Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader –  ilafy]


Chapter 100


Gaon's portal zone…

It was the day they were departing to Japan for the International Competition.

The 1st-year students of Gaon were lining up, and everyone was looking at Shin YuSung and his party members—the ones who were going to participate in the competition. 

"Haha! Maybe it's obvious that participants in the International Competition would come from our elite among elites in Gaon Academy!" Headmaster Jin ByungCheol said while making a satisfied expression.

A few teachers and staff applauded.

"The International Competition is a perfect opportunity to increase their own, the Academy's, and the country's honor! Let's hope Shin YuSung and his party members achieve a result they're satisfied with! Based on what they've learned at Gaon…"

It seemed like Jin ByungCheol's speech had no end.

Right when the students were getting tired, Shin YuSung walked toward the microphone.

"I'll win and return."

Shin YuSung's short speech spread through the portal zone; the students began chanting his name.

"Shin YuSung! Shin YuSung!"

"Good luck-!"

They yelled other names as well.

"Amy! I'm your fan!"

"EunAh! Come back soon!"

"Let's go, F class!"

"Was Lee SiWoo also part of YuSung's party?"

"Sumire! Your curry was the best!"

With EunAh going last, Jin ByungChul activated the portal.


Blue light began fluctuating, and the portal began shining. It was about time for Shin YuSung and his group to go to Japan.

Jin ByungChul walked toward Shin YuSung and wished him luck.

"YuSung, your skills are the absolute best. You have the potential to surpass the Fist King! So please, win!"

"I won't disappoint anyone…"

Shin YuSung smiled brightly.

Shin YuSung had never lost until that point, so for Jin ByungChul, he was a reassuring being.

"YuSung! Let Gaon be the birthplace of another winner of the International Competition!"

Jin ByungChul and their peers cheered for them.

Lee SiWoo smiled awkwardly while scratching the back of his head.

"Although my chance won't come, I'm nevertheless getting nervous."

"Of course~ Our job is to cheer for EunAh and the party leader!"

After saying that, Amy looked at Shin YuSung with a smiling face. Sumire subconsciously grabbed Shin YuSung's clothes. 

"Then… Shall we go?" YuSung said to the rest in a gentle voice.


* * * *


The next day was the day of the International Academy Competition.

Isshin, who was Japan's representative, should have been training, but something had distracted him.

He was feeling confused.

'What are these feelings…?'

After he met Sumire at Choten, Isshin felt annoyed, but his initial emotion was anger.

To Isshin, Sumire was a traitor he would never forgive. She’d abandoned her party members and went to Korea without saying anything.

Tap tap.

Isshin was walking through an empty school.

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

As he walked, he began seeing familiar places and objects, and he finally reached a classroom.

'This is…'

The front row—the seat next to a window.

Isshin’s eyes focused there, and he recalled something from the past.

[Isshin, what are you looking at?]

[You're so silent today, too~]

[Idiot! That's what makes Isshin cool!]

There were a bunch of girls surrounding him, and someone was studying really hard in the place he was staring at.


According to the rumors, her grades were at the top level, but her Trait was F. She was someone Isshin didn't need to be worried about. What the other girls thought was also similar.

[What, you're looking at Hanajima? Why are you looking at her~? Isshin~ look at me instead~]

[Isn't her Trait a bit creepy? To create skeletons with hairs… It's a bit odd…]

[Ugh- It really makes me sick. I don't want to lend her my hair.]

Up until that moment, Isshin had no interest in Sumire. She was just another student in his class—that was all he thought about her.

Tap tap.

Isshin began walking through the classroom again.

The sound of his steps spread through the hallway. He next stopped at the school’s entrance. Isshin silently looked at the clear sky.

The second time he saw Sumire was on a rainy day.


She had been hugging something, her umbrella next to her.

[You're still c-cold, right?]

That something was a cat trembling in the cold. There was a chance that it might have some disease, but Sumire didn't seem to care about that.

She'd taken the jacket off her uniform and covered the cat.

