Five-Time Regressor Walks the King's Path



The Five-Time Regressor Walks the King’s Path

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Chapter 63

[Sky Dragon’s Robe (A-Rank)]


Type: Active


Upon activation, a translucent dragon robe is wrapped around your body. The strength of the dragon robe’s defense will depend on the wearer’s aura. Others can also use this dragon robe, too! If you take off the robe and offer it romantically to the person you like, you too can become the main character of a drama!

However, you must be careful. When worn by someone with an electric or cloud attribute aura, the dragon robe automatically attacks anyone recognized as an enemy.


So it was a defensive skill.

It wasn’t a very important skill for me since I had high vitality, but it was quite beneficial to be able to use it for others. 

If there came a time where I had to protect a character while conquering the Floors, the dragon robe could be useful.

‘It’s a skill that helps me take on the Floors. After seeing Aspara, I was thinking I needed something like this. It isn’t so bad.’

Not to mention the additional effect it comes with from having an electric aura.

Since this was a skill that reflected its wearer’s aura strength, it would have many uses.

Before acquiring this, I thought about the past year when I was caught up in many events.

From rescuing a beautiful princess from King Lich, who turned out to be from an orc clan.

To have to deal with those orcs rushing at me, saying they wanted my seed, which still made me sick to no end.

Of course, through that opportunity, I came across the sky dragon and gained a skill.

‘Still, I invested a year. I was hoping for an S-Rank skill.’

My luck with skills was always bad.

Just take a look at my current skills. It was my fifth regression, but The Sword Path was the best skill I had.

At least in this regression, though, the combination of trashy skills was more effective than an S-Rank skill. Even so, I sure had some amazing affinity for getting skills.


[It seems like you don’t really have any luck with skills. If you had even a single decent skill, wouldn’t you have joined Emperor’s bodyguards?]


It reminded me of a frivolous person from the past.

During his last moments, that person cried and cried, begging me to bring an end to  Crown Road.

I shook my head and cut off from the flashback. I was back at the hunting ground where Yeon-Ji was staying.

I was a little curious about how much she had grown since I hadn’t seen her for a year.

“Young man, are you going to enter the Heavenly Golden Mountain?”

An old man sitting on a rock in front of the mountain asked.

This place, called the Heavenly Golden Mountain, was where Jecheondaeseong passed away.

The average level of monsters appearing here was 300, and it was safe to say this was the most challenging hunting ground on Floor 30.

“Turn back if you don’t intend to die. This is no place for humans.”

“Who are you? Are you some kind of a keeper here?”

The old man chuckled lightly.

“Not a keeper unfortunately. I am a restligeist, bound by the energy from the Heavenly Golden Mountain. I am just a spirit that watches young people like you, who’ve heard rumors of this mountain, go in there and die.”

“Then you must have seen a dragon enter a few months ago?”

“…A dragon, I remember. A very young girl, she was. The energy coming from that child was unusual. The Heavenly Golden Mountain also accepted the child as if it had been waiting for her. I don’t know if she’s still alive today, though.”

I saw the lonely look in his eyes, being tied alone to the mountain and all. I just walked toward the Heavenly Golden Mountain.

“Spare me a minute. I don’t know what your purpose was, but that child was strong. People like you will be crushed to death by the mountain’s energy as soon as you enter!”

“Did you know? People only see the trees planted in front of them. They simply don’t see the mountain where the trees are rooted to.”

“What are you talking about…”

“Keep your eyes on me as I enter. Maybe then you’ll see something.”

With that, I left the old man behind and walked into the Heavenly Golden Mountain.

After walking for a while, the old man’s scream rang out from afar.

As if he had seen something that he shouldn’t have seen.

I disregarded his trembling voice and climbed up the mountain.


[The energy of the Heavenly Golden Mountain weighs on you.]

[The ring of neutralization is activated.]

[The energy of the Heavenly Golden Mountain is reduced by 50%.]


Was it a debuff? How bothersome.

I released my aura around me in annoyance.


[Your magic power level is too high. As a result, the energy of the Heavenly Golden Mountain is oppressed instead.]

[The energy of the Heavenly Golden Mountain vanishes instantly.]

[The restligeists bound by the energy of the Heavenly Golden Mountain have been released.]


I wonder if that spirit from earlier was released.

Either way, not my problem.

After a while spent walking, I heard urgent footsteps not too far away.

Not one or two, but multiple heavy footsteps that let out dull thuds from the weight.

I followed the sound, and found it was a number of monsters running toward the edge of the cliff.

They had brown manes and fur all over their body, and that body could easily surpass ten meters in length. They looked like a mix between a wild boar and a cow, and were level 295 monsters called Hexad Titan.

The monsters that could barely be caught by Grand Sword Masters were screeching like crazy for some reason. Nevertheless, they ran down the cliff surprisingly well with that large body of theirs.

I also caught sight of someone chasing after them.

“Today’s dinner!”

Red hair, worn-out and tattered clothes, fiercely flashing eyes, and dragon scales on their face.

It was my daughter, Ha Yeon-Ji.

She grabbed one of the monster’s heads and successfully slammed it to the ground, pinning it to prevent movement. Yeon-Ji immediately swung the sword on her back and cleanly severed the creature’s neck.

