The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

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Chapter 194


[Adventure 25-1. ‘Like Master Like Rat’


You have stumbled into a trap!

The maze was designed as an inescapable trap from the start, with large grave rats operating it from behind the scenes. These creatures, known for establishing their territories in ruins and ancient graves, thrive by absorbing mana from valuable treasures.

Currently, an endless swarm of fattened, bloated grave rats are charging at you. It seems that it has been quite some time since their last prey.

Why did the tomb's owner release so many grave rats? Or did the owner perhaps never anticipate them to grow this much?

You must stand firm unless you want your final memory to be of these voracious rats tearing your body to shreds with their fangs, greedily feasting upon your flesh.

Objective: Kill the grave rats or escape from them to safety.

Remaining Time [About 2 days]]


‘...There’s so many of them.’

Humans often fear life forms much smaller than themselves, like flying insects or swarms of rats.

It was an instinctual fear.

This instinctual fear, driven by the understanding that even the tiniest organisms could possess weapons capable of threatening them.

And it was for those exact reasons those large, fattened rats disgusted Seol even more.

Squeak… squeak squeak…

Not to mention their incessant, grating squeaks, which only add to Seol’s disgust.

Seol stepped back behind Karen and read through the particularly larger grave rat’s information.


[[Giant Grave Rat]

Rank: Heroic

Estimated Level: 29~35

Grave rats burrow into the ground in search of tombs and ruins, earning them the moniker "grave robber rats.” They do so as it allows them easy access to valuable items to absorb mana from.

This rat serves as an example of how large a grave rat can become with a continuous supply of mana.

Basic Skills: [Rat Swarm, Attack!], [Put On Airs 2], [Eat Treasures 3], [Transmit Disease 5], [Gnaw 5]

Unique Skills: [Passive: Awful Smell 3]]


Squeak… squeak squeak…


- I’m hopping off the stream for a bit.

- I think I’m going to throw up… 🤢 I remember the spider cave being awful too.

- This is awful in a different way…




[Giant Grave Rat used Rat Swarm, Attack!]

[All grave rats within a certain radius have Awful Smell’s range slightly increased and a 100% chance to transmit diseases upon a successful Gnaw.]


Squeak squeak!

A swarm of rats began racing toward Seol, causing the ground to tremble as if a mass of boulders were charging at him.

Ur made a remark.

- Hm… the ground is unstable. You should avoid a large fight if you can.



Karen and Koko positioned themselves between Seol to shield him from the oncoming swarm.

Seol refrained from confronting the swarm himself or summoning Karuna because he shared the same idea as Ur and Karen.

Karen wanted to test her strength after achieving Transcendent-rank, and Ur also wished to see it.

Obviously, it only happened because Seol agreed with their sentiments too.

Karen then looked at Koko.

“Why are you out here, though?”

Wag wag…

Koko simply looked back at Karen with innocent eyes and wagged his tail.

“Well… I guess it’s fine.”


Karen’s body erupted into flames.

Seol felt an immense amount of heat radiating from her.

“Not bad,” said Seol.

Agreeing with Seol’s sentiment, Karen looked at her palm before resolving herself.

“Then why don’t I…” said Karen.


An ominous sound filled the air as she swung her sword.

Despite the strength of her swing, the sound that trailed it was surprisingly quiet.

It resembled the gentle fluttering of petals in the spring breeze, a fitting comparison as the flames danced and flickered in the wind.

Squeak! Squeak squeak!


[You have gained experience.]

[You have defeated Fully Grown Grave Rat.]


[You have gained experience.]

[You have defeated Fully Grown Grave Rat.]


[The accumulated experience has reached its maximum limit.]

[The Skill Point Dice is rolling.]

[Skill Point Dice has rolled a 3.]

[You have received a skill point.]

[You have received a skill point.]

[You have received a skill point.]



Seol's accumulated experience from defeating monsters had finally reached its limit, triggering the Skill Point Dice. As a result, he received 3 skill points as his reward.

