Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

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Chapter 112



The audience was cheering for the Japan team's victory.

"Student Sakura won the 2nd round!"

As the presenter, Yuki, shouted with the microphone, the claps became louder.


"You… why didn't you shoot me?" Sakura asked Lee SiWoo as they walked out of the portal.

SiWoo blankly stared at the audience and said, "I'm not sure. It seems like my skills were rusty."

To be more precise, it was because he hesitated.

His father had given him trauma through harsh training. On the other hand, Sakura admired her father more than anyone.

SiWoo didn't want to step on such feelings with half-hearted beliefs. He would have regretted it forever.

'I was planning on winning…'

Looking at his trembling hands, SiWoo frowned. He felt that he'd betrayed Shin YuSung by losing.

'I don't have the right to remain in the party.'

Lee SiWoo made up his mind.

'I'll quit the bow…'

Lee SiWoo had seen how serious Sakura was regarding archery. On the other hand, he'd only used archery to escape from guns. There was no way he'd be a match for her.

'Well, I wanted to become friends with her… but it seems like it will only become baggage.'

While SiWoo was organizing his thoughts, Sakura received the microphone from Yuki.

The presenter began interviewing Sakura with a smile on her face.

"Student Sakura, you won the 2nd round and put both countries on equal grounds! Do you have a driving inspiration for your strength?"

Yuki made exaggerated gestures as she talked. 

Someone crossed her mind, and Sakura opened her mouth.

"I learned and trained my archery… Under the best teacher."

Sakura stared at a middle-aged man that looked nothing like her as she spoke, but SiWoo could guess who he was based on how strong he looked.

'Is that her dad…?'

SiWoo sighed while looking at Sakura.

He'd caused trouble to his party with his half-hearted beliefs.

That thought was troubling Lee SiWoo.

'How should I tell YuSung?'

Considering how much he cared for his party members, he would definitely try to stop him, but SiWoo had already made up his mind.


* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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Secretary and rank 6 hunter, Lee SuHyun.

Shinsung Group's hair, Kim EunAh.

The Japanese branch fell into confusion at the sudden appearance of them both.

'Wh-why is the miss here?!'

'Is… isn't that secretary from the main branch?!'

It was understandable that the workers of the company would be trembling. Although Kim EunAh was only a student, she wasn't someone that could be taken lightly.

After all, the chairman of the Shinsung Group was above her.

Everyone knew that the iron-blooded businesswoman’s weakness was her daughter.

"I can go up to the 5th floor, right?"

As Kim EunAh and her bodyguards stood before the desk, the female worker began sweating.

"Th-that… You need to contact them before…"

As the female worker hesitated, Kim EunAh frowned.

"You don't know me? I said that I'm here to meet my mom, yet you won't let me?"

Kim EunAh was too confident.

If it were someone else, they would've called the city guard. The worker looked at her superior with tears in her eyes.

'What should I do?!'

One could easily know what she wanted to say by looking at her expression. Her superior soon made a decision.

"W-we'll guide you to the 5th floor!"

Japan branch's workers began guiding EunAh while making a fuss.

Lee SuHyun shook her head while clicking her tongue as they rode the elevator.

"How bad are the rumors about you that even the workers of this branch are trembling in fear?"

"What did I do?"

It seemed like Kim EunAh hadn't noticed that the workers were trembling in fear of her.

"Once your mother fires me, don't be mean to the next person that replaces me."

SuHyun was finally casually telling Kim EunAh what she was doing wrong. Kim EunAh snorted and, ignoring the bodyguards outside the office, she opened the door.


There, behind a clean black desk with two city guards protecting her, sat a beautiful woman that seemed to be in her mid-twenties.

[Shinsung Group Japanese Business Administrator]

[President - Kim YunHa]

She would've felt a lot of pressure if she were a normal person, but Kim EunAh placed her hands on the table and confidently shouted, "Why did you do that to me?!"

On the other hand, Kim YunHa coldly looked at her.