The skin of the Hexad Titan, capable of withstanding the sword strikes of Grand Sword Masters multiple times, was powerless against Yeon-Ji’s blade.

She plopped down on the prey she caught under the cliff with a sigh, watching the rest of the Hexad Titans shamefully fleeing.

Watching such a Yeon-Ji, I thoroughly hid my presence and walked toward her, who was trying to move the monster.

Then, before Yeon-Ji took notice of me, I relaxed the hold on my aura which caused her to bristle before quickly drawing her blade again.

At that moment, an explosive aura came from Yeon-Ji’s sword.

‘Oho, is this kid starting to progress toward becoming a Sword Emperor?’

Although the basic abilities of characters increases with the Floor number, the level of Sword Emperor truly starts appearing after Floor 50.

Considering that we were on Floor 30, Yeon-ji had become much stronger than expected.


When I called out, Yeon-Ji’s eyes, which were filled with caution, slowly widened.

Then, as if she recognized me right away, she kicked off the ground and leaped.


After a year’s reunion, what a welcoming attitude.

Still, about to reach Sword Emperor, had she truly grown?

Her attacks were on a completely different level than her first-ever sword strike.

The air nearby distorted, and even the wind seemed taken aback, trying to run from Yeon-Ji’s attacks.

Seeing Yeon-Ji charging at me with full force from the start, I pulled out my Heavenly Star Sword and evaded their sword.

The aura contained in the sword literally cut down and blew away the surrounding area.

Despite the energy of the Heavenly Golden Mountain pressuring, it couldn’t withstand Yeon-Ji’s aura.

“You’ve become quite useful.”

Now 14, she’d be turning 15 in just a few days.

Chen Havelia, who only achieved the highest level of Grand Sword Master despite dedicating his entire life to the sword, would surely be upset if he saw Yeon-Ji.

“You say I’ve become useful? There are no monsters left in the Heavenly Golden Mountain that can defeat me!”

Yeon-Ji shouted and unleashed a series of attacks.

Her attacks, imbued with her elemental power and her fire magic, were even stronger than the previous strike.

Each time, I calmly parried Yeon-Ji’s strikes and then it was my turn to kick her stomach.

Instead of blocking it as if to prove her growth, Yeon-Ji leapt up on my feet. With a swift twist of her body in that position, she swung her sword toward my head without hesitation.


I intercepted Yeon-Ji’s sword with a finger infused with my aura, and in a split second, delivered a deafening blow to her forehead using two more fingers. The impact, fueled by immense aura, sent her flying backward, crashing into the cliff wall of the Heavenly Golden Mountain.

Despite the hard hit, she only had a tearful expression and a hand pressed against her forehead. She must have grown stronger physically too, since she had no injuries other than the one on her forehead.

“What the hell… How are you so strong? Even after an entire year of training…”

“I’m kind of a try-hard.”

Always the diligent Ha Chun-Sung.

With those words, I opened Yeon-Ji’s status window as she struggled to regain her footing.


[Ha Yeon-Ji]


[Title: Daughter of Ha Chun-Sung/Natural-born Slayer/Master of the Heavenly Golden Mountain.]


Race: Dragon

Gender: Female

Age: 14

LV. 321


Vitality: 359

Magic Power: 443

Strength: 320

Intelligence: 382

Agility: 470


—Skill Window—

Dragon Transformation [A-Rank]

Mini Breath [A-Rank]

Fireball [B-Rank]

Ignis Gladius [A-Rank]

Ignis Aura [A-Rank]

Ha Yeon-Ji’s Swordsmanship [S-Rank]


At only level 321, the stats were much higher than those of characters around level 400.

Unlike us, who receive five stat points to distribute every time we level up, characters like her have their stats automatically increased, often at a higher rate than bonus stats.

‘Plus, there’s the racial bonus.’

The reason why dragonkind was considered the strongest on this Floor was because their stats increase significantly more than those of ordinary people when they level up.

Moreover, she’s been consistently given stat-boosting elixirs.

‘Looking at just the stats, just a tad more and she’ll be at the level of a Sword Emperor.’

While it was possible to become stronger simply by pouring points into stats, Yeon-Ji’s stats weren’t quite at that level.

However, it had reached a level where it could serve as a foundation to become a Sword Emperor.

“What have you been up to all this time?”

“Just this and that.”

After giving a vague answer to the curious Yeon-Ji, I checked the status of the little dragon who had become the master of the Heavenly Golden Mountain.

The greatest hunting ground on Floor 30 was here, the Heavenly Golden Mountain.

The fact that someone became the master of this mountain meant that Yeon-Ji could no longer grow using this hunting ground.

“It’s been a year since I last saw you, but aren’t you happy to see me?

“Did you hope for such a sentiment? You’ve become quite sentimental over the past year.”

“You still speak so nastily.”

Yeon-Ji clicked her tongue.

She didn’t show it, but she seemed subtly pleased that I had come to see her again.

“It seems like it’s about time to advance from monster hunting.”

Yeon-Ji’s ears perked up at that.

I had continued to use the timeskip function, but Yeon-Ji had been living in monsters’ den for four years straight.

In fact, she looked like a wreck, her appearance akin to a hunter.



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