The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

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Chapter 205


The first item Seol checked was the Crown of Order, his most recent Peerless item.


[[Haunted-Peerless: Crown of Order]

Quality: Peerless

Recommended Level: 34-44

Defense: 140(+40)

Durability: 160/160

Weight: 0.1kg

A crown from an unknown era. Though this item vanishes upon being equipped, leaving behind only traces, the energy of the Crown of Order lingers with the wearer.

Zigoro, the Spider Ghost, has occupied this item.

Basic Effect: +35(+10) Intelligence, +40(+10) Constitution, +42(+10) Wisdom

Bonus Effect: Maintain Order (Unique), Fair and Square (Unique), Collective Responsibility (Unique). The wearer's resistance is increased by 50% of the defense increased by the Crown of Order. Haunted - Zigoro’s Spiderwebs (Unique).]


‘...Everything changed.’

Not only did the Crown of Order’s defense and stat increases improve, but it also acquired a new unique effect.

The equipment had noticeably changed from the ghostly fire.

‘Also… I’m confident that the other items improved even more than this.’

This was the knowledge that Seol gained after using the Ghost Door multiple times as a player.

Peerless items weren’t things that could easily be swapped out for different equipment in Pandea.

While you would typically swap out equipment after your level surpassed the Recommended Level, doing so with Peerless items was hard.

The biggest reason was simply because Peerless items were much, much stronger than equipment of other qualities. Even the level difference didn’t amount to much to close that gap.

In fact, they were comparable even to equipment that was one or two quality ranks higher.

Obviously, the first reason that came into mind was the unique effects, as losing them when changing to different equipment was a huge detriment.

However, that wasn’t the only reason Peerless items were difficult to replace.

‘The difficulty in acquiring them.’

As Peerless items were difficult to acquire in general, it was even harder to find one that could replace them, not to mention the other problems that came with it.

Enhancing them was not only incredibly difficult, but the changes were minimal.

The higher an item’s quality, the more difficult it became to improve them, and the differences were small.

Because of this, there had been numerous players who couldn’t do anything but cry about using lower-leveled Peerless items until they could no longer afford to.

‘And that’s exactly why the Ghost Door is so special. Also…’

The statement Seol made earlier.

He was once more thinking about how his other Peerless items would become stronger.

The Ghost Door’s improvement centered around level correction.

This process, also called reforming the item, raised a lower-leveled Peerless item to a level appropriate for the user’s current level.

Essentially, the bigger the gap between the item and the wearer, the stronger the ghost that was imbued into the item.

‘Since the Crown of Order was the last item I acquired, the improvements will be minimal.’

The earlier Seol acquired the Peerless item, the more he could look forward to significant improvements.


[[Haunted - Zigoro’s Spiderwebs(Unique).]

- Each time you successfully attack a target affected by Fair and Square, an additional stat will be decreased. This effect persists until all of the target’s stats are reduced.]


Seol then looked at Fair and Square’s original effects.


[[Fair and Square(Unique)]

- When facing a higher-leveled enemy, two of the enemy's stats are randomly decreased by 10%.]


Essentially, an effect that was originally capable of decreasing two stats by 10% was now capable of decreasing all six stats by 10%.


- Isn’t that broken?

- Since when did we care about that LOL

- Snowman might as well be a wrecking ball with how much he likes to break shit.


Seol didn’t even need to think twice about it to know it was a great effect.

He was off to a good start.

With a hopeful heart, he then looked at the next item.


[[Haunted-Peerless: Atonement]

Quality: Peerless

Recommended Level: 35-45

Resistance: 120(+35)

Durability: 140/140

Weight: 0.1kg

The heart of sin.

A necklace forged from malevolent energies and an ominous sense of guilt.

Gurd, the Plague Ghost, has occupied this item.

Basic Effect: +20(+6) All Stats

Bonus Effect: Repentance (Unique), Share Pain (Unique), Confession (Unique). 50% chance to negate curses. If unsuccessful, reduce the curse's duration by 50%. Haunted - Gurd's Infectious Disease (Unique).


[Haunted - Gurd's Infectious Disease(Unique)]

- When Confession activates, transmit all removed Abnormal Statuses to the opponent who inflicted the last Abnormal Status on you. The transmitted Abnormal Statuses have their durations reduced by 20%.



- When the wearer is afflicted with a new Abnormal Status, there is a certain chance to remove all Abnormal Statuses currently afflicting them.]


