The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

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Chapter 197


As Seol crushed Lamu's head, lightning scattered into the air.



[You have defeated Lamu, the Thunder Ghost.]

[You have been given an additional reward.]

[The Linked Adventure continues.]

[You can only collect your rewards after all Adventures have been cleared.]

[You begin your next Adventure.]

[Your 26th Adventure is starting.]

[Adventure 26. Ghost’s Pot]


[Adventure 26. ‘Ghost’s Pot’


Thunder Ghost Lamu, a terrifying apparition, has been freed from his prison. Though you managed to deal a critical blow to him during your battle, it was not enough.

While an ordinary foe would have been defeated, unfortunately for you, your opponent is a ghost.

Ghosts do not die by ordinary methods. In fact, he will likely soon recover his form and return to attack you.

You must come up with a way to defeat him before then.

Objective: Defeat or seal Lamu, the Thunder Ghost.

This Adventure is a Sudden Adventure.

Remaining Time [02:29]]


The viewers were all confused by the Adventure’s description.


- What? Didn’t he just kill him?

- I guess ghosts return…? How did he survive that? LMFAO

- Isn’t that broken?

- You just have to defeat it again, duhhhh

- Is Snowman just going to be stuck here for the rest of his life? LOL




Lamu's lifeless body lay on the floor, unmoving.

However, the scattered lightning eerily began to gather once more around Lamu's head.

As it was evident here, ghosts were extremely difficult to completely finish off.


Seol slowly walked toward the jar that had sealed Lamu before.

He then saw a few options before him.


[[Though you have defeated Lamu, the Thunder Ghost, you have failed to finish him off. What will you do now.]

1. Tear Lamu’s body to shreds.

2. [Required: Holy Spells] Purify Lamu’s soul.

3. [Required: Gemma’s Pot] Seal Lamu’s soul in the pot again.

4. [Dangers: Pursuit, Curses, Grudges] Run from here.



Fortunately for Seol, the pot used to seal Lamu was right in front of him.

Most transferees would understand this as a hint and use Gemma’s Pot to seal Lamu once more.

However, as always, Seol’s decision was a bit different.

“Jamad, can you do it?”

- Exorcizing ghosts isn’t my specialty, but… A weak ghost like him isn’t a problem.

“Then I’ll leave it to you.”

A ghost's natural enemies were shamans, priests, monks, and other classes with exorcism skills.

And luckily for Seol, he had a Great Shaman close by who anyone would be jealous of.



It had been a long while since Jamad had been summoned.

“Hm… You should have just ran away… You’ve chosen such a foolish death.”


As if trying to resist Jamad, Lamu’s body began to crackle once more.

Jamad scoffed as he looked at Lamu’s pointless struggle before raising both hands toward him.

“Then why don’t I…”


A gust of wind blew through the room as Jamad began absorbing Lamu’s lightning with his hands.


Lamu’s lifeless body quivered before being completely sucked into Jamad’s hands.

Ghosts were essentially just a mass of energy.

Though that fact came with advantages compared to other ordinary monsters, it also brought with it weaknesses.


[The thunderscale quakes.]

[Lightning Primal Power shows a reaction.]



Lightning began to shoot out of Jamad's eyes.


[The thunderscale fills your Lightning Primal Power.]

[The Lightning Energy in the thunderscale is ‘Fierce’.]

[You are able to fully absorb the Lightning Primal Power.]


“This is pathetic compared to the core from last time,” commented Jamad, unsatisfied with his meal.


[You have ended Lamu, the Thunder Ghost.]

[Grave Robber’s Treasure has been generated.]

[You have satisfied the Adventure Objective.]

[If the Remaining Time runs out or if you choose to take your reward, you may choose to finish your Adventure here.]


- If he’s this weak… isn’t that golem from earlier the real final boss?

- This was like a picnic for them…

- Great Shamans are broken wtf… He just cleared a Linked Adventure in like 5 seconds.


Seol smirked as he looked at the large chest in front of him.

This Adventure had gone much more smoothly than his recent Adventures.

It was expected, though, as the previous few adventures had been difficult enough to even surprise Seol with their level of challenge.

However, Seol did not enjoy easy adventures.