"EunAh, why are you here?"

Kim YunHa's words made Lee SuHyun feel chills down her spine. YunHa's authority also had a huge influence on hunters; she was even a scary person to Lee SuHyun.

"Secretary Lee SuHyun, why is EunAh here?"

At YunHa's question, SuHyun held both hands together and bowed.

"I'm sorry…"

"I knew you were soft-hearted, but to think that you'd deal with things like this. I'm very disappointed."

Even though YunHa wasn't a hunter, SuHyun was completely overwhelmed by her energy. It was the power of authority. Kim EunAh frowned.

"Mom, why are you getting angry at her? You know how important the International Competition is!"

"I know. That's why I did this. The more important it is, the angrier your partners will be for messing up the tournament."

Kim YunHa sounded confident and still had her fingers crossed as she sat behind the desk.

"EunAh, do you want to become a hunter?"

It was an unexpected question.

EunAh looked at her in disbelief and opened her mouth.

"Obviously! That's why I w—"


Kim YunHa cut her reply off.


EunAh stopped talking.

For some reason, she couldn't easily come up with an answer.

"Do you really have a reason to become a hunter…?"

The atmosphere had gone cold.

YunHa's pressure stopped EunAh’s protests.

"EunAh, I know you very well. You're not interested in things like money and fame. You don't have a spirit of sacrifice."

YunHa got up and looked down on Kim EunAh.

"You'll just bother other people with such half-hearted feelings."

It was a harsh criticism.

EunAh pursed her lips to stop them from quivering. Kim YunHa looked into Kim EunAh's eyes.

"Didn't you feel anything after looking at your oppa? It’s ok right now while you’re just going to school… but what if you get hurt?"

Even EunAh was scared of YunHa when she exerted such an atmosphere. Kim YunHa smiled brightly at EunAh, who was dripping cold sweat.

"EunAh, that's just bothering others. No one in Gaon can be responsible for that. No one wants you to get hurt. After all, you're destined to wear the crown…"

Kim YunHa placed her hands on Kim EunAh's shoulders.

"It doesn't matter how much talent you have—you cannot become a hunter. I won't allow it… I wonder what your father will think about this. Will he take your side?"

There was a high chance that Kim SukHan would take Kim YunHa's side because he didn't want Kim EunAh to get hurt.

"N-no… I… I also have a goal!"

As Kim EunAh shook her head, YunHa softly touched her hair.

"Yes, mother already knows it. You're talking about playing house, right?"

YunHa's tone was still business-like.

"EunAh… That's the goal of student Shin YuSung. That isn't your goal."

Although she'd just listened to Kim YunHa's words, her body stiffened. She felt like YunHa was seeing right through her.

"If it's that you like your party members, that's okay. It doesn't matter how much money it takes, I'll make sure to leave them next to you."

"N, no. That's not it…"

Kim EunAh wanted to refuse, but everything Kim YunHa said was right. She couldn't deny anything.


What was her goal?

If she thought about it, she'd joined the party because of Shin YuSung. Trying to win the International Competition and climbing the Tower were all his goals as well.

What EunAh wanted to do was just to stay in the party. Kim YunHa's analysis was accurate. 

"EunAh, everyone has something that suits them. Even if you try to act strong, mother knows the truth," she said in a softly murmuring voice.

EunAh's legs started to tremble. She felt angry at herself for not being able to say anything.

Kim YunHa kept applying the pressure.

"You're a sensible and weak kid who gets easily hurt—just like a greenhouse plant… Could you withstand what hunters need to go through?"

As Kim EunAh began trembling, YunHa smiled.

"You'd probably break… Wouldn't it be better if you left the party before you got even more broken?"

EunAh kept her mouth closed. It seemed like she was about to start crying at any moment.


SuHyun was silently cheering for Kim EunAh. She was the only one who knew how much she liked the party members and how serious she was about becoming a hunter. Kim EunAh clenched her fists to gather courage.


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