Solo Swordmaster



Solo Swordmaster

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Chapter 94: Plan B


Guardian, the recently established odd subsidiary, made the Black Dragon Clan constantly doubt their judgment.

“Guardian? Isn’t that the company the princess gave to that bastard to get him on a pedestal?”

When it was first established, the clan considered Guardian a front to give a deadweight some meager achievement and power.

“Come to think of it, it’s the one where that son of a bitch bitches around!”

The quick-witted members of the clan began suspecting that it was an inspection agency for the princess to obtain more power after Limon raided countless subsidiaries.

“Hm. Either way, it looks like it wasn’t just a front. They did manage to stop the criminals. Maybe we should sign a contract with them for a time…”

Once Limon began predicting where the attacks would happen, those who were practically minded realized the potential of Guardian. Each of them slowly started approaching him.

“Contract, my ass! I’m a fool for even considering that bitch’s company would be useful!”

But as his predictions started to fail, they all left the Master of Swords once again. Confusion began spreading throughout the clan, with his reputation going from one end to the other in just a few short months. Whose side should they take? 

Nothing could have prevented this situation from playing out as it did. Any company’s stocks would be all over the place if something like this happened to them, but this company was Limon Asphelder’s of all people.

“What? He predicted it again?”

Guardian then began to have accurate predictions again, throwing the Black Dragon Clan into disarray. Unquestioningly trusting in the company and signing a contract hurt their pride, but they were too concerned about the incoming attacks to ignore them.

“That Master of Bastards! Why can’t he choose between doing his damn job and being ass at it? Why does he keep going back and forth?!”

While Guardian’s reputation fluctuated, Limon getting a lousy rep regardless was the only consistent variable. 

Although… the clan was clueless to another group who were even more confused about the attacks.

“Look here, comrade. What are you going to do now?”


“Oi, say something, comrade. Aren’t you the one leading us? The one who assured us that we wouldn’t be stopped?”

Silence again.

“Don’t tell me that you’re embarrassed. Try not to be so hard on yourself, now, comrad. You’re allowed to make a mistake every once in a while. Even monkeys fall from trees.”


“Oh? You finally got something to tell us?”

“Will you please shut the fuck up before I rip your mouth off?”

The murderous intent of the man with braided hair was displayed clearly through his calm demeanor and voice. The man with slit hair immediately went quiet. 

Finally getting the ‘loudmouthed bad luck charm’ to shut up, the man swept over his hair with his hands.

“It’s not like I let my guard down. This was truly unexpected.”

“No need to call it ‘unexpected’. Comrad, you just made a mista—”

The young man’s jaw suddenly rips wide open as his tongue falls out like a rubber ball.

“I figured they just got a profiler or detective good at psychological insight, but now I’m suspicious. They must have a fortune teller or a prophet.”

“…Look, comrade. Aren’t you going too far?”

“You think a fortune teller is stretching it?”

“You think I’m talking about that?! You just blew my jaw off! I’m talking about how you brushed that off like nothing happened!”

“But nothing happened now, did it?”

Most people would have already died or at least writhing around with the last bits of their life energy, but the young man looked as good as new.

“I still have feelings, you know!”

“Hm. So you do.”

“You just got that?”

“Yes, so I’d like to ask you a favor. Will you please die right now? I feel very unpleasant.”

“That’s what you meant?!”

“—Anyways. What do you think, comrade?”

“I hope you becoming the leader wasn’t a big mistake.”

“Stop encouraging me to use you as a throwaway card. I’m asking for your thoughts on how the Seven Dragons Association found out where we would attack.”

His serious tone made the young man hold back his anger as he scratched his head for an answer.

“Aren’t you the one who said the detective found out using his brain, comrade?”

“Think before you speak, please. Even the greatest genius cannot figure out what a die rolls.”

“Then, it has to be a prophetic skill of some kind, no?”

“Are you stupid, comrade? There’s no way a prophetic skill can break through our [Impenetrable Star Barrier].”

“Then, why are you asking me?!”

“I wanted to know what an idiot with zero brain cells thinks. As I thought, it wasn’t useful at all.”

“…Comrade, I have a genuine request. Could you get chopped up for a little bit?”

“Of course not. Unlike you, I actually die when I get killed.”

