Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 114


[- Moonview Mountain -]

Sumire raised her head and read the holographic letters that had appeared before her. A clear moon shone in the night sky and a field of flowers extended into the distance.

'I'll give it my best...'

YuSung wanted to win, and that depended on the result of her fight. Her victory could decide YuSung’s happiness; that's why Sumire couldn't relax.


"The darkness... shall envelop the sun!"


The ring on Sumire's hand began shining with a purple light and disappeared right as the sky was covered with black clouds.

The mana that spread around Sumire took the form of skeletons.

Sumire wasn't the worst student in the F class anymore. The synergy between Laplace's fragments and the artifact was incredible, and her strength was on another level.

"Victory… for the master! Destroy… the enemy!"

The death knight appeared in its heavy armor.

"Familiar Spirit Lilith... I came here to protect the master."

Lilith smiled seductively.

"Please, do your best in the battle..." Sumire commanded with a serious expression.

As soon as she gave the order, the death knight started to shout.

"Destroy the master's enemy!"

The skeletons all raised their weapons.

Crack! Crack!

The undead army began to advance. Isshin frowned and raised his sword.

"Such a large number? Hanajima... you didn't forget my Trait, right?"


As soon as Isshin got into position to perform a sword dance, red energy began rising from his sword.


Isshin's sword drew a half-moon, and beautiful crimson energy followed its trajectory.


The skeletons turned to dust and scattered away. Their bodies turned into mana, and Isshin absorbed them like he was a black hole, and his sword energy turned even redder.

That was Isshin's S-rank Trait—Ghostly Energy.

The effect was simple: The more enemies it cut, the stronger he became as he absorbed their strength.

There was no better effect for a swordsman specialized in close-quarters fighting.

If he was stronger than his enemies, the number didn't matter. No, he could use them as a resource to get stronger.


The more undead he cut down, the more intense his sword energy became.

"Fufu... How dare you!"

His body stiffened at Lilith’s voice. It was her effect, [Petrifying Gaze].

Before the effect spread through his body, Isshin stabbed his thigh without hesitation.


Part of his barrier broke, and blood sprayed through the air.

[22% of the barrier has been destroyed.]

[Remaining barrier: 78%]

The hologram sent a warning, but Isshin didn't stop.

That was the difference information made.

Isshin knew that Sumire had turned Lilith into her familiar spirit and he knew of Lilith's skill, [Petrifying Gaze].

"Ugh! You!"

As Lilith moved back in surprise, the death knight rushed toward Isshin.

BOOM! Clang!

Isshin’s swords broke the death knight’s armor apart.


As Isshin's sword kept absorbing power, it went from red to white, signifying the energy had wreaked its limit.


Isshin sheathed his sword and began to murmur.

"White Ghost Nocturnal Travel..."



As Isshin unsheathed his sword and used his technique, the ghostly energy he'd gathered launched forward as a wave. Everything stopped for a second.

The undead horde surging forward was entirely cut in half.

A crack appeared in the death knight's armor, and Lilith's barrier broke.

Though she was a rank 5 boss, Lilith was weak in terms of fighting.

On the other hand, Isshin was the strongest student in Japan when it came to fighting multiple enemies.


The undead were turned to mana and absorbed by Isshin. 

It was a continuous cycle.

"Everyone, fight until the end! For the master! Des… troy the enemy!" the death knight shouted, but it seemed like Isshin had the advantage.

The strength of Laplace Sumire had shown thus far was only a portion of it.

- It seems like you need my strength.

Laplace, a rank 7 boss known as a ‘disaster’, the plague witch, murmured sweetly in Sumire’s head.

- You cute child... It seems like you really just crave moments with that person.

Sumire replied with determination in her eyes.

"Please... Give me your strength!"

- Fufu, okay. I'll lend it to you. Laplace replied with a laugh.

- We’re not too different... I really like you. If there's something you want, feel free to ask me.


The world had stopped.

Sumire's eyes were covered by a black cloud, and her vision went dark. As the clouds moved, Moonview Mountain turned into Laplace's Castle.

- There are many things I want to talk about with you...

Laplace, who was sitting on the throne, looked down at Sumire while making a seductive, witch-like smile.

- Fufu, I'll be satisfied with giving you this gift today.

Sumire nodded, a serious expression on her face. Laplace motioned with her finger as if she were telling her to get closer.

- Come, sit here. 

Laplace indicated a place next to her throne.


As Sumire slowly walked toward the throne, Laplace made her sit on it.

- It's my throne, and this is my accessory.

Tap. Slide.

Laplace put the flower accessory on Sumire's head.

- As expected, it suits you.

Laplace smiled at her.

She murmured in her ears as a farewell.

- Okay, then... my child. Show your strength to the entire world.

Sumire's expression began to change. Her eyes relaxed, and she was making a bright smile.


* * *

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Boom! Slash!

Isshin kept cutting at the undead.


A bit more…


A little bit more…


The opponent's mana was limited, and his strength, thanks to the ghostly energy, was limitless. Isshin thought he just had to cut the enemies before him until she ran out. 

He believed he could win like that.


The clear moon in the sky was soon covered by a black fog.

An unpleasant energy swept away the surroundings, and Isshin felt a strange tingling sensation.

Isshin looked at the dark sky as he stabbed a ghoul—the black clouds were starting to move away, and then, a red moon became visible.

The black clouds sat over Moonview Mountain and emitted ominous energy. 


The clouds at the top of the mountain began to move away, revealing an unknown throne and a smiling Sumire sitting atop it. 


The ghouls, the skeletons, the death knight, Lilith—all of the undead knelt before the queen. Sumire smiled, relaxed upon her throne as she looked down on them.