[Nyaa, nyaa, nyaa…]

Warm, the cat purred as if it were feeling good. Sumire smiled as she held the cat; then she went home with one hand on the umbrella and the other on the cat.

The next day, Sumire was coughing because she'd caught a cold.

Isshin clicked his tongue as if he couldn't understand Sumire.

[How stupid…]

The sky was still clear.

Isshin began feeling weird again. His heart was beating fast as if he were feeling uneasy. His chest felt heavy as if he were carrying something.

'I'm the dumb one… What is it that I want?'

Tap tap.

Isshin looked at the flower garden as he walked. His eyes settled on where he’d seen the dumb-founded Sumire looking at the white violets.

How Isshin judged Sumire was always the same.

It didn't matter how much he looked at her…

She was weird.

Looking at her made him frustrated—she looked dumb.

She was a girl that was the complete opposite of him, but Isshin had extended his hand to Sumire.

[Hanajima, enter my party.]

Why did he say that?

Why did he make such a choice?

At that moment, Isshin didn't know why, but he enjoyed the time he spent with Sumire in the same party.

[Hanajima… Why do all the cats from town follow you?]

[I… I'm not sure about that…]

The Sumire from Isshin's memories was a weird person.

[Hanajima… What's that bird on your shoulder?]


She made him feel frustrated.

[H-here's the exit!]

[Hanajima… That's the entrance. That's where we came from.]

[Ah… I'm sorry.]

She was a dumb girl, but for some reason, she was the party member he cared the most about. Isshin was slowly becoming honest with his feelings when that incident happened.

[Isshin! Did you hear?! Yesterday, in a dungeon! Sumire…]

What happened in the undead dungeon…

Sumire’s Trait had gone haywire, so the entire class got wounded, but thankfully, no one died.

[So… where's Hanajima?]

[I don't know. After all, she didn't get wounded. She isn't in the hospital. She also isn't coming to school. Why? I know where she lives. Should I tell you?]

[No… There's no need.]

From that moment, Isshin kept waiting for Sumire. The party was left with one less member for almost a month.

[Isshin~ If it's the empty place in the party~ Can't you let me join? Hmm~?]

It didn't matter who asked. Isshin had left that place empty. It had been three months. Although they were negatively affected by the missing party member, Isshin kept waiting for Sumire.

Isshin could perfectly handle that. That was her empty place—he had no intention of changing party members.

Isshin heard a rumor.

It wasn't that Sumire told him or a letter from her but a rumor.

[Did you hear? I heard Sumire went to Korea.]

[Although she hasn't been coming to school, they let her transfer. I shouldn't have come either~]

[Yes, it's unfair~]

Isshin didn't believe what the girl students said. He thought that there was no way that was true. After all, she would've at least told him.

That day, Isshin ran a lot.

[You're still c-cold, right?]

She was weird.

[I… I'm not sure about that…]

She made him frustrated…


And she was dumb.

But Isshin had enjoyed the time he'd spent with Sumire. If Sumire also thought the same, there was no way she would've left for Korea without saying anything.

[Ha, haa…]

Isshin caught his breath in front of Sumire's house. He pressed the bell, but the person that walked out of the house wasn't Sumire.


The person who opened the door was Suica, Sumire's mother.

[Hanajima. Where's Hanajima?]

Isshin asked for Sumire.

[I'm sorry… Although you came here, she isn't here anymore. She left for Korea yesterday.]

On that day, Isshin realized something…

Hajajima Sumire was a traitor who'd abandoned him and her other party members. His thinking of her as a party member was a mistake.

[I was dumb…]

That was where his relationship with Sumire ended.

It's been a while since Isshin had thought about Sumireb But the Sumire who had disappeared appeared again before a very important moment.

Was it because he was standing for a long time under the sun? Isshin felt his head becoming hot. He turned around and mumbled.

"It seems like I’ve walked enough for the day…"

His head hurt and he felt frustrated, but Isshin walked toward the dorms with a blank expression on his face. 


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