Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 101


Sky hotel…

The Association had reserved the hotel’s suite room, and a woman wearing formal clothes was waiting for them at the desk.

"Here's your 7th floor reservation. I hope you have a good time."

The Hunter Association had reserved an entire floor for the participants to stay in. 

"Woah, all of this..." Amy exclaimed in surprise.

"Wow... The room is v-very big!"

Sumire was surprised by the facilities.

Kim EunAh, who was the daughter of a jaebol family, looked at the hotel with her arms crossed.

"Well, this much should be good enough."

"Come on, don't be like that~ You should be excited!"

Amy looked at EunHa, a smile on her face.

"There are only five people... Was there a need to borrow 12 rooms?"

Shin YuSung was worried about the Association spending too much money. They heard high heels approaching.

Tap tap.

Slim legs were visible beneath the traditional Chinese dress.

It was Academy City's Association Branch Manager, Mei Lin.

"You all have the right to receive this kind of treatment."

"Of course we do. Also, all of the money my grandfather donated to the Association could probably buy this building a couple of times over."

Kim EunAh touched her nerves a bit, but Mei Lin tried to hold back and smiled.

"Mr. Kim SukHan is definitely helping the Hunter Association a lot."

"Did you hear that?" Kim EunAh asked proudly.

Amy began poking fun at Kim EunAh.

"Woah~ Impressive~ EunAh, you're the best~"

Sumire smiled awkwardly.

"Ah, also... The Japanese team is staying on the 6th floor, so please avoid getting into trouble."

Sumire's expression hardened after hearing Mei Lin's explanation. You could see that she was feeling nervous. Shin YuSung's senses were sharp, so he saw her trembling.


The Sumire Shin YuSung had seen was getting stronger faster than anyone else. Not only were her skills getting better; she was also starting to confront her inner trauma,bBut Sumire's hands were still trembling.

"Then I'll see you tomorrow."

As Mei Lin walked off, Kim EunAh looked at the lodging and then turned to the elevator.

"I need to go somewhere for the time being. Decide the rooms on your own."

"Huh? EunAh, where are you going?"

As Amy asked her where she was going, Kim EunAh waved her hand and said she had something to do.

"You're mean. We came to Japan, but you’re going to hang out alone?"

"She said we could pick the rooms on our own..."

* * *

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Translator - ilafy

Proofreader - Daniel Shin

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* * *

Lee SiWoo glanced at Amy and then began running toward the room in the corner.

"That's mine!"

"What? That's obviously mine! I have to film the best ocean view!"

Amy and Lee SiWoo were fighting for the room, leaving only Shin YuSung and Sumire in the hallway.

"Hmm... Should we hang out?" Shin YuSung asked with a smile, and color returned to Sumire’s face.

"Ah, yes!"

That only lasted for a short while before she nervously smiled.

"A-as expected... YuSung... You're too kind."

Sumire knew why Shin YuSung had proposed them going for a walk.

"I… I'm sorry... This should be a happy day, yet my expression was too dark, right?"

"That's okay. After all, everyone has their worries."

Sumire smiled after hearing Shin YuSung's words, but her eyes seemed sadder than usual.

“It’s p-probably just a dumb worry from your point of view…”

Sumire smiled bitterly while saying that. Shin YuSung looked at Sumire for a while; then he opened his mouth.

“Rather than just a walk, I think a dinner would be better right now.”

Sumire, whose head was lowered, raised it, looked at Shin YuSung, and carefully spoke.

"Th-then... would a f-family restaurant be okay? I've never been to one..."

After saying that, Sumire smiled awkwardly. Shin YuSung smiled back at her.



* * * *


The 1st floor of the Sky Hotel…

EunAh squinted as if she was being blinded, and the bodyguard that was waiting for her gave her a pair of sunglasses.

"Where is she? I heard that mother called me."

EunAh returned to her cold self after she put on the sunglasses—she only showed her true personality in front of her family or YuSung. She was the successor of the Shinsung group, after all.

"The madam is already waiting at the arranged place," the bodyguard answered cordially.

Next to him, there was a familiar Japanese city guard.

'Are they bodyguards my mother called...?'

"I heard it. It's a hotel, right? But why did she choose another hotel?" Kim EunAh flipped her hair and asked the bodyguard.

"I don’t know the details."

Hmm- Kim EunAh stood still while looking at the long limousine. She sighed.

"Well, it's okay~ Mother has always been like that. Let's go!"

As Kim EunAh got in the limousine, she was greeted by a familiar face.

"Ah! You're here, miss!"

"Huh?! Why are you in Japan?!"

"Although it's a bit expensive, I used a portal! Because the madam… gave me a special mission."

After saying that, Lee SuHyun smiled, and his face showed mixed emotions..

"Miss, aren't you sleepy? After all, it will take a while to reach our destination," Lee SuHyun said.

 Kim EunAh slowly shook her head.

"Me? Not at all. I'm fine."


Lee SuHyun suddenly grabbed Kim EunAh's arm. Surprised, she tried to brush her off, but Lee SuHyun wasn't letting her go.

"Y-you! What are you doing?!"

Kim EunAh's eyes widened in surprise.

"Miss... I'm sorry."

While holding Kim EunAh, Lee SuHyun got close to her and murmured, her voice laced with mana.

"Fall asleep."

"Ugh, y-you!!"

Kim EunAh tried to free herself, but they were in a narrow limousine. She'd relaxed too much.

It was Lee SuHyun's trait—Language Soul.

It was a skill that had lots of restrictions.

She needed to be close to the target, they needed to be surprised, and it had to be used in an enclosed space.

A lot of conditions had to be fulfilled for it, but it was a perfect ambush, so Kim EunAh couldn't do anything against it.

"Why? Just... Why...?"

Her eyes slowly closed, and strength left her arm.


In the end, Kim EunAh fell asleep in Lee SuHyun's arms.

She was in charge of EunAh for a very simple reason.. Even without doing a dangerous hunter job, she was paid far more than them.

What she was doing was just part of her job, but Lee SuHyun wasn't feeling good about it.

[Miss! You should say it a bit softer!]

[Softer? But isn't that... t-too embarrassing?]

She remembered how Kim EunAh entered the party and how that ended up changing her.

[You should be feeling cold... Take my coat, at least.]

[Don't worry. It's okay.]

Lee SuHyun had looked at her too much. She even began wondering if having a little sister would feel like that.

'Did I get too affectionate...?'

Even if she told herself that it was all because of the job, she couldn't help but feel heartache while remembering everything EunAh had said.


She sighed.

Lee SuHyun softly ran her hand through Kim EunAh's hair, who was asleep on her knees.


* * * *


Although there was usually silence in Gaon's student council, a rhythmical sound was heard.

Taptap - taptap-

Unlike usual, Shin HaYoon was tapping on the desk with her index finger. That meant she was feeling good. Lee Hyuk spoke while giving her some documents.

“I went through and finished the list you gave me.”

"Well done," HaYoon shortly answered.

After finishing his job, Lee Hyuk glanced at HaYoon's expression. She was making the same relaxed smile as usual, but Lee Hyuk was always next to her, so he could tell the difference.

"It seems like something good happened."

"Ah, something good? Fufu, it's just a prank... a fun prank."

Lee Hyuk's expression hardened when he heard HaYoon's explanation.

'A prank that's fun to HaYun...? I wonder what that could be.'

Even Lee Hyuk couldn't come up with an answer to that.

"Wh-what is it?"

He couldn't handle his curiosity. 

"You’ll hear about it soon enough," Shin HaYun smiled and told him.


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