Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader –  ilafy]


Chapter 99


Somewhere, in a desolate forest…

Sakura aimed her arrow at her target. As she focused, she felt her senses sharpening.

Pat! Swish! Paf!

Her loosed arrow flew incredibly fast and struck the target.

'This isn't enough…'

Sakura's expression hardened. She was usually optimistic, but such wasn’t the case that night.

'My bow technique…'

Sakura's family owned an archery dojo, so the atmosphere was always serious. A neat mind and graceful mannerisms were important.

Sakura had grown up watching everyone shooting arrows since she was a kid, and she had always admired them.

She had adapted her wind Trait into archery because of those experiences, and her father had told her something before she entered high school the prior year.

[Sakura… there's something I need to tell you.]

Her father, who was usually very strict, laughed without any strength.

[I've always tried to teach you the life and knowledge I've felt through the years.]

There was loneliness on Sakura's father's face.

[But… it seems like times have changed… My old philosophy and the archery I've practiced throughout the years…]

His voice fell.

[It just seems old and rusty.]

Shoulders followed.

[Now that I think about it, I’m probably so obsessed with tradition because of how everything is changing.]

Her always strong and confident father felt too small, even for the middle school Sakura.

[What are you talking about? Father's archery is the best! It isn't rusty…]

As Sakura shouted angrily, her father smiled softly and patted Sakura's head.

[Sakura, the bow is a weapon that's hard to use. You need to focus on your control and concentration, and…]

She'd heard this more than a hundred times.

[You need to decrease your trembling and remain calm. You can hit the target only when you become one with the bow.]

Her father's voice had never sounded so weak, and that had made her feelings hurt.

[What I wanted to teach wasn't the art of killing but the mentality in which you engage in martial arts.]

As Sakura became lost for words, her father revealed the wooden board he had been holding behind him.

It was the dojo’s board welcoming board, and it said ‘closed’.

Sakura had basically been raised in the dojo. She looked at it while her hands shook.


[I'm sorry, Sakura… but what people need is a weapon that's stronger and easier to use. Weapons like guns or ones that hunters use…]

Sakura clenched her fists and stood up.

[You… who are you?]

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

Sakura glared at her father, whose eyes were red.

[You're only saying excuses… My father… isn't someone like you!]

Sakura looked at the wooden board, clenched her teeth, and left the place. That was the last time she saw him.

Sakura hadn't seen her father since she entered Choten—she hadn't returned to her home because she didn't have the courage to look at her father.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Sakura shot arrows at an incredible speed.

The arrows hit their target precisely. Even considering her Trait, her ability was incredible.

'If it's the International Competition… Father's for sure going to…'

Sakura clenched her fists.

'Japan, no… I'll show my skills to the entire world…'

After that, reconciliation was her goal.

Thud! Thud! Pang!

Sakura was wiping her sweat after shooting arrows endlessly when Seiji walked toward her while waving his hand.

"Sakura! So you were here."

"What? Were you looking for me?"

Sakura was smiling as usual. Seiji stretched out his arms and pointed to the mountain.

"A new mission!"

"And Isshin?"

"You see…"

"Haa… He's become too immersed in trying to look cool while doing weird things like closed training," Sakura complained while putting away her bow in her Pocket.

"Well, anyways! Let's go, the two of us!"


* * * *


Shinsung Group's CEO, Kim YunHa…

She talked with someone within a limousine while surrounded by city guards.

- Dear, make sure she doesn't go, understood? I'm tired of our kids getting involved in dangerous things.

Kim YunHa was talking with Kim SungHan, Kim EunAh's father.

"Giving an order probably won't be hard… but if father hears about it, he probably won't stay still. Also, EunAh is my daughter, so she's quite stubborn."

There was silence after Kim YUnha’s words. SungHan wasn't going to change his opinion.

- So are you saying we should send EunAh to that dangerous place?!

As Kim SungHan raised his voice, Kim YunHa's voice became colder.

"You were the one who said we should let her be until she graduates…"

Kim YunHa's voice was colder than usual—it was clear that she'd become offended.

- No, that's not what I'm saying… Are you perhaps… angry?

"A little bit."

- I'm sorry.

"Well, it's not like you're wrong, but…"

Kim YunHa sighed.

"Okay. It's my daughter, so I'll try talking to her."

The two parents were against Kim EunAh becoming a hunter. It was something bound to happen one day, but the one who accelerated it was Shin HaYoon.


* * * *


Shin YuSung, Kim EunAh, and Sumire…

The three members chosen had gathered for a meeting. Amy explained the rules of the tournament to them.

"Let me explain again! This tournament will have a one-on-one format and three matches. You'll have to win two times! The care used in overwhelming the opponent is important!"

"Wait… what's the difference?" EunAh asked with a non-interested expression as she hugged her orca.

Amy frowned.

"Oh, my god… to think that EunAh would ask a question like this. There's no way…"

Amy looked at Kim EunAh with suspicious eyes.

"Wh-who are you…?"


Electricity appeared from Kim EunAh's index finger. Amy gulped and explained again.

"In this tournament, the first participant is really important because the first person has to win to increase the morale of the rest! After all, morale is the most important thing in a tournament!"

Kim EunAh looked like she was still annoyed, but Amy began explaining again.

"So the strongest person should go first! In our party…"

Naturally, everyone looked at Shin YuSung. Amy nodded.

"It's obviously the party leader, and as second…"

Amy fell into thought. She looked at both Kim EunAh and Sumire. Kim EunAh didn't seem to care about orders.

"Either one is okay."

"I… I prefer going third!"

Sumire offered herself.

Amy smiled.

"Good! Then the order is first, party leader! Then, EunAh! And finally, Sumire!"

Shin YuSung, who was listening while sitting on the sofa, raised his hand.

"Amy, is the map in the International Competition also random?"

"Hmm, yes, but since it's taking place in Japan, won't it probably be related to that territory? Hmm…"

As Amy fell into thought, Kim EunAh waved her hand.

"It's okay. Things will be okay if YuSung and I destroy everything, right?"

Kim EunAh still looked confident.

Amy laughed while looking at Kim EunAh.

"As expected, Kim EunAh has changed…"


Sumire nodded in agreement. Kim EunAh looked at them while picking her ear.


Amy was grinning, and Sumire was smiling brightly.

"How did I change?"

As Kim EunAh asked again, that time, even Shin YuSung smiled while looking at her.

"EunAh has definitely changed."

"Ugh! So how did I change?!"

Kim EunAh thrust the orca toward them as if it were a weapon while frowning, but unlike before, she wasn't able to scare anyone.


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