The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 263


Many of the World Battle Net Association’s head figures from each country gathered in a conference room on the third-floor basement of the Association’s primary New York headquarters.

"So, eight countries in total received a message from Battle Net?"

"I heard the top eight countries from last year's international rankings were selected, so it was true."

The American representative cautiously looked around and asked, "Did you all keep it a secret?"

The other representatives gave solemn nods in reply.

"Yes, of course."

"I reported it to the government, but they took the necessary measures to prevent the information from leaking."

"It’s best to keep it secret, of course. It would be troublesome if news about the 'bonus' spread."

They all thought back to the message they’d received a few days prior.

* * *

[The Space League’s initial three matches have ended.]

[A bonus will be given to your species for a smoother league progression.]

Everyone had seen the first two messages, but only the Battle Net Association’s top representatives had seen the final message.

[Please choose a bonus item.]

[The right to choose a bonus item will be granted to the countries ranked 1st-8th in last year's Champions League.]

* * *

'I'm glad we performed well in last year's Champions League.'

'This is huge.'

The USA and China always competed to see who was 1st or 2nd.

'Thanks to the Sword King, we’re also on the list.' Because the standard was the previous year’s Champion’s League ranking, Japan’s representative was also able to take part.

"Have you seen the bonus items?"

"Of course."

"There are a ton of good options."

"An increase in experience obtained, an increased chance of Gift appearance… All are necessary items for humanity."


The eight Battle Net Association representatives exchanged meaningful smiles with each other.

"In situations like this, isn't efficiency what matters the most?"

"That's right. Bonuses that apply to all countries tend to be less efficient."

"Battle Net is a system that selects a few elites, so the bonuses also tend to concentrate."

There were dozens of different bonus items to choose from that would apply to humanity. Among them, some options applied to everyone, like an experience bonus of +30%, or a 10% increase in Gift appearance, among others. Such options were nice, but they wouldn’t significantly advance the top-tier players.

"That's right. Rather than those, the 'Nationality Bonus Enhancement' seems to be the best option…"

"Shouldn't the top countries continue leading humanity?"

The Battle Net Association representatives were more focused on the bonuses that benefited the players of their respective countries, including increased experience and GP, among other things.

"Indeed. Based on our calculations, this would benefit the top 20 countries."

"Ah, but I can't help but wonder how the Japanese representative feels about this. After all, your rank might significantly drop next year. After the Sword King left, you haven't been doing great, right?"

"You might be Chinese, but you've gone too far,” the Japanese representative argued. “Isn't it normal for performance to fluctuate? No matter how hard our recent situation has been, we can still keep ourselves within the top 20."

"Ah, is that so? Then that's a relief."

Despite the brief argument, everyone agreed that it would be best to focus on their own players.

"Hmm, it seems that we've reached an agreement."

"Everyone agrees on the nationality bonus, then?"


The eight representatives nodded at each other. They’d talked before the meeting, so it was a fairly quick decision. Things weren’t quite done yet, though.

"Now… we'll just have to wait until he arrives."

There was one final option to be picked, and only one player could pick it.

[There's a human player who belongs to 'Space - 4'.]

[An additional option has been given to player 'Sung JiHan'.]

[Select a bonus that will help with a smoother League progression!]

JiHan was also given the right to choose a bonus.

Knock, knock—

"So it looks like I’m the last to arrive.” The door opened, and JiHan entered.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


'Ah, I wondered why the nationality bonuses got so strong after the main game started… is this why?’ JiHan recalled that, before his regression, he’d been 7th in the rankings despite being the USA’s true ace. It’d been hard to beat Baron, the ranked 1st, due to his ‘Two Status Windows’ Gift.

One would think he could easily surpass the other rankers, though, but the nationality bonus had been too big of a gap to close. He’d thought it was unfair that, no matter how well he did, his ranking didn’t rise.

'Now, the situation has changed.' Back then, South Korea’s ranking had plummeted until the country collapsed to the dungeon portals. After regression, though, South Korea was instead considered a superpower, and people expected the country to finish the year in 3rd or 4th place in the rankings. Of course, JiHan was the sole reason for the change.

"JiHan, you’re finally here?!"

The eight representatives stood up as he entered the room.

"The way you subdued the dragon in the last game… It was truly impressive."

