Five-Time Regressor Walks the King's Path



The Five Time Regressor Walks the King’s Path

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Chapter 62

Levels, stats. Those were absolute numbers.

Sometimes the gap between levels and stats could be closed with a skill, but that was only if the skill was strong enough.

The reality was that most people couldn’t do much faced with the gap between levels and stats.

And that even applied to the characters who lived on the Floors.

However, one can slowly increase their level after a certain point.

All you needed to level up was experience.

Experience points could be gained in a variety of ways, from simply defeating monsters to mental awakenings such as enlightenment.

Unlike regressors, characters could not raise their status at will.

They would continue to level up, but their status changes arbitrarily.

Moreover, unlike us, as they aged, there was a negative effect of their status being halved due to their aging bodies.

‘But the way they gain experience is the same as ours. The higher the level, the more experience points are required.’

Yeon-Ji’s current level was 79.

She had to kill a thousand monsters of the same level to level up once.

So what should she do to level up quickly from now on?

It was simple.

All she had to do was catch a lot of higher level monsters.

Yeon-Ji, lacking a skill, could not level up the same way as me.

Therefore, after finishing the competition, I immediately took Yeon-Ji to a hunting ground.

Thanks to focusing on raising Yeon-Ji, Floor 30 had a variety of hunting grounds ranging from level 1 to 300.

I was able to freely choose the monsters that were going to be hunted, and as a result, I was able to take her to a hunting ground where there were monsters twenty levels higher than her.

Twenty levels higher meant all monsters were at the Sword Master level.

If these guys were to invade a village or country, they would be able to crush it in an instant, but perhaps because of the rule set on the Floor, they did not go hunting outside their designated area.

‘This Floor is completely beneficial to the participants. If I decided to, I could raise my level to 300.’

Five years, high-level monsters, and a safe zone called the village.

Anyone who had experienced regression would not miss this amazing chance.

If one made up their mind to exploit it, it was possible to give up on the Floor after 15 years and try again to continuously grow.

‘Of course, there aren’t that many people who would do something that crazy, but that doesn’t mean none exist.’

If what I said was possible, someone of the same level as me might appear.

‘Though it won’t be easy to beat me.’

I was a special case. Even Emperor, who was said to have reached the highest known level, was still level 999.

Even if you stood in the forefront, those levels and stats are unlikely to be achieved no matter how hard you try for five years.

In the end, there would clearly be a limit to raising your levels even if you fully invested 15 years at a good hunting ground.

Moreover, the goal of this Floor was to raise children so that they could challenge the Dragon Lord.

If that goal was neglected, it would be difficult to conquer the next Floor.

‘Still, the participants will use this Floor to somehow raise their level. What that means is that from the next Floor onwards, others will be able to take over the Floors quicker.’

There was no way the regressors would not use this Floor as an opportunity.

An example would be the Sword Queen.

I was sure the next time we came across each other, she would be much stronger.

Although, she still wouldn’t beat me.

“You want me to catch that?”

“Why? Are you scared?”

When Yeon-Ji saw the group of Master level monsters swarming at the bottom of the cliff, I answered with a big smile.

The provoked Yeon-Ji frowned and pulled out her sword.


“Great. Then off you go.”

After hearing her confident answer, I kicked Yeon-Ji down the cliff without a moment's hesitation.

In an instant, Yeon-Ji was flailing down the cliff with eyes wide in surprise, screaming, and not forgetting to swear at me in the process.

Soon enough, Yeon-Ji was on her feet and fighting the monsters.

Actually, she had been going hunting monsters with me everyday.

Although the level of monsters are much higher than what she normally hunted, she would not be easily defeated.

Plus, there was a reason why I personally followed her this time.

“Alright, let’s get started. Paraman’s Flute.”

I began whistling.

The sound of whistling spread throughout the mountain which was soon followed by loud stomps heard from the edge of the mountain range.

Monsters possessed by the power of Paran’s Flute began to flock the area.

I could hear Yeon-Ji shouting from below.

However, I paid no heed to it and continued to play Paraman’s Flute, and as a result, Yeon-Ji was forced to fight for her life.

Of course, she wouldn’t die.

That was the reason I came. To prevent that from happening.

‘Her goal was to accumulate experience until she was on the brink of death.’

When the level and stats were higher than the standard, aura automatically unlocked without enlightenment.

Realistically, gaining enlightenment was faster than leveling up, so people prioritized the latter.

Therefore, what Yeon-Ji was doing right now was the best method to level up quickly in a short period of time.

At the same time, I took down monsters of a level that Yeon-Ji couldn’t possibly defeat with my aura.

I had to keep things even.

That was how Yeon-Ji survived a full day in the monster's den.

She completely lost the strength to swing the sword and fell to the floor with eyes that seemed to have lost their focus.

When the monsters were about to rush forward toward Yeon-Ji, baring their teeth, I came down from the cliff.

As soon as I appeared, the monsters froze. I ignored them and carried Yeon-Ji back up to the cliff. I then sprayed recovery medicine all over her body.

“Ahh, AAK!”

With time, Yeon-Ji regained a bit of her strength, so she sat up and trembled once.

