Solo Swordmaster



Solo Swordmaster

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Chapter 95: Looks Like You Need It


“You’re not working for me.”

“Why won’t you reconsider?”

“Is there a need to?”

Xue-reung, the young man dressed in a martial uniform, scoffed, looking at the woman in a man’s clothes.

“Who in their right mind would accept changing a company’s entire security system?” he spoke coldly.

“It is likely that your company will be the next target. As such, the company’s security has to be reconsidered.”

“Safety concerns? All the more to refuse.”

“…What do you mean by that?”

“This ‘Guardian’ system is basically leaving everything to your company, isn’t it?” The company where that mad dog is the executive.”

Among the Black Dragon Clan subsidiaries, Cheonhwa Department Store was one of the highest-grossing, with Xue-reung in charge of its security.

He snarled, “Just what reason do I have to trust a sworn enemy—a dead weight at that—unless I’m a clan traitor?”

“Watch your tongue.”

“Why? Oh, right. Wasn’t your beloved princess the one who left the clan’s safety to that man?” A cold grin lingered on Xue-reung’s face. “What an incredible princess. So she not only sold off the clan’s assets, she’s now also handing control of our lives to our enemy.”


“Need I repeat myself, Xue-reung?”

A sword embedded itself in Xue-reung’s chair, with his ear bleeding slightly.

Xue-reung subconsciously gulped as he stared Wei-ling down, soon replaced by a cold smile.

“I don’t think I’m the one who needs to be cautious.”

“And I don’t believe there is any reason for me to follow your advice.”

“Back when you were the princess’ guard. But what about now, huh?”

Chao Wei-ling was the heir of the noble Chao Family. Accredited by the princess at a young age, she became famous across the seven clans for winning countless martial arts competitions. 

An opponent of Wei-ling back then would not have been able to utter those words—she was too much of a ‘higher being’ to act comfortably around as a fellow colleague.

But that was the past.

“All you are now is a servant to that mad dog. Abandoned by the princess.”

Having gotten herself fired as the princess’ guard and appointed as Limon’s secretary, Wei-ling’s reputation was at an all-time low. Regardless of how well-regarded she was back in the day, the dishonor followed her much more closely.

“Are you still devoting yourself to the princess? After all that’s happened?”

“What are you trying to say?”

Xue-reung slyly grinned. “It’s not loyalty to blindly follow orders.”

Wei-ling’s eyes shot at him. As the princess’s former guard, she had heard and learned many things from her. There was no way she wouldn’t have picked up on what he was trying to say.

“Huh? Loyalty? Like breaking off her engagement to the Master of Swords and forcefully marrying her into another clan?”

“Loyalty also means to make the better choice when your master can’t.”

“Are the elders still as foolish as you?”

“Oi, oi. Don’t go there. It’s just my personal opinion.”

“Stop with the bullshit.”

Only the elders could decide the princess’s marriage. But the princess knew their weaknesses, so they couldn’t directly confront her.

“Think on it without your emotions—about what’s truly good for the clan. And who you need to look good to from now on.”

Did the elders have his back? Xue-reung thought of himself like he was superior.

Wei-ling spoke slowly, “Is that all for your confession?”

“What? You’re going to imprison me for loyalty?”

“I am not.” 

Wei-ling came to a level-headed judgment—Reprimanding Xue-reung wouldn’t be easy if the elders backed him. It would also cause trouble for the princess if she accused him without concrete evidence. However, that didn't mean there was nothing she could do.

“But I will report this word-for-word to the Master of Swords.”


“Don’t blame the princess if he comes after you.”

“Wei-ling, you…!”

Xue-reung’s face twisted. This wasn’t how he expected the situation to play out.

He quickly retorted, “What, did you give your heart and body to that grandpa? You seem completely devoted to him. What, did he promise to save you a spot as one of his concubines?”

“It is my duty as secretary to report all business matters to Guardian’s executive.”

“...I see you’re selling your body to learn even a little bit of swordsmanship, huh? You’d have nothing left otherwise, huh, Chao Wei-ling?!”


Hearing his name made him flinch. Deep within Wei-ling’s cold gaze was chilling, murderous intent—something way above mere threats. She was genuinely considering whether to murder him right then and there.

“Do not speak so carelessly of my family’s name. If you show such disrespect one more time, it will not end with a warning.”

In her long-standing clan, disrespect was answered with duels.