Seol was a bit disappointed, as it was his first time receiving them after 24 Adventures, but it didn’t feel as bad when he thought of it as a bonus.

‘Most of my Adventures weren’t focused on defeating a large number of monsters, anyway.’

Compared to other transferees, Seol frequently encountered single powerful monsters rather than facing multiple weaker ones. It made sense why it had only triggered now, as powerful monsters often gave different rewards.



This time, it wasn't Karen's flames rampaging, but Koko's.

While Karen’s flames were stable, Koko’s was like hellfire.



Each time Koko passed through the rats, pillars of flame erupted into the sky, resembling a mountain fire.

As Koko leaped into the air, all that remained was the fire—a beautiful and spine-chilling sight.

While Seol managed to keep track of Koko, he had difficulty discerning the details amid the chaos.

Seol then turned back to Karen as she entered a stance.


[Karen used Burning Fixed Star.]

[Karen absorbs all heat within a certain radius while also generating her own heat as she spins.]

[The range of all fire attacks is increased by 150%.]

[The range of fire attacks can increase by up to 300% while she spins.]

[Karen takes 50% reduced damage from all sources while she spins.]

[Karen deals 500% of her damage with each spin.]

[Karen’s stance is perfect.]

[Karen’s spin rate increases by 50%.]

[Karen spins 65 times.]



That was the sound of Karen cutting down one rat after another at blazing speeds.

The rats at the front were forced to face her blade before her flames engulfed them—a fate for which they could only be thankful.


A tempest of fire swept through the horde of rats.

Their flesh was burned to a crisp, their bones scattered by her winds.


- Was Karen… this strong?

- I bet Karuna’s shocked too…

- Maybe… we just need to get used to it?

- Honestly, I’d be scared if she was in my party LMFAO

- DW We have Jamad

- Ah, then we’re fine BET



Koko gathered flames in his maw.


His flames flew toward Karen, engulfing her sword. Rather… it might be more appropriate to say that his flames were deflected by Karen.


The orb of hellfire collided with her sword before being deflected off in all directions.




Squeak! Squeak!

Each time the orb of hellfire exploded, rats cried out in pain all around.

Shocked by its power, Karen looked directly at Koko.

“You’re pretty good, aren’t you?”

Pant pant…

As if it were an illusion, the swarm of rats, along with their flesh and stench, mostly vanished.

Suddenly, Koko rushed toward Karen.


Koko leaped toward her before turning into a mass of fire, shocking not only Karen but also Seol. Karen paused for a second before laughing.

“You’re a little rascal.”

Now, a blazing inferno, Koko circled around Karen.

Seol became even more shocked after seeing Karen’s fires absorb Koko.

‘Had Ur been aiming for this?’

Despite costing a lot of skill points, Sudden Appearance had done nothing so far. Only now, through Karen, did Seol have a general idea of its effects.

“This is…”

- Yes, mystical creatures like shadow wolves are also strength itself. They, too, adhere to every rule and law.


Karen’s flames began turning black, just like Koko.

It was different from the Hellfire that Koko had used earlier. It was much darker, much deeper.


Karen grit her teeth as she endured the flames.

Seol could sense that the flames were stronger than before, even from a distance, making him question how much hotter it was for Karen herself.

She then closed her eyes.


Squeak squeak…

The largest grave rat began waddling back, ordering the other rats to go forward to protect him.

Squeak! Squeaaaaak!

However, even those rats began running away. There was no way they could approach Karen, who was radiating so much heat.

And then… she opened her eyes.


[Awakening! Karen awakens a new skill.]

[Karen awakens Passive: Inferno.]


The first thing Karen noticed when she opened her eyes was the small ember circling around her.

She then opened her mouth, and spoke directly to it.

“This is seriously hot, Koko. Get ready.”


As the crimson knight circled her sword, she transferred all of the black fire around her to it.

She then raised it to the sky before pointing it toward the swarm of rats and firing it at them.


[Awakening! Karen awakens a new skill.]

[Awakening! Koko awakens a new skill.]

