The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

[Translator –  goguma]

[Proofreader – Karane]


Chapter 201




Seol’s body began to vibrate as if he alone was experiencing an earthquake.

His peculiar appearance was a result of the numerous Peerless-quality items he had equipped.

“A-Are you alright?”

Though Filia tried to ignore him at first, as the vibrations grew more and more intense, she felt it necessary to ask him.

“I… am fine. W-We’re almost th-there, though.”


- His face looks normal, but he has a vibrato in his voice LMFAOOO

- Is he really okay, though?

- He sounds like a phone on vibrate LOOL

- Or maybe he’s a racecar? HAHAHA

- This is the King Engine!!!


Seol, Yeo-myeong, and Filia continued in the direction that caused their items to vibrate more intensely.

The sun nestled between two mountain peaks as it began to set, casting a crimson hue that bled into the stream flowing down the mountain and…


“I didn’t expect there to be a waterfall here…”

“Yeah, it’s quite big too…”


- It’s such a nice scene… I wish I could eat a meal and drink beer while watching this…

- SomethingSomethingHotdog - 20 dollars.

- Just shove that restaurant into the waterfall as well.



The vibrations grew stronger the closer they approached the waterfall.

“This seems to be the place, but…”

Suddenly, Seol leaped into the waters.




He dove deep, swimming around to search for a path.



Seol stuck his head out of the water.

“This way,” said Seol. “There’s a path beneath the waterfall.”


“Then we should also…”

Yeo-myeong and Filia also plunged into the water, their clothes soaking through without a care.

Confident in his swimming ability, Seol led the two through the murky waters toward a cave hidden behind the waterfall.


“Haah… Haah…”

“Do you need to dry off your clothes?” asked Seol.

“This much will dry off quickly,” responded Filia, shaking her head. “I also have an ability related to it that…”

“Same for me as well,” said Yeo-myeong. “Let’s just go.”


Seol nodded at them before heading deeper into the cave.


An eerie, cold wind brushed past Seol's cheeks.


[A ghost’s wail calls for you from somewhere.]

[You sense an ominous energy.]


Seol and the others noticed their items vibrating less as they ventured deeper into the cave.

“This must be the right place.”


It wasn’t particularly surprising that Seol found this place without any hints.

‘After all, we discovered five promotion spots as players.’

Seol had learned about these places while playing The World of Eternity. In fact, he had visited them so many times that he could instantly point them out on a map.

Each cardinal direction—north, south, east, and west—had one, as well as one at the center.

Though each promotion spot served the same purpose, the trials they presented were different.

A notable aspect was that each promotion spot seemed remarkably out of place compared to the surrounding region.

This was true for the southern promotion spot as well.

‘The Ghost Door.’

The ghosts that appeared here were common in the East, and as such, many knew how to combat them there.

However, in the South, where encounters with ghosts were rare, people didn't know how to face them.

This was why the Ghost Door was one of the more notorious promotion spots.

“...I think we arrived.”

Rumble rumble…

A door covered in ominous talismans and charms greeted them.

“It seems so… Our items stopped vibrating.”

The Ghost Door had four different stages, and this door was the first stage.

“We can’t hesitate here,” said Seol to the others.

“Got it.”

“Yeah, hyung!”

Seol then placed his hand on the door covered in paper charms.


[You hold the qualifications to enter here.]

[The Ghost Door’s test is unlocked.]

[In a short while, the door will open.]

[You have received additional information on Hidden Adventure 'Glory to be Gained'.]

[Sudden Adventure 'Glory to be Gained' is now active.]

[This Adventure is very dangerous.]

[Because this Adventure is a Linked Adventure, you cannot choose your next Adventure.]

[You have skipped your Rest.]

[You begin your next Adventure.]

[Your 27th Adventure is starting.]

[Adventure 27. Glory to be Gained]


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - goguma

Proofreader - Karane

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* * *


Seol and the others slowly waded through the darkness.



Though they didn’t seem injured or tired, there was something different about them.

“It just feels… empty.”

“Yeah, I feel the same way.”

After hearing their complaints, Seol nodded. Yeo-myeong had his sword replaced with a temporary one, and Filia had her bow replaced as well.

Seol, who had a total of five Peerless-quality items, had to replace all five.


[Adventure 27. ‘Glory to be Gained’


You have collected multiple items, each of which is unique in the world.

Those very same extraordinary items emit a distinctly different aura, drawing you toward something undeniable.

