The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

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Chapter 185

The deeper players delved into The World of Eternity, the more they thought about the concepts of effort and talent.

Eventually, players concluded that no matter how hard you worked, catching up to a character with a powerful Innate Talent was impossible.

These talents rarely appeared when creating a character.

As the name suggested, these talents were given to a character at birth, setting them apart from others.

“How come I’ve never gotten an Innate Talent before?”

“A lot of people haven’t gotten one yet. It’s almost my first time getting one.”

The most important period in The World of Eternity was undoubtedly the early game.

If a player could obtain a skill early in the game that enhanced their growth, it could snowball to the point of creating an insurmountable gap in the late game.

“I-I got one!”

“Snowman! What did you get? What?!”

Just saying it excited Seol.

Lian Kuruos.

“I got… an Innate Talent.”

“Let me see… Oh my god…!”

“Everyone, look! Snowman’s got a real monster over here!”

Seol had begun to distinguish himself as someone who raised his pieces well, and with a weapon like this, all the other players began to anticipate the heights this new piece would reach.

However, something unexpected occurred.


- I-I don’t think I’m cut out for this. Bwrgh…



“I know, right…”

Even with talent and effort, becoming a legend wasn’t guaranteed. Lian Kuruos had no interest in being an adventurer.

This… might just be what people called ‘aptitude’.


- I want to go back to my family… I’ve earned as much as I need, so… I’m going to buy a small plot next to my home…


Lian had one of the best Innate Talents that Seol had seen so far.

It was as if fate itself had singled him out to become extraordinary, to become an adventurer.

However, each adventure only brought him pain.


- This time, Visian died… I can’t… do this anymore. It’s too painful. I’m going back… I want to go back. I’ll buy a farm. What would be good to grow? Grapes? Actually, pumpkins might be better.



Witnessing that, Seol eventually came to a decision.

“You’re joking, right?”

“...I’m not.”

“Do you know how hard it is to get an Innate Talent?! And you’re giving that up?”


Seol gazed at the downcast, cowering piece on the table before speaking.

“He’s in pain. He wants to return to his family.”

“...Are you really caring about what some stupid piece is saying?”

“I don’t know. I just know I want to do it.”

"Haah... fine. Do whatever you want. I doubt he would've even made it through the mid game like that.”

Seol’s decision came as a shock to the others.

To think there was a player who would do as their piece wanted them to.

While everyone was astonished and confused by Seol’s actions, he had already decided.

Lian's family home was tucked away in the impoverished Adeline countryside. Seol wasted no time. He approached the landlord who owned Lian’s home and a couple of plots nearby and bought them—fulfilling Lian's long-held dream.



[[Would you like to give up on Lian Kuruos’s Adventure?]

1. Yes.

2. No.]


“I hope you find happiness with your family.”


[Adventurer Lian Kuruos will now pioneer his own path and fate.]

[Though this heart-racing Adventure is over, his life will still continue.]


“It was fun while it lasted.”

Seol and Lian’s relationship ended there.


* * *

Reaper Scans

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Proofreader - Karane

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* * *

[You have uncovered the basement’s secrets.]

[Rewards are being arranged.]

[The Linked Adventure continues.]

[You can only collect your rewards after all Adventures have been cleared.]

[You begin your next Adventure.]

[Your 24th Adventure is starting.]

[Adventure 24. Basement’s Secrets]


[Adventure 24. ‘Basement’s Secrets’


You have finally uncovered the secrets of the Gatiff manor.

It is undeniable that terrible atrocities have occurred within these walls.

The mastermind behind it all is now attempting to silence you.

You must resist.

Objective: Defeat Zeri, the Profiteer.

This Adventure is a Sudden Adventure.

Remaining Time [About 3 days]]


The second Sudden Adventure arrived just as abruptly as the first one.

With his Eyes of Foresight, Seol observed the catwoman.


[[Zeri, the Profiteer]

Rank: Heroic

Estimated Level: 30~32

Zeri, the Profiteer, would trade anything for profit. Though she was born penniless, she now lives a lavish lifestyle.

Her secrets are as potent as venom.

Having thrived on selling weapons, slaves, and even children, she has now found an even more lucrative commodity to sell: the shadows of others.