- Does it hurt? It hurts for me too…

- I would cry if I got hit by this effect LMFAO

- Ice magicians and curse-inflicting magicians are going to cry all day LOOL

- I think the eastern Daoist shamans are going to cry too lmfao


‘This is huge.’

As Atonement was high-level, like the Crown of Order, the increase in Resistance was only decent.

However, its new unique effect was unbelievably strong.

‘If Confession triggers even once in combat… the fight would immediately be over.’

It wasn’t difficult to imagine what would happen in a fight if Gurd’s Infectious Disease activated and deflected the Abnormal Status back to the opponent.

Seol was beginning to get excited by his new equipment.

He couldn’t help but smile as his Peerless items grew even stronger with the new upgrades.


- I also lost my mind…

- Maybe we were the real ghosts all along?

- I’m starting to feel bad for Yahum now…


Next was Fire Monkey.


[[Haunted-Peerless: Fire Monkey]

Quality: Peerless

Recommended Level: 25-35

Defense: 70(+60)

Durability: 165/165

Weight: 0.1kg

Magra, the Scorching, was a rebel in the Sulfur Skull Tribe.

When he left the tribe, having once again etched the name of the declining Sulfur Skull Tribe into the world of Pandea, the tribe, in honor of his feats, held a ceremony for Purga. And on that day, Purga’s insignia was etched into Magra’s cape.

Erchi, the Magma Ghost, has occupied this item.

Basic Effect: +20(+10) to All Stats

Bonus Effect: Truth and Lie (Unique), Dizzy Dizzy (Unique), Fire! (Unique). The damage you take from fire attacks is reduced by 90%. Haunted - Erchi's Fire (Unique).


[Haunted - Erchi’s Fire(Unique)]

- Truth and Lie’s base dodge rate is increased to 30%.


[Truth and Lie(Unique)]

- If the wearer’s dodge rate is below 20%, increase it to 20%. If the wearer’s dodge rate is over 20%, increase your dodge rate by 5%.]


The new effects made it so that even without other equipment, Seol would have a 30% dodge rate.

‘Yes! That’s all I needed!’

Though Seol had 30% dodge rate now, there still wasn’t a need to replace his equipment for things with dodge rate.

Most equipment with defense or dodge rate had a reduction as the number increased.

After all, having a 100% dodge rate would mean that you were invisible, breaking the balance.

Rules and systems were put in place to prevent things like that from happening.

‘Still, having a 30% dodge rate even without any other investment is massive.’

It essentially meant that Seol would dodge once every three attacks, after all. And with the Eyes of Foresight, Seol could practically dodge everything.

Next were his summons’ weapons.

As these two Peerless items were used by Karuna and Karen, his two shadows also eagerly looked forward to seeing them.


[[Haunted-Peerless: Flare]

Quality: Peerless

Recommended Level: 20-30

Damage: 100-115(+80)

Durability: 220/220

Weight: 3.0kg

A sword birthed through the meeting of the sword that Karen, the Red Lotus Knight, used, and the miracle of Hamun, Orgo’s Successor. It has been enhanced through melting down the weapon that Magra, the Scorching, used, Fire Serpent. The sword's power has improved to another level through the infusion of the blood of an ominous existence and fire spirit stone.

Taebugi, the Drought Ghost, has occupied this item.

Basic Effect: +28(+12) Strength, +25(+12) Dexterity, +35(+12) Constitution, +8(+6) to All Stats

Bonus Effect: Forced Breakthrough (Unique), Single-Point Breakthrough (Unique). Deal 30% of your physical damage as additional fire damage. The cooldown of your skills that deal fire damage is reduced by 20%. Haunted - Taebugi's Famine (Unique).


[Haunted - Taebugi's Famine(Unique)]

- Flare’s additional fire damage now deals true damage.]



Seol tightened his fist.

‘There’s… nothing else I need to say about this.’

It was an undeniable truth that attributes were weaker against their polar opposites.

For example, even the strongest flames would be powerless against even colder winds.

The frost-attribute monsters Karen would face from now on were all at her rank or higher and had many more levels.

Therefore, as Seol’s expectations for that effect was decreasing, this new effect served to solve them all.


- So, 100% physical damage and 30% extra true damage?

- Yup, ignores both defense and resistance LOL

- So broken…

- He robbed the shit out of them…

- I think you guys forgot something… It was a hostage situation…

- If you guys aren’t lying, he should be arrested, LMFAO He should appear on those ‘I used to be a mob boss’ YouTube videos.