Has someone invited you after you met the conditions? You seem to be walking closer to here, as if it’s something natural.

However, one concern troubles you: the master of this place seems to have taken your items.

Though you do not know who the master is, you must put an end to their tricks and claim your rightful reward.

Objective: Reach the end of the Ghost Door.

This Adventure is a Sudden Adventure.

This Adventure is dangerous.

Remaining Time [Unknown]]


It was likely that a different Adventure prompt was given to Yeo-myeong and Filia, who hadn’t gathered five Peerless-quality items.


- Is it trying to make Seol prove that he wasn’t being carried by his items?

- He gathered five of them just to have them taken away from him…

- Are we sure he wasn’t just robbed? Lmfao


Their steps came to a halt as they reached the second gate.


A door adorned with a ghost's face stared directly at them.


[Intermediate Insight activates.]

[Only ghosts may open this door.]


Seol shot a glance at Yeo-myeong.

“We might be forced to split up after we pass through this door.”

“It seems like it.”

“If you think it’s too dangerous and want to go back…” began Seol. “You can still go back now, it’s fine.”


- Not you, Yeo-myeong.

- Open the door first, though.

- He’s just saying it's your fault if you die here lmfaooo


Yeo-myeong and Filia both shook their heads.

“It’s fine, I can definitely do it,” answered Yeo-myeong. “I’m confident.”

“...What about you, Filia?”

“I’m fine as well. I’m grateful for your concern, but you don’t need to help me.”

After hearing both of their answers, Seol nodded to himself.

“Then let’s open the door.”

“Okay!” shouted Yeo-myeong, putting his right arm forth.


A black energy surged from Yeo-myeong’s hand, coursing up the ghost's face.


As the ghost's eyes filled with darkness, the door slowly creaked open.



Countless hands poured out from behind the door, enveloping them completely.


Then, the door closed, with the three disappearing behind it.


* * *


[The Spell Resist Dice is rolling.]

[Spell Resist Dice has rolled a 2.]

[Yeo-myeong has sunken into Anguish of Blood.]


Yeo-myeong stepped onto a bloodied path.

“...Why did you kill me?”


Yeo-myeong closed his eyes, repeating a phrase in his head.

‘This is a mental attack. I shouldn’t fall for it.’

Even the most obvious mental attack could still inflict damage. It's similar to how your mood could be affected by a dream from the previous night, even when you know it's just a dream.

Right now, it was just something like that. Yeo-myeong couldn’t stop his growing emotions.


Yeo-myeong took another step.

The headless corpse continued to talk to Yeo-myeong, goading him.

“You’re broken. You’re terrified, but pretend to be fine. You just weren’t meant for something like this.”

“Shut up…”

“Why don’t you face the guilt that’s building in your heart? You… have wronged us.”

“That’s right! You completely slaughtered us with your sword, hahahaha! I tried so hard to gather my intestines after you cut me open! Look at this!”

It was clearly the ghosts’ tricks.

Yeo-myeong knew it, he clearly knew it.

Even so, it didn’t seem to end.

Until finally… one of the corpses said something that hit deep.

“Honestly, you… think that Noeul is a pain, huh?”


“I’m sure you’ve felt it by now. There is no way someone as normal and weak as your younger sister can survive in this awful world…”


“You think she’s a burden, don’t you?”

Yeo-myeong silently continued forth.

“Are you just going to ignore me? Are you going to ignore the feelings you've developed after killing us?!”

Yeo-myeong slowly, quietly responded.

“Yeah, you’re right… Noeul is weak, she doesn’t belong in a disgusting place like this. But… that isn’t the only thing I’ve learned while killing you all.”

“What did you learn?”


“So that my little sister would never have to see trash like you… I’ll kill you all before you can meet her.”


“Whether you’re ghosts or corpses… it doesn’t matter. Fight me, you fucking bastards.”

Yeo-myeong’s eyes began to glow red.

“If you come back to life, I’ll just kill you again.”


Yeo-myeong began running through the ghosts, slaughtering them one by one.


At the same time…

Filia was in a much better situation than Yeo-myeong.

She hadn't killed as many people as Yeo-myeong, she also didn't particularly feel guilty about it.


[The Spell Resist Dice is rolling.]

[Spell Resist Dice has rolled a 4.]

[Filia resists Anguish of Blood.]

[Anguish of Blood’s effect is weakened.]

