant being like myself?" JiHan asked.


"Anyway, do you know anything?"

“Do you think I would tell you if I did…?”

"So you don't know. You really are from a distant branch, huh?"


JiHan had asked because he still had time left before being logged out—he didn't expect much. Just when he was about to leave…

[The 'Dead Star' has sent a message.]

[You've blocked this constellation. Will you unblock him?]

Just like when he'd given advice after Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil made him a proposal, his constellation, the 'Dead Star,' sent him an urgent message.

'I guess I should unblock him for the moment.' Though the 'Dead Star' kept pestering him to become his head, he was useful for the information he had.

As soon as JiHan unblocked him, the constellation hurriedly sent a message.

[The 'Dead Star' recommends accepting the Dragon Lord’s sponsorship.]

[He emphasizes that you shouldn't easily hand over what he wants.]

'He wants me to accept?' JiHan's widened in surprise. The Dead Star had vehemently opposed him receiving Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil’s sponsorship, but he seemed to have a positive opinion of the Dragon Lord.

'I want to ask the other constellation, but the Thunder God was already defeated by the Wandering Martial God.' The ‘Thunder God’ had vanished from his sponsor list.

Instead, he decided to ask Ariel, who’d remained silent during his fight with the dragons. He still believed Ariel could be the Shadow Queen, so he figured she’d have some information. "Ariel. Do you shadow elves know anything about the Dragon Lord?"

[We do have some knowledge… but we cannot speak about him.]


[Since you’re enemies with the World Tree’s elves, it might be worth listening to what he has to say.]

JiHan tilted his head. It was already too late to be on good terms with the World Tree's elves, so that didn't matter to him. "Is the Dragon Lord also against the elves? That doesn't seem right, seeing how dragons are always beneath elves."

“What? Beneath…?!” Altkaizen protested.

"Aren't I right? You always get irritated but never say it isn't true," JiHan calmly responded.

“You bastard…”

Of course, Jihan realized the dragons weren’t inferior to elves after he fought them. Why was it, then, that the dragons had never once beaten the elves before he regressed? Altkaizen never even tried to deny JiHan’s statements. Somehow, the elves had the upper hand over the dragons.

'I should try to listen to what he has to say.' He accepted the Dragon Lord’s sponsorship.

[Player ‘Sung JiHan’ has accepted sponsorship from the grand constellation, 'Dragon Lord.']

[The grand constellation, 'Dragon Lord,' wants to summon player ‘Sung JiHan’ to his lair for a formal sponsorship.]

[Player ‘Sung JiHan’ doesn't have the 'Constellation' status, and, thus, isn't eligible to respond to the grand constellation’s summon.]

'The conditions are quite demanding.' He had to be a constellation to even be summoned to the Dragon Lord’s lair? If that were the case, then would the sponsorship proceed smoothly? JiHan started to wonder if he’d made the right choice.


Altkaizen, who was across the room, started to morph and deform. “A-agh…!” The red dragon couldn’t even scream properly as his head twisted and fire rose from his skull.

A different voice echoed from the flames. “Hmm… I see. So this is the Bronze League. I naturally assumed you were a constellation…”

"Dragon Lord?" JiHan asked.

“That's right.”



* * *

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* * *


The flames that started from Altkaizen's head soon engulfed his body. At first, it looked like they would remain in the shape of a fire dragon, but they condensed into a sphere.

“This is better. To think you'd show such talent despite not being a constellation.”

"Why did you offer to sponsor me?"

“I will tell you if you come to my lair.” The Dragon Lord didn't seem to want to talk in detail in public. Was that really the end?


JiHan reached his palm toward the gigantic sphere. "Then, won't you give anything to me before I become a constellation, Mr. Grand Constellation?"

“How bold. I like your attitude. You should demand what must be demanded.”


The giant sphere’s flames went out in an instant and revealed a red, fist-sized jewel.