Satisfied, Karen reached her arm out from the Shadow Space to take Flare away.

‘It’s the last one now.’

Only Karuna’s weapon was left now.


[[Haunted-Peerless: Breath]

Quality: Peerless

Recommended Level: 15-30

Damage: 89-100(+90)(+85)

Durability: 200/200

Weight: 1.8kg

A sword birthed through the meeting of the sword that Karuna, the Moonlight Knight, used and the miracle of Hamun, Orgo’s Successor.

It has been enhanced through melting down Orgo’s first work, Storm. A new energy has infused with the sword, awakening a portion of the dormant powers within.

Horu, the Frost Ghost, has occupied this item.

Basic Effect: +35(+15) Strength, +27(+15) Dexterity, +36(+15) Constitution, +15(+8) to All Stats

Bonus Effect: First Strike (Unique), Danger is Opportunity (Unique), Embracing Moon (Unique), New Moon (Unique). There is a 25% fixed chance of landing a critical strike on a wounded target. The range and power of your attack skills is increased by 10%. Haunted - Horu’s Icicle (Unique).


[Haunted - Horu’s Icicle(Unique)]

- The user's attacks and skills are now imbued with frost energy. As frost energy accumulates on a target, they will be Slowed, then Rooted, and finally Frozen.]


‘Not only did its stats nearly double, its effects were good too.’

Breath was a Peerless item Seol acquired right after getting Space.

As such, there were many things Seol wished were better, but the Ghost Door’s improvements solved everything.

‘And thanks to Embracing Moon, Breath’s damage is incredible.’

Embracing Moon was an effect that gave Breath an additional 50% night-attribute damage.

With the increase in damage, this effect was finally proving its worth.

With this, Seol finished checking all of his new items. The next thing to check was the titles.


[[Inaugural Title: Ghost Door's Guest]

Related Achievement: Ghost's Guest (Adventure: The Master of the Ghost Door)

Bonus Effect: You are now able to build favorability with ghosts.]

[[Special Title: Sleep Paralysis]

Related Achievement: I Don't Believe in Ghosts (Adventure: The Master of the Ghost Door)

Bonus Effect: Your mind will not be corrupted even with prolonged exposure to ghost energy.]


‘They’re both related to ghosts.’

Seol had no complaints about it, though.

After all, it was only natural that he received ghost-related abilities when he just exited the Ghost Door.

Seol then looked back.

“Are we done now?” asked Filia.

“Hyung… Is this the end?” asked Yeo-myeong.

Yeo-myeong and Filia had been waiting for him to finish his business.

“Hehehehe…” laughed Yahum. “You’re… practically a ghost now.”


“I bet everyone will think you are one since you’re carrying around so many ghosts with you.”

Seol then nodded, accepting it.

‘I should try to avoid heading east for a while then.’

As the countries in the east despised ghosts, Seol could be targeted there even if he hasn’t done anything wrong.

“Then now… leave my territory!” shouted Yahum.


[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have received a skill point.]

[You have received a skill point.]

[Affluent’s Bonus Effect activates.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[Sly Blood-Hue Snake activates.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[Someone Better’s Bonus Effect activates.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]

[You have received an additional skill point.]


Yahum was kicking them out.

Even so, after all of the complications, they finally finished upgrading all of their Peerless items.


Seol and the other transferees were then surrounded by blue particles until they were fully enveloped in it.

After a few seconds, Yahum remained alone at the altar.

“Those items were powerful… He will undoubtedly destroy the balance. So why did the Ghost King…”

Yahum knew what the Ghost King’s powers were.

The Ghost King was an individual who remained hidden from the world while soothing the souls of the dead.

He was someone whom Yahum had accepted as a truly strong individual.

As such, the moment Yahum was sealed into Gemma’s Pot, he immediately contacted the Ghost King.

The Ghost King possessed several interesting abilities, one of which was the power to glimpse into the near future.

Although he couldn't see everything, he could somewhat predict what was about to happen.

Therefore, if there had been any issues with Yahum giving that human so much power, the Ghost King would have foreseen and warned him.

However, the answer he heard in return was something that he could have never expected.

- How interesting. Sure, you can do it.

“Ghost King…”

The Ghost King then laughed before saying the next lines.

- He and I will inevitably meet.

“What… was the future that you saw?”

- He will cross the waves on an old boat…

Yahum did his best to suppress the chill running down his spine.

- He will come to the east to meet me.


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