Basic Skills: [Acrobatics 3], [Daggerplay 4], [Sudden Death 1], [Choke 5], [Coin Toss 2], [Shadow Summon 2], [Emergency Substitution 2]

Unique Skills: [Indiscriminate Slashes 1]]


Seol’s expression stiffened.

‘I shouldn’t even trust the “This Adventure is very dangerous” warning anymore.’

As he had expected, Zeri, the Profiteer, who appeared to be the final boss of this Adventure, did not seem strong at all.

"What? Are you scared? If you are, just say so. I'll make it easy on you," Zeri taunted.

“...How pathetic.”


Seol felt that his anger was a waste.

If his opponent had been stronger… at least they could have withstood his emotions.

Seol smiled bitterly, as if he had become upset at a child.

“You’re… too weak.”

Zeri, the Profiteer, retorted with an angry glare.

"You must be feeling confident, huh! Ah... I almost forgot. You're a Shadow Summoner too, right?"


"Then you're my junior, right? Let me, your senior, teach you how to control your shadows. Summon them!"


Zeri's underling suddenly appeared and began chanting a spell. As they did, most of the steel cages opened.

“Shadows… are supposed to be used like this. I’ll give you a worthy welcome.”


It had been a long time since Seol heard that word.


- Snowman, did you know? We Shadow Summoners have two paths.

- Two… paths.

- The first path is the beaten path that rules over shadows to bring out their maximum strength. The other path… is a rough road where no one has blazed through yet. A path of coexistence with the shadows. Which sid—


Seol recalled Mirei, who had helped him awaken his Exceptional Skill.

Even though Zeri was the exact opposite of Mirei, she still managed to evoke memories of his past.

Seol grimaced as if genuinely upset. Today was a day filled with memories of various people in his past.

As Seol was about to enter the Night Crow form, Ur stopped him.

- Hold it right there.

‘...What? Why?’

- I'm sure you'll be able to end it in an instant. After all, tearing her head from her body would likely take no more than a second. But... isn't that what you've always done?

‘...What are you trying to say?’

Ur then began to explain.

- Just this once, trust me. After all, I have mentored many and have reached the pinnacle of wizardry.

Ur did possess a Talent called 'Legendary Teacher'. But how was it meant to be used?

- If you don’t, your knights will face a wall and won’t be able to grow from here.

Ur wasn’t necessarily wrong here.

After acquiring the Night Crow form, Seol relied more on himself than his summons to fight. He had regarded Karen and Karuna as accessories more than anything.

And because of that, he hadn't been paying attention to their growth.

- Or… do you not believe in them?

After all, Seol in the Night Crow form was stronger than them. What Ur was trying to point out was Seol’s current method of thinking.

Seol stopped himself from entering the Night Crow form and summoned the Twin Knights from his hands.

“Pffft… You only have two summons? How cute.”

Seol ignored Zeri and looked directly at his two knights.


[Passive: Resonance activates on Karen.]

[Passive: Resonance activates on Karuna.]


A skill that originally belonged to Kiri, Koopa’s master. The Twin Knights, fueled by their master's emotions and will, trembled with rage.

“Protect the others, and…”


Seol raised a finger at Zeri.

“Bring her to her knees in front of me.”

Karen and Karuna both responded instantly.

“Got it!”

“Yes, master.”

Gyeongtaek and the others quickly gathered to Seol's side.


“Make sure to stay right beside me.”


As a large shadow kicked open the door to its cell, combat began.



The Twin Knights quickly decided their roles.

Karen’s role was to defend the party from the onslaught of shadows.



And Karuna’s role was to face Zeri, the mastermind behind it all.


Karen's swift kick to the shadow's face resulted in an eyeball popping out.

“Hahahah! More! Get over here!”

Kick! Punch!



Karen indiscriminately cut, crushed, and burned the shadows much weaker than her.


Zeri was momentarily distracted but quickly retrieved a fang-shaped sword from her inventory to face Karuna.


She was in shock after deflecting a light attack from Karuna.

“What the…”

A wave of shock coursed through her body as even a light attack from Karuna proved too much for Zeri to handle.

Karuna’s eyes slowly began to glow red.

Receiving Seol’s anger felt like it was awakening the Black Knight's powers and ferocity within him.

- Rage…

It felt as if the Black Knight was screaming that in Karuna’s head.