“For now, be satisfied with this,” the Dragon Lord said.

"What is this?"

“It's a dragon heart.”

"From the red dragon you took over?"

“That's right.”

"Did he die?"

“No. Not yet. He's sealed inside the dragon heart.” As soon as the Dragon Lord finished speaking, flames burst forth from the jewel again. “Like this, my descendant will continue igniting flames to survive.”


“You must crush his defiance and take control of the dragon heart. You may completely extinguish the fire and absorb it or make it your own, including the flame. Whatever way you choose, make the dragon heart yours… If you successfully do that, I will give you an even greater gift.” The Dragon Lord was encouraging him to dominate his descendant.

JiHan couldn't understand why the Dragon Lord was giving it to him. 'Let's accept it for now.' The dragon heart’s power over fire was overwhelming, so he decided to keep it for the moment.

“Become a constellation as soon as possible,” the Dragon Lord said.

"Okay, but could I ask you something?"

“What is it?”

"What's a grand constellation?"

“It’s the level above a constellation, and it's a qualification you must have to become an administrator for Battle Net.”

"So it's below the administrators?"

“That's right.”

JiHan nodded and recalled when he'd received the Seed of Life from the Green Administrator. 'So the Green Administrator was an impressive being…' When he gave him the seed as an apology gift, he thought the being was suspicious, but it turned out that the Green Administrator was extremely high-ranking.

While the dragons only had the Dragon Lord, who was below the rank of an administrator, the World Tree’s elves already had someone ever higher than that. Maybe the elves' superiority over the dragons was related to that hierarchy.

'Hmm… Still, I don't feel it's right to ask the Dragon Lord about the elves.' Asking Altkaizen was no big deal, but he was reluctant to ask the Dragon Lord sensitive questions. He didn't know what the being could give him in the future, after all.

"Okay, I'll do my best," JiHan said.

“I'll be waiting,” the Dragon Lord replied before vanishing in a flash of light.

[You'll now be logged out.]

As if Battle Net had been on standby, it immediately logged him out of the coach's room.

"Ah, Sung JiHan! You've finally come out! Did something happen inside?" The reporters, who'd been waiting for JiHan to exit to conduct a winner's interview, asked him a few questions.

"Am I late?" JiHan asked.

"Yes. Usually, Coach Davis logs out immediately after the match ends, but it's been an hour. That's why people were worried."

"It's been an hour?" The conversation with the Dragon Lord hadn't taken long. 'How strange.' Was that also part of a great constellation’s influence?

"Sung JiHan! Could you do an interview? Ah… What's that huge ruby that you have in your hands?"

"Ah, this? I received it as a gift from the dragon."

"F-from that Dragon?"

"Yes. He was quite generous."


The dragon heart in JiHan's hands burst into flames as if reacting to his words.

"Th-the fire…!"

"Ah, it's okay," JiHan reassured them.


He absorbed the fire's energy into his body. As he did so, his eyes shone. 'This is quite useful.' The fire mana within the heart was purer than he expected. "Then, let's do the interview."

"Yes, understood!"

JiHan proceeded with the winner's interview with a smile on his face from the unexpectedly good item he’d acquired.


* * *


After achieving a three-win streak in the Space League, humanity jumped to the 5th rank. The appearance of dungeon Portals had notably diminished, and things were sailing smoothly.


- The price of GP dropped. It's definitely more livable now.

- I went bankrupt due to hoarding GP… I thought humanity would lose at least once.

- Tsk tsk. You should have believed in JiHan. You dared to bet against him?

- Seriously. Isn't that like betting on humanity's doom? Lol.


While there were some victims, most were relieved, seeing how the world had become more stable. For once, regardless of one's country or race, everyone enjoyed the victory. However, that was only for a moment.


[The Space League’s initial three matches have ended.]

[A bonus will be given to your species for a smoother league progression.]

[Please choose a bonus item.]


A seed of discord fell upon humanity. 


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