Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 202


Thus, their dragon-raising project started.

Sumire, who was the first to take care of the baby dragon, proudly showed Velvet and Amy her well-organized kitchen.

"Over here are the cake ingredients, and over there is everything you need for cooking."

Organizing everything she needed before she began to cook was her specialty. Every ingredient and tool was organized based on their order of use, and it was quite overwhelming to look at. The sight was enough to remind someone of a well-organized army unit.

"Kya, kyaho… Sumire, you're amazing!” Velvet yelled, her eyes shining as she looked at the kitchen. “The cake's really small, but it takes a lot of ingredients to make!"

As one would expect of a knowledge-craving dragon, Velvet was interested in just about anything she laid her eyes on. She’d also just been born, so everything was new to her.

"Fufu, that's right, Velvet. Even a small, easy-looking dish takes lots of effort!" Sumire kindly explained.

Velvet nodded with a serious look on her face. "Yes…! Nothing in life is easy!"


Where had she learned to say something like that after having only been born a day ago?

"V-Velvet? Where… did you hear that phrase…?" Sumire asked in confusion.

"The internet!" Velvet proudly proclaimed as she showed off the Pocket on her wrist.

Where had a newborn dragon gotten a wrist Pocket? As if to answer, Amy proudly raised her hand and proclaimed, "I gave it to her! She needs a Pocket if she wants to get used to this world."

"That's right! This is the best!" Velvet agreed.

In the end, Sumire had no choice but to go along with it. Velvet just seemed too happy.

"Well… Pockets hold all kinds of information… It will be helpful for Velvet's education, I guess…"

"I’ll adapt her to modern society and turn her into a streaming genius!” Amy said, finally revealing her true intentions. “Imagine that! A dragon's cooking stream! Wouldn’t that be a huge hit?!"

Sumire firmly stopped her. "You can’t do that."

"Eek! Why?!"

Sumire’s motherly instincts were starting to kick in. She narrowed her eyes at Amy, who, upon seeing her firm attitude, gave up.

"I… I was kidding~” She said. “Streaming? Pf! There are many other things for Velvet to learn first!" She promptly backed down.

Velvet raised her hand. "That's right! I’m going to learn cooking and become the strongest dragon chef!” As one would expect from a dragon, she was serious about anything involving learning.

Sumire smiled at how cute she was. "Velvet~ Use the word ‘best’ and not ‘strongest’ in cases like those."

Velvet raised her index finger and shouted, "No! It's ‘strongest’! I can breathe fire! I’ll be the only fire-breathing chef in the world!” As if to show her strength, she breathed flames out toward the ceiling.

"Dragons really are intelligent!" Amy exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Sumire, surprised by the sudden fire, hugged Velvet and lifted her.

"A-amazing!” She said, “You’ll definitely become the strongest chef!"

Breathing fire in the kitchen was a no-go, but Velvet, unaware of the rule she’d broken, raised her hands to the sky.


In the end, teaching Velvet to cook wasn’t too frustrating.

Watching the girl spread butter, crack an egg, and try to roll dough with her little hands filled Sumire’s heart with warmth.


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Sumire wanted to teach her baking because it was something she thoroughly enjoyed. There was a certain happiness to be felt when you fed those who were important to you.

If she came to know such happiness, then… 'Velvet will become the world's kindest dragon…'

"Haa… It takes so much time~ Cooking is difficult and impressive~" Velvet mumbled while kneading the dough. 

Sumire smiled as if she understood the struggle. "Of course! If you think about how happy those you care about will be to eat it, then I'm sure you'll want to cook even more!"

"Kyaung… Someone important?" Velvet asked, struggling to understand.

"Think of someone who makes you feel good to think about!"

Was it too hard for the girl, who’d pretty much just been born? Despite Sumire’s explanation, the dragon girl continued to tilt her head in confusion.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long until she raised a cacao-powder-covered hand.

"Ah, I understood!” She exclaimed, “I have someone like that! Someone important! Should I tell you?"

‘Who could that be?’ Sumire wondered. She turned to look at the dragon and said, "Hmm~ Who is it~?"

Velvet hugged her. "It's you!"

Sumire covered her mouth in surprise, seeming to be moved by the remark. She was rendered speechless by the cute attitude.

Amy shook her head. "As expected of a dragon, Sumire completely fell for her… She's no joke."

True to her words, Sumire was captivated by the dragon.



Sumire and Velvet shared a hug, and the dragon girl asked a sudden question as she was embraced. "Then, Sumire… Who's your most important person?"

"H-huh? A-ah. That's you, V—"

"No! We're making the cake together, so not me!"

Velvet's question was innocent yet sharp. It even managed to make Sumire cough in surprise, despite being accustomed to dealing with children.

"Th-that's…! All of my party members, obviously…"

Sumire looked at Amy for help.

"Yes~ That's right!” Amy said as she nodded her head. “All party members are important!"

Velvet was proving to be a difficult opponent. "That's not fun!" She argued.

Sumire tried to brush the question off as naturally as possible and focus on cooking, but the dragon girl gave her a sly look.

"Kyahang~ Just one person~! Kyahang!"

Sumire blushed and said,  "That's… YuSung."

Velvet considered YuSung to be like her father, and she showed interest when his name was mentioned.

"Kyahang! I knew it! As expected of Dad! Sumire, why do you like Dad?"

She smiled at Velvet's pure question. She could talk about why she liked YuSung all day.

"Well, YuSung's kind…"

"That's right! Dad's mana is kind!" Velvet continued to hug her. "And he's very nice…!"

Sumire made a bright smile. She couldn’t feel it, but Velvet was using her unique ability as a dragon to sense the mana flowing through her arm.

Dragons couldn’t read memories, but they could feel emotions through a theoretically simple process. Since thoughts passed through mana, Velvet was reading the emotions those thoughts gave off.

It was truly an impressive ability befitting a dragon’s title as a ‘Ruler of Mana’.

Velvet’s mouth fell open at the emotions she felt through Sumire’s mana. "K-kyahang?!” She exclaimed. “Wh-what…? Mommy likes Dad a lot…"

Sumire gave a shy smile in response. “Of course I do!”

"Right! Everyone likes the party leader!” Amy proudly declared, “He's amazing in many aspects!"

Velvet continued to mumble in shock. "Uh… B-but still. This is… scary… Sumire… How much do you like Dad? This is amazing. Th-this is…"

Since it made even a dragon go pale, it seemed that Sumire’s love for YuSung was just that overwhelming.

"Kyahang~ I understood! Dad's the most important person to you! Kyahang!"

It was only natural for people to place themselves above all else, but Sumire was different in that she cared for YuSung even more than herself.

Sardonyx had gone through space and time for the ones she loved, so Velvet was especially responsive to Sumire’s emotions.

"I also like Dad! Mommy Sumire is the best!"

The two continued to hug, and Velvet rubbed her face against Sumire’s.

"As expected. Mom’s soft~ And kind!"

"Is she so affectionate because she was just born?” Amy asked. “She might be a dragon, but she’s still a baby, after all~ Should I hug you as well, Velvet?”

Amy spread her arms as if she were doing her a favor, but Velvet didn't show much reaction.

"N-no. I think it would be too difficult, so I don't wanna… I like Mommy Sumire! Kyahang!"

"That's prejudice! You haven't even hugged me yet!" Amy complained.

Velvet’s decision remained firm. "Kyang! Dragons are smart. I’m a genius, so I’m even more clever! That’s why I already know I don’t want to."

"Sumire! I… I don't like her… Let's kick her out!"

It seemed that Amy and Velvet weren’t too compatible with each other, and Sumire just smiled in between.


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