Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

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Chapter 108


Seiji clenched his teeth.

He'd already confirmed how strong Shin YuSung was. That's why he had banked everything on defeating him with one attack and used the buildings to create a shadow for his Type 5 Lunar Eclipse.

Then he used Type 4, Invisible, which increased the effectiveness of his attack.

'If I stab him with this dagger…! The barrier will crumble! Victory is in my hands!'

Seiji's speed was incredible thanks to the effect of ‘Invisible’.

Although he felt his body was scattering away like dust, Seiji didn't slow down.

Even still, a max speed was a max speed.

Even if Seiji gave his all, it still felt too slow to YuSung.

'I can see it.'

Thanks to his [Heightened Focus] Trait, Shin YuSung felt like time had stopped.

'He's targeting my heart.'

Since he'd figured out the trajectory of the attack, dodging it wasn't hard.

Even if the dagger was close to him, Shin YuSung's speed after using Black Dragon's Body Armor wasn't comparable.

'Putting my left foot forward…'

To Shin YuSung, Seiji's attack didn't present any danger.



As Shin YuSung twisted his body slightly and dodged Seiji's attack, the dagger swished through the air.


He felt chills on his back.

The moment he realized his attack had failed, Seiji backed up.



His animal-like instinct was right since Shin YuSung had immediately extended his hand.

'I must dodge that!'

Before Seiji's foot touched the ground, he moved his head.


The mana wave from YuSung’s outstretched hand brushed past Seiji.


The attack just brushing by him was enough to make him feel dizzy, but he'd avoided being hit by it, so he didn't receive any physical damage.

'Did he miss? With this, I finally got another...'

Seiji was about to make his next move when he heard a loud sound behind him.


One of the buildings was crumbling.

Seiji finally understood.

'He didn't miss...'

YuSung had targeted that building from the beginning.

He was trying to erase the shadow coming from the building.

Seiji used more mana, and the shadow rose from the ground.

"Type 1 Shadow Bind!"

The shadows moved toward Shin YuSung, but after the building collapsed, their strength decreased.

Seiji's shadows were erased before they could even reach YuSung.

There was an overwhelming difference between them.

When he got a grasp of the situation, YuSung was already in front of him.

'This is Korea's representative...'

The difference in strength was on a whole other dimension.

He was someone he wouldn't be able to beat, no matter how much he tried, but still, he didn't intend to give up.

'If I manage to land this attack…! If I can dodge this attack…!'

Seiji tried to turn his body into a shadow and hide. If he managed to do that, he'd be able to avoid any physical damage.

"Seiji, this is the end."

YuSung already expected that. His mana-covered hand hit Seiji's chest.


Battle God Style Savage Dragon's Boulder Crushing Palm.


A dull thump echoed out, and a huge wave spread through his chest.

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


The impact of Savage Dragon's Boulder Crushing Palm spreading from Seiji's back destroyed the surroundings.


As if someone had flipped a light switch, everything went dark. Seiji felt like the whole world had been dragged to a point.


He felt as if he were laying in space.

Since he’d lost, he would soon be kicked out of the virtual space and back to reality.

'So I lost...'

Seiji didn't even feel angry. He couldn't help but admit that the opponent was too strong.

'If it were Ryuko... Would she have been able to do it?'

As he thought that, he couldn't help but laugh.

[I'll become Japan's strongest hunter! And then… I'll become the world's strongest!]

Seiji's star had died, but another star was rising.

He’d wanted to join the rising stars, but a star without a dream of its own was destined to fall to the burden of the weight it carried.

'Ryuko, I'm sorry...'

Up until then, Seiji had never taken a break. Thanks to his Trait and skills, he'd managed to enter Choten, and just like the school's name indicated, he'd reached the peak of all 1st-year students.

He'd defeated all sorts of enemies to reach his current place, but in the end, he fell as well.

'As expected...'

Seiji's dream was but a dream he’d inherited from someone else. If he was fake, Shin YuSung was real. He really dreamt of becoming the strongest.

—Just like Ryuko.


He felt like he was sinking endlessly into the water. All of the stars had fallen, and Seiji was being kicked out into reality.

It was time to wake up from the dream. 


* * * *


Yokohama Stadium's competitor waiting room…

Seiji apologized to his teammates while making a playful expression.

"I'm sorry! I lost!"

No one from the Japanese team blamed Seiji.

Sakura was making a bitter expression, and Isshin was blankly staring elsewhere.

"Seiji... Are you okay?" Sakura asked with a worried tone.

Seiji covered his eyes with his hands and smiled as usual.

"Yes... I'm okay!"

The only thing Sakura could see was that Seiji was smiling.

"I… I just have to become... stronger... next time!"

Unlike his voice that was trying to remain calm, tears were dripping to the floor.

Five years had passed, and Seiji followed Ryuko's dream and became Japan's strongest.


At that moment, he felt like the same person he was at 12 years old. If Ryuko saw him, she would for sure say something.

[You're a man! Don't cry!]

Seiji missed that nagging.


* * * *


It was an overwhelming victory.

Shin YuSung had won against Gaon's former ranked 1st, Adela, so Seiji wasn't a match for him.

He confidently returned.



Sumire greeted him with a smile, and Lee SiWoo lifted both thumbs.

"How could you beat an S-rank Trait so easily? You were really cool! I knew you'd win!"

"To think that you'd beat Kuroki so easily... As expected, you're amazing!"

Sumire had come from Japan, so she'd heard rumors about Seiji. He’d used his S-rank shadow-controlling Trait to become Japan's strongest in just a year.

That was the effort Seiji made for Ryuko, but despite that, Seiji soundly lost to YuSung.

"It's now your turn, SiWoo. Good luck!"

Shin YuSung smiled as if he already knew everything. SiWoo laughed while feeling guilty.

"O-okay! Believe in me!"

Although he'd said that, Lee SiWoo had fallen into thought.

'Can I beat one of the Seven Stars of Choten with just my bow skills?’

Japan's Hanasaki Sakura…

Lee SiWoo had learned archery, so he was well aware of her. After hunter's equipment appeared, bows became an unpopular weapon.

Among the countless types of equipment, Sakura only used a bow. Even if they left her Trait aside, Sakura's ability with the bow was overwhelming. 

'What if I use a gun...?'

Tap, tap.

Lee SiWoo walked toward the stage that held the portal atop it.


The audience began cheering.

'My father and my family… They're all probably watching...'

SiWoo couldn't help but frown after thinking about his father.

Tap, tap.

He stood before his portal, trying to cast aside the uncomfortable feeling.


Sakura, who was standing next to him, spoke to him while scrunching her eyebrows.

"You came to Japan before, right?"

Although Sakura said that, she didn't seem completely sure. It was as if she were trying to complete a puzzle.

"Haha, no. I think that you're mistaken."

Siwoo smiled, but Sakura frowned.

"No, you came... You came to my dojo with the city guard's chancellor..."

Sakura's voice went cold as if she'd remembered something. 

"I'm not sure~ I don't remember."

As Lee SiWoo kept smiling, Sakura turned her face to him and looked him in the eyes. 

"Maybe you've forgotten it... but I'd never forget something like that."

Sakura's expression was different from her usual smiling self.

Then, finally, SiWoo's tone went cold.

"I don't know. I'm not interested in whatever situation you're in."

After saying that, he clicked his tongue. There was a strong sense of nervousness from the start of the match, but Yuki, who didn't know what was going on between the two, was presenting with a smile on her face.

"Then… Korea-Japan! The 2nd round of the International Competition will begin!"


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