“Don’t mess with me!”


Zeri threw multiple daggers to create distance between herself and Karuna.


[Zeri, the Profiteer, used Daggerplay.]

[Deal 50% additional damage for each dagger that strikes the same target.]


It was a fierce attack that was not only strong, but tricky.

Zeri believed that this was her opening.

‘Now! If I can aim for his neck while he swats the daggers away…’

However, Karuna reacted differently than she had expected.

Clang… Clang clang…

Karuna neither avoided nor deflected the daggers.

As they weren’t aimed for his vitals at all, Karuna simply charged through them.

As a result…


[Hope Devourer consumes the impact.]

[Hope Devourer currently has an empty stomach.]

[Hope Devourer digests all of the impact.]


Zeri’s face turned pale as she wildly swung her fang-shaped sword.

“What the… What the hell?”


With one swing, Karuna completely destroyed her weapon.


Zeri then felt Karuna’s large hands cover her face.



Karuna slammed her head directly into the wall, leaving a crater that resembled the impact of a cannon.


The situation was growing dire for Zeri, not only for herself but also for her shadows.



Swish! Swish!

There were already more dead shadows than ones charging at Karen.


“Only… summons?”

“What is going on…”

Gyeongtaek had already met Karen once before. As such, he was less shocked than his other party members.

Even so, she felt much, much stronger than the Karen he had met before.

Watching her effortlessly slaughter all the charging shadows made Gyeongtaek feel as if a god had descended onto the battlefield.

“Hahaha! More! More!”

Seol also had new thoughts after seeing Karen and Karuna.

‘They were this strong?’

Recently, Seol had only fought by their side. It had been a long while since he had last observed them as their summoner.

- It's because of the skill you've gained. Most summoners don't fight side by side with their summons. It's obvious that repeatedly fighting like that has delayed their growth. And if that happens, my plans would get delayed as well. Still, luckily for you, this is my forte.


The situation had changed.

“Urg… Grgghghh…”

Zeri was now missing everything below her right elbow. Karuna had cut it all down as if he were slicing through meat.

Zeri had to improvise.


A shadow flew toward Zeri and replaced her right arm with itself.


[Zeri, the Profiteer, used Emergency Substitution.]

[The substituted life perishes.]




This time, Karuna cut off her right arm.

With a cold, expressionless face, he continued to butcher her.

“One more time!”


Another shadow came flying to Zeri’s side.



“It’s pointless.”

“Did you just… cut the shadow?”

Zeri felt a chill run down her spine after seeing the monstrous knight in front of her not only catch a shadow midair but also cut it down.

Now that the situation had come to this, she resorted to her last option.

“Everyone, to me!”


“Come to me already… why…”

Zeri looked at the empty cells.


She then looked at the burning limbs and torsos on the ground.

Next, she glanced at Karen, who looked back at her after defeating all of her shadows.

Zeri felt her heart stop.

‘I need to get out of here!’

Then she heard a voice, a voice that sounded like her salvation.

“Master Zeri, are you alright?!”

The subordinates she had called for earlier finally arrived through the emergency escape. Zeri quickly gave them orders while running past them.

“Stop them! He’s…”


Zeri felt another chill run down her spine. She stopped in her tracks and slowly turned her head back around.

Karuna had yet to draw his sword from its scabbard. So why was she so terrified?


Zeri felt as if time itself had stopped. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't take another step.

“M-My body is…”

“I’m getting sucked in!”

“M-Master Zeri!”


Ur cackled loudly.

- Yeah! That's it!


A clear sound rang out as Karuna pulled out his sword and unleashed an attack.


Karuna’s sword reached toward the horizon, cutting down everything in its path.



Zeri's subordinates collapsed, their intestines spilling out as they fell to the floor.


[Karuna has acquired a lead to Black Wave.]


Ur sighed after seeing that.

- Tch… if only they were stronger.

Click… click…

Zeri crawled on the floor in fear, desperately trying to climb up the steps.

As she attempted to crawl, Karuna unleashed another attack, severing both of her legs.

“D-Don’t come any closer… you monster…”



Karuna grabbed her by the neck and dragged her before Seol.


As he flung her to the ground, she fell to her knees. Karuna, his eyes raging with an ominous energy, commanded her.

“...Swiftly, confess your sins to my master.”


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