[Filia has sunken into Anguish of Loss.]


However, she did feel guilty about something else. An event which still clings to her feet.


Though it was only a single ghost that appeared, she was more than enough to pain Filia.


“I… I’m… I’m in so much pain…”

“I’m sorry.”

“Where are you right now? It… hurts so much…”

The guilt she felt from being unable to protect her was overwhelming. She, who normally kept her heart guarded from others, now writhed in pain from the emotions piercing her heart.



* * *


As Seol's companions were grappling with their own anguish…

If it’s Seol, who’s killed more than Yeo-myeong and had to bear more burdens than Filia, it would only be fair that he would be struck by even more anguish.

In fact, the ghosts whispering into their ears probably thought so as well.


[The Spell Resist Dice is rolling.]

[Spell Resist Dice has rolled a 4.]

[Godfather activates.]

[Your Spell Resist Dice roll has 2 added to it.]

[Spell Resist Dice has rolled a 6.]

[Snowman completely nullifies Anguish of Blood.]

[Snowman maintains a clear mind.]

[A pure energy forces the impure energy away.]


If Yeo-myeong was clad in blood and Filia's ankles were held by the past, what trial would Seol face?

Seol looked around before facing the path in front of him. A path filled with more blood, guts, and bones than Yeo-myeong’s path mocked him.

“How obvious.”


Those who have great power are given responsibility just as heavy.

If someone had seen Seol’s path, they would have thought of it as hell.

A certain man then stood up, before looking down at Seol. It was Great White Shark from Kongory, a man Jamad ripped and tore to shreds.

“Hehehe… You murderer.”


“I saw the look on your face when you killed me! You definitely enjoyed it!”

Heka stood up as well, as if he was trying to help Great White Shark.

“People like us are everywhere, killing us is pointless. You’re just drunk off your own power!”


“It looks like these ghosts are having way too much fun,” said Jamad, after summoning himself from the Shadow Space. “They’re trying to draw you in, don’t listen to…”

As Seol raised his hand, Jamad stopped.


He then chuckled before returning.

“Hm…” said Seol. “Maybe I did.”


“I’m agreeing with you. You two might be right.”

Seol considered himself fortunate that he no longer had nightmares about Kodon and the gods after the process he underwent to learn Night Crow.

‘Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, though.’


Suddenly, a bloodied woman Seol didn't recognize at all, joined the others.

“If only you stayed in Nobira…! A lot less people would have died if you stayed!”

“I’m not so sure about that... I doubt you would have been able to stop both Zando and Magra even if I was there.”


“And it’s not like I have two bodies either.”

As Seol calmly refuted her claims, her voice grew louder and louder.

“You hypocrite!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever said I was a good person, though?”

“Even though you’re so strong, you…”

Seol stopped his feet and raised a hand. Drawn by his actions, The ghosts stopped speaking and simply watched.

“Haah… I’m so tired of it all. Look…”

With exhausted eyes, Seol looked at each of the ghosts.

“If you’re going to cry so much like this… You should’ve just been stronger.”


Seol calmly continued to speak in this hellish landscape.

“Fuck off. Stop wasting my time.”

Slowly, the path filled with blood and anguish began to fade away.

“Hehehehe! You’re pretty fun, aren’t you?! I’ll be looking forward to it!”


The ghosts slowly disappeared before revealing a new door.

“The third gate…”


Seol headed directly toward it.


As light began to spread like paint in water, a beautiful night view unfolded before Seol.


"That one. No, not that one, this one."

Momentarily confused, Seol quickly regained his focus and surveyed his surroundings.

‘It’s much more chaotic in person.’

The people here all seemed to be carrying paper lanterns.

In fact, Seol noticed that even the shops were loaded with shining lanterns, creating a strange, unfamiliar sight—a night market.

Seol slowly looked around the festival.

Everyone around him had covered themselves in straw mats.


Seol then inspected his reflection off of another person’s armor.

Where his face should have been, a strange ghost-like fire burned.

‘...Am I in a soul state?’

Seol casually accepted the idea before walking around more.

“I can sense it,” said Jamad.

“Sense what?”

“Our items.”


“They’re hidden here.”

Ur was in awe.

- Oho… How peculiar. These weren’t the souls of humans, they were…

Seol nodded in response.

“The souls of items.”

Judging by how each of their energies was unique, these were the souls of items that were all at least Peerless-quality.

In this sea of Peerless items, Seol had to find what was his.



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