Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 208


Bianca Academy was known as ‘Italy’s Best Academy’. If one were to highlight the best aspect of the geographically isolated Bianca Academy, it would undoubtedly be the breathtaking sunset melting into the azure sea.

Swoosh- Fwoosh-

The next-best aspect would be the calming sound of the waves. That perfect view and sound, along with her love for reading, made the academy the ideal place for Sophia.

If she exaggerated a bit, she could say that her reason for joining the student council and the International Competition was to enjoy that perfect reading experience.

'Well…' Sophia shifted her gaze from the book and looked at Leo.

His face was as perfect as a statue’s. That along with his deep, clear eyes and dazzling blonde hair made him the embodiment of ‘perfection’.

Sophia enjoyed analyzing things, though, and she saw him a bit differently.

'It’s ‘perfectionism’ rather than ‘perfection’.'

They were different. He might’ve been perfect at a glance, but his expression was a far cry from ‘perfection’ as he was anxious about Adela’s absence.

"She was supposed to return yesterday… but Lady Adela still hasn't contacted us," he said.

"She might not have directly contacted us… but I heard that she's taking a break at Gaon Academy after having completed a recent mission.

Leo smiled. "Thank you, Sophia… I understand, but I guess I've been too whiny. Still, she's been spending too much time at Gaon."

He looked and sounded surprised, but how he interacted with people made Sophia feel like she was looking at a spotless, clean window. He was beautiful, distant, and somewhat precarious.

'Why does he go to such lengths?'

He was constantly busy, had already trained that day, and even ordered others to keep an eye on groups of interest. On top of all of that, he only slept about five hours a night, and even that was strictly managed in terms of when he went to sleep and woke up. No matter how well he slept or what happened, he never made an exception in his schedule.

She was more curious as an observer than as a colleague. There was something off about how much Leo pushed himself. It seemed to be something more than just ambition.


'Should I try coming to an unbiased observation…? Maybe it’ll work if I think of what I know about him.'

Was it because of his admiration of his brother or his family’s declining honor? What if his so-called ‘perfection’ was just a facade?

She felt the story being vividly painted in her mind. 

It was a story of an older brother going abroad for the family’s honor while the younger brother followed in his footsteps and suppressed his sorrow as he refined himself to perfection. In the process, the younger brother pushed himself more than anyone else, which was enough to shake an observer’s heart.

'It's an interesting story.'

It was all to elevate his family’s name and send proof of support to his brother abroad. What could Leo possibly be feeling?


Sofia closed her book. Leo was a much more interesting story than the ‘Shortened Theory of Mana’s Influence on Marine Life via Treasure Island’.

"I understand. If my calculations are correct, then Bianca Academy's chances of winning will more than double after the alliance… The anxiety of waiting could be nerve-wracking."

In Sophia's opinion, Adela and Leo were not a good match. Although they were similar, they were different when it came to goals and motivations. To put it in her own words, if Leo was a stoic mountaineer, then Adela was a traveler who moved wherever her heart led her.

"We have the same destination for now, so we're moving together, but…"

Sophia knew that different cogs couldn’t always fit together. She firmly believed they’d clash and break apart one day, but if there was one thing she was curious about…

Adela had lost the top position at Gaon Academy and returned to Italy to participate in the International Competition, but something was keeping her tied to Gaon.

'I want to know why she’s staying there and hasn’t come back to us yet.'


* * *

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* * *


A day had passed since YuSung was given the limitless ‘Black Card’. YuSung had slept far deeper than usual and witnessed a fascinating scene the moment he stepped into the club room.


"Kyahoo- This time, I will breathe heart-shaped fire! As expected, I think I might be amazing!"

Clap, clap, clap—!

"That's right, you're amazing, Velvet," Adela said.

He couldn't get used to Velvet performing tricks and spewing fire toward the ceiling while Adela sat expressionlessly in the corner, clapping for and praising the little dragon.

"Daddy!" Velvet ran toward him, and disappointment seemed to appear for a moment on Adela’s usually expressionless face.


Whether Velvet knew Adela's feelings or not, she happily moved her head as YuSung stroked her hair.

"Kyahang~ I was bored because Daddy went to bed early, but Mommy Adela played with me!"

"I came a bit early," Adela said.

'Adela has grown attached to Velvet…' YuSung thought the two seemed similar to a baby bird with its mother, and Adela’s interactions with the girl made it easy to see what she felt.

"I didn't know you were sleeping in the office and not in your room,” Adela said as politely as usual, “Maybe I came too early."

"Kyahang~! You got to see me early thanks to that!" Velvet's cutesy attitude melted Adela’s heart. That fact was only reinforced by how she moved to stroke the dragon girl’s hair when she returned from greeting YuSung.

YuSung almost felt that he could see Adela smiling, especially after Velvet smashed her cheek against her leg

'I'm a bit worried…'

How would Adela return to Italy? Despite YuSung’s worries, Velvet nestled into Adela's arms, rubbed her cheek, and said, "I love it best when Mommy Adela hugs me like this."

"V-Velvet?" Confused, Adela tried to remember when she’d ever hugged the girl like that.

"Hmm~" As if she'd read Adela's mind, Velvet puffed out her cheeks and said, "You've already forgotten?! I know! Mommy Adela has been hugging me since before I was born. It felt good because it felt cool!"