He only felt like he was growing when he faced extremely difficult adventures; they were the key to becoming stronger, after all.

Despite that, there were two reasons why Seol chose this Adventure.

The first, obviously, was to recover Gollun’s unfulfilled desire.

Seol now had to locate Gollun's corpse among the skeletons to inherit his will.

However, the second task was the pot in front of Seol.


[You have acquired Special Reward: Gemma’s Pot.]


[[Gemma’s Pot]

Quality: Treasure

Recommended Level: N/A

Weight: 0.1kg

Bonus Effect: This pot is capable of sealing souls and evil spirits. Its efficacy varies according to the user's strength. If the user is unable to influence it, they will still be capable of sealing 'fairly strong' opponents.]


Seol came here specifically for Gemma’s Pot.

“It was a waste to use this pot on Lamu.”

Lamu wasn’t a particularly strong ghost.

While Gemma’s Pot was a Treasure-quality item, SturdyPaulowniaTree was mistaken in assuming that Lamu, the ghost sealed within, was powerful.

However, though weak, Lamu proved strong enough to fulfill SturdyPaulowniaTree's promise by killing everyone around him.

‘I can go onto the next step now.’

Seol had reunited with Yeo-myeong, an individual with the Haunted Hand, and had now acquired Gemma’s Pot.

The two of them would play a massive role in Seol’s next Adventure.

‘I might be able to take on Glory to be Gained earlier than I thought.’

Glory to be Gained was a Hidden Adventure that activated once an individual acquired five Peerless-quality items. If Seol managed to clear it, he would be able to take a massive leap in terms of strength.

‘But that’s for later… I should check the chest first.’



[You open the Grave Robber's Treasure.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have received a skill point.]

[You have received a skill point.]

[Affluent’s Bonus Effect activates.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[Sly Blood-Hue Snake activates.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[Someone Better’s Bonus Effect activates.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have acquired Trap Disarming Gloves.]

[You have acquired Diligent Sentry's Leather Armor.]

[You have acquired Thunder Ghost's Pants.]

[You have acquired 15 platinum coins.]

[You have acquired 16 large red potions.]

[You have acquired 7 large blue potions.]

[You have acquired 1 potion of skittering footsteps.]



- He’s getting so many skill points lmfaooo

- He’s growing so fast even though he didn’t do anything…?

- How did I place first on the exam? I just studied the textbook.

- My textbook has all of the answers.

- The exam supervisor is my mom. It’s also an open textbook exam.

- This is a secret, but… I have three brains.


The first thing Seol did was set aside the Trap Disarming Gloves.

As its name suggested, its effects were all related to disarming traps and suited rogue-type classes much more. As such, Seol quickly decided to sell this instead.

The other items were both things that made Seol nod in approval.


[[Diligent Sentry's Leather Armor]

Quality: Treasure

Recommended Level: 28-36

Defense: 130

Durability: 150/150

Weight: 1.1kg

A surprisingly sturdy leather armor. A sentry’s will has been imbued into it.

Basic Effect: +17 Strength, +16 Intelligence, +22 Constitution

Bonus Effect: Gain a shield that blocks a small amount of damage each time you successfully defend or dodge an attack. This shield can stack up to 10 times and has a cooldown of 5 seconds. The shield dissipates when the wearer is out of combat.]


As Jamad was the only one in the party who used leather armor, it naturally went to him.


[[Thunder Ghost's Pants]

Quality: Treasure

Required Class: Shadow Summoner

Recommended Level: 30-37

Defense: 120

Durability: 120/120

Weight: 0.2kg

A pair of pants imbued with lightning energy.

Unfortunately, it often causes static.

Basic Effect: +20 Wisdom, +17 Spirit, +16 Constitution

Bonus Effect: Increase the stats of your Shadow Summons by 10%. There is a low chance for your summons to discharge electricity when struck to the attacker. (The probability of this effect changes based on your summon’s class).]


It had slowly become time for Seol to change out the pair of pants he purchased from the Madness Shop.

However, Seol hadn't bought anything yet, as he wasn't satisfied with the effects of the pants he had seen so far. But now, at the perfect timing, Seol had found a great pair.