She seemed to have realized how scary it was to face death.

“Are you up?”

Yeon-Ji turned to look at me.

Anger swarmed in those glaring eyes and I stared back.

“What are you looking at? You’re going again.”

“Go? What do you…”

By the time she realized what I meant, I already had grabbed the back of her shirt and lifted her up.

“Ah! NO! Let go, let go! You crazy mother—!”

She struggled hard, but I didn’t even budge and smiled like the devil.

“Did you enjoy the tutorial so far? Now you can experience the main story.”

“You..! Devil! Satan! Trash! Nutjob! Psychopath!”

I arrived at the edge of the cliff holding Yeon-Ji, who was calling me names, and looked down at the monsters with their mouths wide open.

“You said you wanted to become strong enough to not be defeated by anyone.”

Yeon-Ji’s shoulders flinched.

“Then shouldn’t you at least be able to kill all those monsters without any trouble?”

“You’re going too far! This is beyond common sense!”

“Do you think it’s possible to become the strongest following common sense? A lion will drop its cub from a cliff.”

With a bright smile, I let go of the grip I had on Yeon-Ji and waved at her as she fell.

“Do your best. Namely, ‘Second Best’.”

“Ha Chun-Sung, you piece of trash!”

And amidst the screams, Yeon-Ji fell back into the monster’s den.

She never called me dad, but now she’s calling me by my name.

With that thought, I just waited until Yeon-Ji fainted again.

A year passed in a blur.

During the first three months, she repeatedly fainted just like the first time, but from then on, the number of instances where Yeon-Ji collapsed decreased significantly.

After being put in extreme situations several times, Yeon-Ji’s nerves steeled, and at some point, she began to enjoy the process of her growth.

As a result, I began to boldly use the time skip function as well.

Since she was originally obsessed with power, the result was expected.

Now she took the recovery medicine from me from the start and then went down to fight.

Naturally with the increasing strength, the hunting ground also changed, so she faced some dangerous enemies during fights.

However, as Yeon-Ji overcame those dangers on her own, she grew even more, which eventually led to her being able to do things on her own even when left alone.

As a result of watching that and repeatedly using the time skip function, another two years passed.

Yeon-Ji turned 13 this year and she has been rolling around in monster dens for the past three years. This led to her level being so much higher than before.

Perhaps it was also thanks to the constant intake of elixirs, Yeon-Ji’s body grew steadily. She was 13 and was already 165cm tall, but recently, her growth seemed to have stopped.

Yeon-Ji, who had already surpassed the Sword Master level, became stronger day by day.


Which often led to her coming after me.

As if she wanted to check how much she had grown, she took advantage of the opportunities to attack me while I was lying down or resting.

Although I’d completely squash her down each time.

Yeon-Ji gritted her teeth in exasperation, but after these happenings, she would devote herself to training without attacking me for about a month.

Recently, she started to refine her aura even while she was resting.

Yeon-Ji sat cross-legged with eyes closed. She felt the auras around her, breathed, and gradually became aware of them.

Along with dramatic physical growth, she also experienced mental growth.

Noticing her growth, I was able to smile with satisfaction.


[The ‘Proprietor of Floor 30’, ‘Gentleman that Walks the Sky’, tells you that what you are feeling was a parent’s contentment.]


What bullshit.

I was only doing this because I thought it would be easier to deal with Floor 31 this way.

“Hey, Ha Yeon-Ji.”

And now at the level of Grand Sword Master, I stood close to her head while she was lying on the floor.

“I’m heading out somewhere.”

“Why? To visit the village?”

“No, this time I’m going far. It will take at least a year.”

Yeon-Ji jumped up.

For the past four years, it was safe to say that we were basically stuck to each other’s hips almost everyday in the monster’s den.

She was surprised when I suddenly said that I would be away for a year or so.

“So that means I don’t have to look at that face of yours anymore?”

Haha. Should I kill her?

“Whatever you think. You’re ok on your own now, right?”

After hearing what I said, Yeon-Ji scratched her cheek for a moment and asked carefully.

“……You’re coming back, right?”

“Why? You think you’ll get lonely?”

“I don’t feel stuff like that. Don’t try to pretend to be my dad now.”

Yeon-Ji made an arrogant expression.

I thought about flicking her on the forehead, but I stopped myself and turned away from her.

“Then finish it in a year. You’ll be scolded if you haven’t done what you are supposed to do.”

“You won’t even be able to touch a hair by then.”

“We’ll see about that.”

With all jokes aside, I wandered around Floor 30 for a year, looking for any skills that might be available.

Most Floors contained clues to obtain new skills.

After struggling to find the clues, I was able to find only one decent skill.


[You killed the last afterimage of the Dragon Clan at the end of the world.]

[A-Rank Dragon Clan’s Dragon Robe will be provided. Would you like to receive it? YES/NO]


A-Rank. It was not an S-Rank, but still an A-Rank.

The highest ranked skill I had was a B-Rank, [The Sword Path].

Therefore, I was quite lucky for an A-Rank to appear here.


The moment I answered, the skill was embedded in my body.

I immediately opened the skill window to check the description.



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