"It's all thanks to you that we achieved three consecutive victories in the Space League."

"Have you seen the bonus options? We wish to hear your opinion."

They greeted JiHan with smiles all over their faces. That also included the Chinese and Japanese representatives, who had some troubles with him in the past. In the end, it sort of looked like they were his subordinates.

'JiHan isn't someone whom we can compete against. He's a transcendent being.'

'We must instill a positive image at all costs.'

'How could a human beat a dragon so easily…?'

Their humble attitude came about due to what they’d seen in JiHan’s latest game. He’d singlehandedly subdued the dragonkin, which was enough for competition to completely fade and reverence to take its place.

JiHan looked at them for a moment and said, "It seems you already discussed your opinions on the options."

"Ah, yes. We did talk beforehand."

"We think the nationality bonus enhancement looks better than the others."

"The nationality bonus… Is that option truly better than the others?" JiHan asked as he looked around the room.

The United States and Chinese representatives, the ones who would benefit the most, quickly opened their mouths.

"Of course, there are bonuses that focus on the top players… but based on our calculations, it's less effective than the one focusing on the top 20 countries."

"JiHan, hasn't South Korea's ranking significantly increased this year? Once the ranking selection ends, you will also be able to enjoy the effects of the nationality bonus."

"The nationality bonus will be a win-win choice for everyone!"

The two representatives, who usually growled at each other, tried to work together to persuade JiHan. It was just two privileged countries working together to reinforce their position.

'Now that I'm in the position to choose an option, I can see that the efficiency of the nationality bonus is just too good,' JiHan thought. Although the nationality bonus was focused on the higher-ranked countries, based only on the benefits, it was certainly the most efficient.

Before his regression, South Korea never received the benefits. Of course, it would have no problem enjoying them since he’d raised the status of the country. Even if he agreed with them, he would also be able to enjoy the bonus eventually.

"I want this to be decided in a public meeting." JiHan, who had the authority to choose the bonus option, chose to make the decision public.

"A public meeting…?"


"W-won't that be a bit problematic…? The outcome probably won't be the best."

"The countries with low ranks will surely refuse the nationality bonus!"

The different representatives expressed their concerns to JiHan. Only up to 20 countries could enjoy the benefits of the nationality bonus, and the rest would be at a disadvantage compared to if the other options had been chosen.

If they opened the meeting to the public and allowed people to express their opinions, the others probably wouldn't stay still. 

'Why would he want to disclose this?' one of the representatives thought.

'I can't understand. This clearly benefits South Korea and JiHan, too…'

'Is he trying to strengthen the top ranks? Even if it's put to a majority vote, it would be a hard pass.'

The representatives smiled and agreed with JiHan, but they were annoyed. It was clear that a bonus with a lower efficiency would be chosen if the other countries had a say as well. Why would he suggest that?

"If it's disclosed to the whole world, an option that benefits everyone will be chosen," one of them explained.

"The 10% increase in Gifts or extra experience points are too inefficient compared to the nationality bonus… JiHan, if you become ranked 1st and get banned, other human players should be able to do something at least… What do you think will happen if such an option is chosen?"

"Right now, no one else knows that there are options that can be chosen. If we agree amongst ourselves, there won't be any problems."

They earnestly tried to convince JiHan against his choice.

"Shall I turn on my Battle Tube steam?" JiHan asked.

"Wh-why are you doing this…?!" This isn't just for us. The nationality bonus is the option that will help us get through the Space League most efficiently!"

"I know, but let's make it public," JiHan said.

"Wh-why would you…?"

JiHan was firm in his decision. 'Before leaving them behind, I intended to choose the nationality bonus as well.' Although he'd been negatively affected by it during his previous life, he’d fully intended to go with it since it would benefit him.

- Ah, Mr. Sung, can you see my message?

On the plane to New York, his opinion had changed after Pythia sent him a message.

- You might have let the prophecy I offered slide, but I can't just ignore it.

- The bonus options you guys received… share them with the world. Then, a new choice will emerge.

- And that… will save you in the future.

'The bonus will save me…?' What kind of option could come up that would save his life? Curious, JiHan insisted upon a public meeting. "Let's make it public."

Eventually, the representatives of each of the eight countries had no choice but to follow his will.



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