It was much too honest to be a threat and much too savage to be a warning. And with those few words, Wei-ling pulled her sword out of the chair and left the room.

“…That arrogant wench!” Brout of his frozen state, Xue-reung screamed. “Her knack for pissing people off hasn’t changed! Damned bitch!”

Despite being long past her prime, she still held the same gaze as when she was called the greatest rising prodigy of the Black Dragon Clan. It angered Xue-reung. The memory of her mopping the floor with him in the martial arts competition and nonchalantly turning her back to him was still fresh in his mind all these years later. It terrified him to no end.

“Hmph! How cocky can she be? Going after the Master of Swords? It’s a dead end!”



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Xue-reung’s rage finally simmered down after convincing himself that the present was different.

‘Besides… It won’t be long till the Master of Swords is expelled.”

In Xue-reung’s eyes, the elders were being unreasonably cautious with Limon. He was no better than dead—a ‘goner’. He deceived the princess and acquired Guardian, yet he acted as he always did.

If the princess’s and Limon’s marriage were to go through, the Association’s galaxy of masters would be after his throat.

‘The swordmaster may have been an absolute ruler in the past, but he’s nothing but an old goner now,’ Xue-reung scoffed.

There was only strength in the past. But today, anyone can acquire items that perform miracles. With enough money, anyone could gather an army of invincible players. Rumors were even going around that the elders were in talks with the monarchs via the top guilds and other clans.

With the Association’s power and assets, even the Sword Emperor would get pushed back into his grave. 

‘I’m sure that old crook is doing all this in fear of that, ‘ Xue-reung mocked as he threw away the documents and business card Wei-ling had left behind.

‘Telling us we can’t handle those couple of criminals… bull-fucking-shit!’

Xue-reung was aware of the tragedy in the Black Dragon Building. He knew of the many other subsidiaries harmed by the continuous attacks afterward. But he didn’t think the clan would be incapable of stopping a few criminals.

‘Besides, how can they force us to sign a contract after that multitude of errors in his predictions? That stubborn old motherfucker.’

Xue-reung firmly believed that Guardian got lucky. Limon couldn’t be trusted, especially after the few times he wasn’t so fortunate. Even if it wasn’t luck, Limon was surely getting information from players or prophets.

Well, Xue-reung didn’t need that kind of information. He was confident that anyone could catch the culprits—and even if they couldn’t, there was no reason to borrow power from an old man of a bygone era. If he had no choice, he could just get help from the top guilds or the other clans the elders were in contact with instead.

‘Just watch, Wei-ling. I’ll make sure your bitch ass licks my feet when the time comes!’ 

Xue-reung’s lips curved into a bleak smile as he imagined a future where he could look down on Wei-ling once he kicked Limon out. 

But that smile soon disappeared. Before his hopeful future could turn real, a very special guest paid him a visit.



Emergency sirens blared. Screams echoed into the room, followed by a martial artist.

“We’re under attack, sir!”

“What…?” Xue-reung blanked out. Shooting up from his seat, he returned to his senses. “Where? Who are those bastards?!”

“By the designer section on the 10th floor of Division A! An unidentified, masked assailant is causing havoc, killing customers indiscriminately!”

“Fucking hell…!”

Xue-rang looked shell-shocked. He recalled Wei-ling’s warning. He had taken it as an empty threat to make him sign a contract. 

Xueling hurriedly let out commands. “Request backup from the Shanghai Royal Family and deploy all security forces to Division A! And evacuate the regular workers and customers!”

“Yes, sir!”

He may be undervalued compared to Wei-ling, but he was an elite of the Black Dragon Clan nonetheless. He wasn’t a fool who would be paralyzed when faced with even the most unexpected situations.

“Block out all external interference after evacuations finish!! Make sure no one comes in here unless it’s help!”

“Even the police?”

“Are you trying to tell the whole world our store got attacked?!”

“N-no, sir.”

Xue-reung got his spear off the wall, fiercly eyeing the trash bin before turning around to leave the room.

‘I don’t need help from that goner or traitor!’

He took command of his subordinates and ran to Division A in a flash. He was sure that this was an opportunity for himself. It would be a major accomplishment if he took care of the criminals. He would finally be able to avenge the disgrace of losing to Wei-ling all those years ago.


“Jeez, this comrade sure knows how to make a fuss. Why are you screaming over just one eyeball?”

Not even ten minutes after that thought, he found himself with a knife in his eye.



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