‘I should check the title from before as well.


[[Special Title: Invisible Hand]

Related Achievement: No Hands (Adventure: Grave Robber's Tomb)

Bonus Effect: Significantly improve finesse with your hands, elevating the rank of all hand-related abilities by 1. (Related Skills: Monster Cooking, Shadow Hand)]


- LOOOOL this effect is shit.

- Finesse lmfaooo, he doesn’t even have any hand-related skills.

- Snowman can get a dud from time to time, I see…

- Dud? LOL Did you guys miss where it said Shadow Hand?

- Ah… I fell for it again


As Shadow Hand was a useful ability to Seol, it wasn’t a bad title at all.


- Do you think Seol could cook ghosts?

- I don’t know… It might be fun to see him make ghost soup, though.

- I’d be down to try ghost soup… Would it haunt you if you ate it? LOL

- Nah, fuck that.

- Lamu: Just kill me…

- I feel like Seol can eat anything, though…

- I bet he’d even get more stats out of it. He’s so broken…


There was only one reward left to claim in this Adventure.

Step… Step…

Seol looked around, checking the skeletons one by one.

After a few steps, he paused.

“There you were.”

He spotted a skeleton wearing a large backpack.


[’s Inheritance is starting.]


Once more, Seol glanced into another one of his lives.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - goguma

Proofreader - Karane

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* * *


“S-Stop it!”

“Where should we stab next, huh? Your side? Your shoulder?”

Gollun hobbled away from the men behind him, but there was nowhere to run in this tiny room.

“Why don’t you beg that golem outside, huh? Beg it to save you.”

“I-If you want treasures, I’ll share them with you!” begged Gollun.

Gollun begged those despicable humans.

Gollun saw them as demons who would devour humans alive, filling him with terror.

“We were already going to take them,” mocked one of the voices.

“Why are you doing this to me… We went on adventures together, didn’t we?” pleaded Gollun. “We knew each other for so long…”

“Us? And you?”

"I can't believe a rat who digs up graves thought he was on the same level as us."

“Hahaha… What a joke.”

“Our only goal from the start was to steal your treasures.”

Gollun's eyes were brimming with sorrow and anger.

“...Is that why you poisoned my tea? Why didn’t you just kill me then?”

“How else would we have dealt with that golem outside? Now… why don’t we see what you’ve hidden here…”

“I didn’t hide anything! My treasures are all outside!”

“Lies… You’re lying again.”

“You guys are the ones who lied to me!”

“Then what’s that jar in your hand? It’s obvious that it’s a treasure.”

The voices were referring to Gemma’s Pot, which was sealing Lamu.

“This… isn’t something that should be opened. Please, I beg you. Just… Just leave me alone.”

“Hah! I’m sure you’ll change your mind after we cut off a hand or two.”

They were trying to kill him for his treasures.

Gollun's rage intensified as he realized he was about to die at the hands of these crazed murderers.


He swiftly removed the paper seals around Gemma’s Pot.

“...What are you doing?” asked one of the murderers.

“If you really want to kill me so badly… Why don’t we all just die, you demons.”

“What are you…”


Gollun then placed Gemma’s Pot on top of the altar.

A strange monster, surrounded by lightning and thunder, escaped from the pot.

The murderers all gasped in fear.

“I-It’s a…”

“It’s an evil spirit! Shit!”

Lamu laughed maniacally.

“Finally!” said Lamu. “Finally, I am free.”

Gollun then turned to Lamu.



As Lamu raised his hand, Gollun's vision spun.

That was Gollun’s final memory.


* * *



Returning after delving into his past piece's memories was always agonizing.


However, this memory was especially painful. Seol leaned on the altar as he was covered in cold sweats.

“Haah… Haah…”

Seol's experience with Gollun was the reason he began refusing food and drinks from others.

It was a painful, sad, and infuriating memory.

In fact, Seol went on Adventures alone for a while after that day from the trauma.


A breeze of sand circled around Seol, a manifestation of Gollun's skill, before assimilating with him.


[You have inherited Gollun’s unfulfilled desire.] 

[A skill has been inherited from the deceased.]




The following message made Seol’s expression quickly change.


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