[Karen awakens Black Flame Cannon.]

[Koko awakens Black Flame Cannon.]

[This skill can only be used while Passive: Best Friends is active.]


Taking the form of a charging wolf, the cannon hurtled through the air before colliding squarely with the Giant Grave Rat.


A large, black explosion.

No screams or flesh followed, only heat and death.


[You have defeated Giant Grave Rat.]

[You have been given an additional reward.]


- …Are you serious?

- Rat: We’re blasting off againnnnnnnn!

- What? She’s going to get stronger each time she gets summoned?

- I don’t know… That’s the truth now… I guess…

- Calm down and stop crying. Use your words, tell me what’s wrong.


Karen dusted off her flames after neatly finishing everything off, then proceeded to embrace Koko.

“You’re incredible, huh?”

Pant pant…

Koko briefly let Karen hold him before retreating to Seol’s shadows.


Karen looked at the blank space, devastated by it.


- Koko: It was just business.

- Bad Boy Koko LMFAOOO


Seol was greatly satisfied with Sudden Appearance’s effects.

‘...I thought it was going to make an Exceptional Skill near the end.’

Black Flame Cannon’s power was incredible.

It was also simple to use, without a lot of restrictions. Seol believed that he would utilize this skill often when he couldn’t use Exceptional Skills.

Ur read Seol’s mood for a second before saying a word.

- Good. It seems your knight and wolf have good synergy.


Seol looked at Ur in his Shadow Space with a confused look.


- When the newly hired employee is better than you LMFAOOO

- Ur: I can’t let him go into Jamad’s faction…

- Our new hire is too good…

- Fine, I’ll admit it! He’s… kinda good!


Regardless, with the situation settled, Seol let out a long sigh.

“We should get out of here for now and…”


Ur let out a sigh as well.

- Haah… Get out of the way. It’s collapsing.

“...I feel like I’ve been through something like this before.”

- How interesting. I think I’ve been through something like this as well.

Bam! Rumble!


The walls began to crumble away.


* * *

Reaper Scans

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Proofreader - Karane

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* * *


- Let’s just not go underground anymore…

- Everything is caving in nowadays LMFAO


Seol looked at Karen.

“I-It wasn’t because of me,” protested Karen.

- Huh…? Then who else could it be?

The voice belonged to Jamad.

“Obviously, Koko!” said Karen. “Right, Koko?”

Pant pant…

“See? He agrees with me!”

Ur spoke up this time.

- Koko refused to answer.

“And how would you know?!”

- I understand most languages, whether it's higher or lesser beings. If it's just simple intent, I can understand it easily.

“...Is he telling the truth, Koko?”

Pant pant…

- Koko is thanking me for clarifying his intent and clearing his name.

“...I don’t think he said all that.”

- …I might have mixed some of my opinions into it as well.

“It’s all just your opinions, isn’t it?”

Thinking of their quarrel as them admitting they were fine, Seol looked around him.

His actions immediately led to some results.

“Found it.”

“Found what?”

“The exit.”

“Then we can get out of here now?”

“Well… it’s the exit from here to the storage room.”


"I doubt those slow rats could have opened the storage room themselves, so I was looking for it, and... as I expected, they made a hole."

Seol and the others passed through the hole that connected elsewhere.

Seol was the first to stick his head out.

"Hmm... that's going to be a problem," Seol muttered to himself. "I didn't expect that to still be operational."

“What? Why are you…”

Karen trailed off after seeing the scene outside the hole, dumbfounded by what she saw.

Thud… Thud…


A massive golem trudged around, circling a large pillar at the center. On the opposite side of where Seol and the others stood, was a massive door.

“We can just go through that door and leave, right?”

Seol shook his head.

"We either need the golem's permission, or we need to temporarily stop it.”

“Oh, really? Is it hard?”

“Yeah,” answered Seol. “It’s hard.”

This golem was the reason Seol had been able to protect his treasures for so long.


[Hidden Adventure ‘Giant Outside the Rat Hole’ is now active.]


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