YuSung marveled at Velvet's words. As expected of a dragon, she even remembered things from before her birth.

'It makes sense for her to be so attached to Adela, but…' YuSung sensed Adela's emotion just from her stunned expression.

"But it's okay! Even if Mommy Adela forgets, I’m very intelligent. I’ll never forget!"

YuSung carefully observed Adela’s reaction.

"Velvet…! She hugged Velvet tightly. Although they had known each other for only a few days, their mother-daughter affection seemed genuine. Maybe Velvet could fill the void in her heart.

"Mommy Adela…"

Of course, that was the same for Velvet. YuSung just nodded as if he understood while looking at the two.

'There's no helping it.'

Adela would be thinking of Velvet after she returned to Italy, but YuSung thought it wasn't bad for her to have such feelings. It was only natural for you to miss the people you held dear. Maybe for Adela, who’d tried to suppress her emotions for so long, it would be more precious than anything else.


Unfortunately, every moment eventually had to end.

[Mei Lin: The Association has come to a decision. I'll visit you in two hours.]

YuSung's expression stiffened when he saw the message on the hologram.

It was time to face reality.


* * *


Everyone gathered in the club room.

After drinking coffee Sumire had prepared, Mei Lin cautiously began to speak. "The Association thinks it would be best for Velvet to stay in a facility due to her special existence as a dragon."

Mei Lin and the Association's judgment was realistic.

"Since your party is composed of promising hunters, spending time elsewhere would be a national loss. Also, taking care of a dragon hatchling could negatively impact both the humans and the dragon in question."

Velvet’s expression fell as Mei Lin continued to speak. Upon noticing her reaction, the woman turned toward her.

"The top experts in every field would gather to care for Velvet, and the Association President is very interested in Velvet's future. With proper education, she could contribute to society in the future—"

Someone interrupted Mei Lin's speech.

"I like it here… Daddy and Mommy are here!" Velvet cautiously said. Leaving those she’d bonded with behind and living alone in a facility seemed too cruel to her.

"Velvet must stay here…" Adela said, unable to look at Velvet’s dejected expression anymore. She gave YuSung a pleading look.

The atmosphere was becoming more heated.

"Wait. I also feel sorry for her, but… I don't think it's a decision that can be taken lightly. Adela, you aren't even a member of the party this concerns," SiWoo said.

Velvet tried to counter-argue. "I'll be quiet. I won't bother anyone… and I won't eat as much cake…"

Her sad expression seemed to weigh on SiWoo. "You can eat as much cake as you like…"

"Ah~ You were pretending to be firm but already gave up? As expected of you~" Sakura, who visited every weekend, teased SiWoo with a chuckle, but not even SiWoo could be that heartless.

"Velvet…" Finally, YuSung spoke.

"Yes, Daddy…?"

Although being called 'Daddy' felt out of place for a student like him, she wasn't entirely wrong. After all, Velvet's birth was related to the special way YuSung dealt with Sardonyx. 

He had shared emotions with the dragon and helped her resolve deep-seated desires, and one could say Velvet was a fruit left behind by Sardonyx’s final bloom. Maybe Velvet embodied the life Sardonyx had longed for.

'When I think of how Velvet follows Adela and me…' 

YuSung gently grabbed Velvet's hand. "Don't worry." 

He felt foolish for his thoughts a few moments prior. The moment he allowed her to call him ‘Daddy’, no, the moment she said she didn’t want to leave, he had no other choice.

"Velvet, since you've chosen us, we will always be with you."

Regardless of how it happened, YuSung was like her parent, and Velvet had said she didn't want to leave, so was there any need to hesitate?

Velvet, who'd been born from Sardonyx's egg, and YuSung were strongly connected by fate.

"You're like family to me," YuSung said as he knelt on one knee and smiled.

Velvet's eyes widened. "D-Daddy…"

That was the end of the story.

Since the true protagonist of the Sardonyx subjugation, YuSung, had decided to keep Velvet, Mei Lin and the Association had no choice but to follow.

"I understand YuSung's choice. If you need help with something, please, contact me anytime." Whether it was because of what YuChan had said or out of respect for YuSung, Mei Lin quietly accepted the decision and left the room.

"Right. If you want to stay here, you should be here. Especially since you're a kid." Even EunAh had a sudden change of heart and gently stroked Velvet's head. 

Sumire nodded with a smile on her face. "That's right! Velvet is now just like our family."

Thanks to that, Velvet recovered her lively spirit. "Kyahang!"

Adela silently watched and felt relieved that Velvet could be happy, even if it was without her.

'I'm glad.' Leaving loved ones behind and having to go alone ultimately meant being left alone as well. Adela knew how that felt.

Perhaps that's why she was okay with being left out. She couldn't bear to watch someone else go through something she had, especially if they were as young as Velvet.

Thankfully, Velvet would stay with her loved ones and wouldn't leave the club room.

"I'm glad for you, Velvet…" Adela smiled warmly. It was a small gesture but a big change for her.

Chirp, chirp, chirp-! 

The sun shone on them, and birds chirped outside the window.

A message rudely appeared in the midst of the heartwarming moment.

[Gate Management Bureau]

[There's 1 hour and 30 minutes left until the scheduled time. People entering with special visitors, please move to the portal room 30 minutes beforehand.]

Adela read the short message for a moment, and then, much to everyone’s surprise, she made a shocking confession…

"I don't want to go…" 


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