Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 116


Shin YuSung was in a dark room.

The room was a completely sealed place created with a specific goal in mind. Sound and light were both blocked. It was a place designed to increase one's concentration so they could train their mana.

Not only that but the building’s foundation was built with a very strong material.

'This place should be good enough.'

YuSung took out the Thousand-Year-Old Jade and smiled.

He was the only student who could absorb the Thousand-Year-Old Jade, so it was natural that he obtained it.

'The Thousand-Year-Old Jade…'

Shin YuSung concentrated harder—he couldn't make any mistakes.

'I have to absorb as much… no, all the mana in the Thousand-Year-Old Jade.'

BOOM! Crash!

As YuSung crushed the Thousand-Year-Old Jade, mana poured out of it.


The mana gathered, formed a sphere, and started moving erratically.

Pang! Boom!

Although the mana inside the Thousand-Year-Old Jade was unprocessed, pure mana, there was simply too much of it.


The spherical body of mana hit the wall. A normal human’s bones would shatter if the sphere of mana touched them, but…


YuSung absorbed the mana from the Thousand-Year-Old Jade. 


He felt a mind-blowing pain when he tried to grab the mana moving through the passageway that was so huge that even he struggled.

‘I have to withstand it.’

He had no other choice.

If he wanted to fully absorb the strength of the Thousand-Year-Old Jade, he had to absorb even more mana and resist even greater pain.

YuSung went through harsh training to get stronger. Thanks to that, his mental strength was incredibly strong, which enabled him to resist such immense pain. 


The mana sphere moved again.

Paf! Paf!

Every time the sphere hit his body and went through his skin, YuSung flinched. It was as if he was being torn apart from the inside.

Whenever he absorbed a part of the mana sphere, though, he felt strength surge through his body.

Even through the pain, getting stronger felt good.

'How long would it take me to get this strong with normal means?'

Having a lot of mana was equal to having a lot of fuel. It would allow him to increase the duration of Black Dragon's Body Armor and other techniques with huge destructive power, which would help greatly in fights.

'One year? Two years? No, I might not have been able to get this much mana until even after graduating.'

Thanks to the Thousand-Year-Old Jade, Shin YuSung was skipping that tiring process.

Three hours passed.

The door eventually opened, and an intense light leaked through.

Tap, tap.

YuSung slowly walked out of it.

Paf! Ssss…

The mana within his body was emitting a blue aura, and his gaze looked stronger.

'So this is the strength of the Thousand-Year-Old Jade…'

He felt that the mana inside his body had greatly increased.


[You've absorbed mana with a different characteristic from what you already had.]

[Current stabilization level: 22%]

[Remaining time until it reaches 100% is 182 hours.]

A hologram appeared in front of him.

The Pocket had felt the change in Shin YuSung's mana, so it explained the situation in great detail.

'I guess a week will be enough.'

He had a ton of strength, but it hadn’t settled yet. He couldn't imagine how much stronger he'd become when all the steps had ended.

Maybe YuSung would be able to reach the Battle God's Style 5th Form. 


'If it's this strength…'

Maybe he'd be able to defeat the next head of the Shin-oh family, Shin HaYoon, and her telekinesis.

'I'll definitely…'

Shin YuSung had never faced Shin HaYoon before, so he couldn't even imagine what would happen.

After all, HaYoon had never shown her full strength.

Since he had obtained the mana within the jade, he had a chance of winning.


* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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[You're a sensible and weak kid who gets easily hurt. Just like a greenhouse plant… Could you withstand what hunters need to go through?]

Kim YunHa wasn’t wrong.

She tried to act strong, but in reality, she was quite sensible. She was hurt by unexpected farewells. 

[You'll probably break… Wouldn't it be better if you left the party before you broke even more?]

If she got even closer to the other party members, if she ended up relying on Shin YuSung even more, if she completely opened her heart…

What if someone like that ended up getting hurt?

If she was forced to say farewell to him, would she be able to withstand it?

Those questions were making Kim EunAh's head hurt, but those were things she'd already thought of.

"I… already know that."

Kim EunAh took a deep breath and tried to calm herself as much as possible.

YunHa didn't know how she'd gotten close to them and why she'd decided to stay in the party.

"But then… I'll always be alone."

Kim EunAh's voice was barely audible.

YunHa's eyebrows shook a bit.

"Why do you say you're alone? You have people all around you—"

As Kim YunHa changed her attitude and tried to make her feel good, Kim EunAh quickly interrupted her.

"Who's at my side…?"

Lee SuHyun bit her lips at Kim EunAh's heavy voice. Even to an adult like Lee SuHyun, seeing the weak side of someone she appreciated hurt.


Kim EunAh smiled while trying to hide her emotions.

"Do you think I'm not aware…? Do you think I don't know why people are trying to get close to me?"

YunHa was trying to act strong, but it was clear that she was flustered.

"EunAh, that's…"

"It's all because of my background. They don't know the real me, what I like, what I do the best. They just want to get close to me… It isn't because of me. It's because my mom, dad, and grandfather are impressive people…"

EunAh looked into YunHa's eyes.

"Do you know how annoying that is…?"


YunHa was lost for words. It was she who'd left EunAh alone due to all of her work. She knew how much her daughter suffered from loneliness.

Thanks to Lee SuHyun's report, she knew that EunAh was silently crying at her oppa’s status, but she'd avoided looking at those problems while telling herself that the reality was that nothing could be done.

The one who got hurt the most was Kim EunAh, who was still 17.

"YuSung and the others… They're different. Even if oppa and I weren't part of a jaebol, he would've saved us… He knows what I like. He knows what I do the best."

She continued to mumble, her head lowered.

"We went to the cafe together, to the mountain. We even danced at the ball together… And he even gave me an orca… And…"

Kim EunAh shed tears.

How much of a crybaby was her daughter? YunHa was trying to make her give up being in a party with the excuse of it being for her own good.

YuSung was the disciple of the Fist King; he was aiming to become the world's strongest hunter. If she remained in his party, even if Kim EunAh was talented, she would encounter problems, but EunAh was suffering from YunHa's actions.

"I… I also know that. After all, I was really scared of getting too close to them… but I had just started to open my heart to them…"

Kim EunAh was trying to hold back her tears, and her voice was getting lower from the effort.

"Mom… You're trying to separate me already… I won't be able to get close to anyone anymore…"

YunHa's heart was breaking.

Even if she was famous for being cold, it was hard to see her daughter crying in front of her.

As YunHa avoided Kim EunAh's eyes, Lee SuHyun moved her head.


Even if Lee SuHyun hadn't said anything, Kim YunHa knew what she meant—she was trying to say that she should give Kim EunAh a chance.

Kim YunHa got up.

Tap, tap.

She slowly walked toward her daughter. The sound of her high heels echoed through the room, and then she silently hugged her daughter.

EunAh's eyes widened in surprise. YunHa patted her daughter’s back with her soft hands.

"EunAh, I'm sorry… You were really lonely, right?"

EunAh made a surprised expression at the unexpectedly kind words from her mother, but she ended up bursting into tears.

"Ugh… Sniff. Mom, ah, sniff…"

It wasn't an easy choice for YunHa, but she had no other options. It was her mistake for ignoring her daughter's loneliness because she was busy with work. She'd made a mistake as a parent, so that's why Kim EunAh relied more on YuSung than her.

It was YuSung who healed Kim EunAh's lonely heart.

YunHa had no right to separate them.

"Don't cry. I'm sorry."

Pat, pat.

When YunHa patted her back, Kim EunAh began crying even more. As expected, she was a crybaby among crybabies. SuHyun smiled in satisfaction as she watched EunAh.


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