The young man already had a knife out, his eyes burning with fury.

“Rather, I will accept a death match that only ends when we die. Would you care to try?”

He looked the young man in the eyes with his hands in his pocket.

“Don’t be so serious, now. I was just saying.” 

The young man slowly put his knife away. His behavior was laughable, but it did not humor the man. All he had on his mind was who could have gotten in the way of their perfect plan and how they could have done it.

“Hm… I’m intrigued. How did they read my mind?”

It was too accurate to be a lucky guess, and their preparations were too subtle to be a prediction.

It made him all the more curious about what the Seven Dragons Association had up their sleeve.

“I would have tried another place to see what happens if I had the time. What a shame.”

“Did you get another order?”

“Yes. Seems like those ‘above’ want to wrap up things, so we will have to go with Plan B.”



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“Are you going to do that?”

“We have to take a risk if we’re going to achieve anything in time.”

“Guess you’re not wrong.”

Though he looked a little confused, the young man nodded in agreement. It wasn’t a favorable plan, but they had no time to dilly-dally since the order came from above.

“Come to think of it… Is the crazy comrade on standby?”

“Tch. Don’t be ridiculous—of course, that nutcase of a comrade wouldn’t stay still. She’s going all over causing but trouble.”

“It seems like she’s relatively calmer.”

“Ever heard of ‘calm before the storm’?”

“You have a point, I suppose.” The man nodded.

From the perspective of a member of modern society, none of them were sane. But the blonde woman stood out the most. It was so bad that they wouldn’t even let her participate after what took place at the Black Dragon Building.

“Let her know, just in case. The operation will start soon, so tell her to stay put until then.”

“And you think she’ll listen?”

“Cut off her finances if she doesn’t. She won’t be able to hurt a fly if she’s starving, no matter how crazy she is.”

“Wait, why are you telling me this?”

“You’re the one giving her money.”

“I’m not? Aren’t you the one funding her, captain comrade?”

There was a brief silence. 

“Just use your common sense. Low-level comrades like you should handle a minor task like this.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.  Don’t you know there will be trouble if the leader doesn’t manage the money?”

“Enough with the excuses. So what money is the crazy comrade acting out with?”

There was a longer period of silence.

“Well, that’s up to the operation account…”

“The Association’s ‘Heaven’s Net’ shut down all bank accounts tied to the company. Did you forget that?”

“…I’m sure she had some savings on her, yeah?”

“Idiot comrade. You think such a lunatic would have any savings when she lives every day like it’s her last?”
This time, there was a very long silence. They just realized that they left a starving predator out in the streets. The two looked at each other.

“Hurry. Get in contact with her,” the young man spouted.

At the same time, so did the man with braided hair speak. “Go look for her, fast.”

“You want me to die?”

“Wouldn’t that be better than allowing our crazy comrade to ruin our operation?”

“Don’t you think you’re taking this too lightly since it’s not your life on the line?!”

There is a famous saying: communication is important. That was no exception for psycho criminals, as the two paid the price for their ignorance.





“For what?”

“Your advice last time. Everything has worked out since.”

Eugene was tuning her guitar with a hun when her eyes began sparkling.

“Then, can you perform, partner?”

She sure had a musical brain. No matter what she heard, the only thing on her mind was performing.

“I’m not sure. Not yet…”

Eugene’s eyes glistened like an abandoned puppy.

“…Maybe for a little bit.”

“A little bit won’t do for me.” 

Her eyes were no longer tearful but rather full of discontent.

“Don’t get too greedy. After I sort this matter out, I’ll play with you for as long as you want.”

“Really? You promise?”

“Sure.” Limon nodded.

Either way, she did help him stop the attackers. Limon was willing to spare whatever time he had to repay her.

“Ok, here.”

“…Your guitar?”

“You gotta pay up first when you make a contract!”

“So you’re going to get a performance out of me with that excuse?”

“Yep! Wouldn’t it be a shame if we don’t perform together whenever possible?”

“Tch. You sure know how to talk.”

Eugene seemed to have stopped beating around the bush.

“But I’ll get you food this time!” Eugene heartily exclaimed.

“Yeah, right. You don’t have any money. You’re in debt.”

“It’s fine now.” Eugene gave Limon a thumbs up as he relented and accepted the guitar. “I started working again.”



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