Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 115


The Korea and Japan match.

Thanks to the final result ending in 2:1, the winner was decided in the Korea vs. Japan match.

"Thanks to student Sumire's win in the 3rd round, the winning team is Korea! The Japanese team will move onto the losers division and later participate for the wild card slot, and…"

Before Yuki's explanation ended, Sumire walked toward Shin YuSung, who was standing next to the portal.


"Mr. YuSung! I did it!"

Sumire hugged YuSung, a smile on her face. She looked at him like a dog waiting to be praised.

"I… really wanted to win… for you… YuSung!"

She gave a weirdly sly smile that didn’t seem usual for her.

"Sumire, we were able to win thanks to you."

Shin YuSung smiled at her.

Sumire's queen-like atmosphere was nowhere to be seen, and she touched her own head.

She was asking for him to pat her head. Seeing her acting like that, YuSung removed Laplace's accessory.

'It seems like this is influencing her.'


"Ah…? Ugh, ah…"

Surprised, Sumire stepped back from YuSung.

"I… I'm sorry! I acted strangely…"

As Sumire quickly apologized, Shin YuSung smiled when he saw she had returned to her original self.

"No. Well done, Sumire."

YuSung patted Sumire just like she'd asked, and she smiled and blushed.

"Ah, ugh…"

Yuki watched them while making a troubled expression.

"Okay! We're going to interview the winner and proceed to give the reward from the Hunter's Association!" 

Two men wearing suits carried out a luxurious box that contained an artifact from the 50th floor.

'The Thousand-Year-Old Jade…!'

It was the first time Shin YuSung had seen it, but he already knew about the Thousand-Year-Old Jade.

'It's the artifact Master obtained with his partners…'

The strength in the Thousand-Year-Old Jade could fortify your body and mana, but the Fist King and his partners had already reached the peak, so it was useless for them.

The growth potential was lower for hunters that were already too strong, so it wasn't worth it.

If a student with a lot of potential absorbed it, though, its effect couldn't even be estimated.

'It seems like they donated the artifact to help raise their successors.'

The artifact was obtained by Shin YuSung's party. The Thousand-Year-Old Jade was an artifact that carried the will of the Fist King and his partners. Shin YuSung made a satisfied smile.

'If I could absorb all of the Thousand-Year-Old Jade's strength…'

Shin YuSung wasn't sure how strong he'd be able to become if he did such a thing. Sumire was happy when she saw how excited Shin YuSung was.

"I'm happy… I was able to be helpful to YuSung…" she sincerely said.

Sumire, who used to be the worst student, grabbed YuSung's hands and was doing a great job. All of it was the result of Shin YuSung's trust.


Steps could be heard approaching them.

"Sumire! You're the best-! Hehehe, party leader, I knew we would win! Today's broadcast has been a huge success!"

It was Amy.

It seemed like she'd come running as soon as the broadcast was over.

"Heh… hehehe…"

Sumire wasn't rejecting any praise that day. She seemed really happy while being close to YuSung.

SiWoo tried his best to smile.

"Thank you, Sumire. We almost lost because of me…"

"B-but… Hehe, this was the result of everyone doing their best. Y-YuSung also won the 1st round…"

Sumire looked at Shin YuSung and blushed. The atmosphere was good thanks to winning the 1st round of the International Competition.


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With the winner decided, that round of the International Competition was reaching its end.

- No. Well done, Sumire.

- Ah, hehe…

Isshin heard YuSung and Sumire's voices as he stared at the stage with glazed eyes.