Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 122


People said that seven stars rose from the EA Star Garden.

In reality, they meant seven luxurious halls.

Kim EunAh was in the one only the most important VIPs could enter, the Alkaid Hall.

Entering the place was a huge honor for higher-standing people who had been invited to the banquet, but Kim EunAh hated gatherings like that.

'It's too boring…'

The banquet’s primary goal was to solidify interpersonal relationships. People in Alkaid Hall approached Kim EunAh in a friendly manner despite the fact they hadn't seen each other before.

"Ms. EunAh, I heard that you're aiming to become a hunter… Even though you're the same age as me, you're quite impressive," a male student who was wearing clothes and accessories that added up to a couple million said.

But those things had no meaning to Kim EunAh. To be honest, Kim EunAh was bothered by the attention.

"Well, yes.” As Kim EunAh answered in an uninterested way, the male student smiled awkwardly.

"Don't hunters have to risk their lives? To think you'd have such a strong mentality despite your beautiful looks… I really admire you." He smiled brightly.

"R… Really?" Kim EunAh did her best to maintain her expression.

'Did he eat butter? What's wrong with his way of speaking…'

When she saw him smiling, she remembered his name.

'Was his name Yang HanSeok…?

According to what she'd heard from Lee SuHyun, he was already receiving training as an heir.

He was completely different from her, who hated the position of heir. Maybe it was her prejudice, but Kim EunAh didn't like people like that.

"Our group is only famous in the car industry. To think that I'd be able to share a place with Miss EunAh, the heir of the Shinsung Group…"

Yang HanSeok seemed happy to have been invited to the Alkaid Hall, but that was because of Kim SeokHan. Kim EunAh had nothing to do with it.

'What's so impressive about a place like this…?'

The Alkaid Hall, which was decorated with gold and jewels, didn't impress Kim EunAh. That was also the case for the important people that had been invited there.

For Kim EunAh, they were all boring. She liked other things such as city cafes, sleeping in tents, hand-made curry, and doing rock-paper-scissors to decide who would clean the clubroom.

The world was full of fun and enjoyable things.

"Ah, Miss EunAh, if you have some time, do you want to join our reunion? Even among social gatherings, we've carefully…"

The moment Kim EunAh saw Yang HanSeok's eyes, she knew he wasn’t interested in her as a person but in her position as heir of the Shinsung Group. He wanted to use her to increase his social standing.

She knew it better than anyone else because she also used to be like that, but she was tired of it.

'When are they coming…?'

Kim EunAh sighed and took a glimpse over Alkaid Hall. Yang HanSeok didn't stop trying to convince her to go to his social gathering.

"If Miss EunAh comes, I'm sure the other members will also be happy…"

"Ah!" Kim EunAh suddenly raised her hands and smiled.

"YuSung! Over here!" Without thinking about her standing, Kim EunAh waved her hand and looked over at YuSung, who was wearing a suit.

EunAh, who was almost like the protagonist of the banquet, was focused on Shin YuSung.

"M-miss EunAh?" Yang HanSeok tried to talk to her, but Kim EunAh ignored him.

"Why are you so late? I've been waiting for a while! Mom and Grandfather have been waiting for you!"

Yang HanSeok was shocked at EunAh's words. 

'Th-the chairman was looking for him?!'

Chairman Kim SeokHan was on an entirely different level from Kim EunAh, the heir. He had huge power. On top of that, EunAh's mother, YunHa, was the CEO of the Shinsung Group. To think that those two people were looking for Shin YuSung, a student.

There was only one thing he could think of…

'I thought she hung out with commoners just for fun. So, th-that wasn't the case?'

Yang HanSeok imagined it to be for a bride-and-groom family meeting.

Not knowing what HanSeok was thinking, Kim EunAh began talking to Shin YuSung while making an excited face.

"I mentioned you liked sweet things, so they ended up ordering a huge amount of Bella chocolate."

"Bella chocolate?"

"Yes. It's quite an expensive chocolate that they make only a limited amount of, but they made a huge fondue fountain of it…"

Yang HanSeok as he watched Kim EunAh and Shin YuSung.

'That guy…'

Although he was loath to admit it, after he saw Shin YuSung's face, Yang HanSeok had no other option.

The students in Alkaid Hall did not even care for famous people, but Shin YuSung's beauty was enough to even grab attention from the female students who were used to such gatherings.

Yang HanSeok frowned. 'How dare a poor person whose only redeeming quality is his face look at the Shinsung Group…'

It was clear that he was jealous.

Kim EunAh, the heir of the Shinsung Group, was like a modern equivalent to royalty. That's why, if he managed to become engaged to Kim EunAh, he could stop worrying about his brothers competing with him.

EunAh was even a bigger prize than the lottery to a jaebol like Yang HanSeok, but he hadn’t lusted over her too much due to just how big of a fish she was.

What he wanted was to get to know Kim EunAh, but she was smiling at YuSung.

"Let's go see it! Chocolate is coming out as if it were a fountain. It's as if they'd bought it for you."

A mere hunter…

When he thought that a mere student like YuSung was receiving Kim EunAh's affection, he became jealous.

'He's someone who's going to be under a guild working as a hunter at best… He probably went to the International Competition because he had a good teacher.


At that moment, someone placed their hands on Yang HanSeok's shoulders.

"I know what you're feeling… but stop."

Yang HanSeok turned his head and saw Park SuHyun, who was making an expression that made it seem like he knew it all.



Park SuHyun used his middle finger to adjust his glasses and gave him honest advice based on his experience.

"You shouldn't get involved with him…"


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A giant fountain that streamed chocolate instead of water.

Chocolate flowed out of a sculpture made of stainless steel at its apex.

"The chocolate is flowing out like a waterfall…" YuSung exclaimed in surprise.

Thanks to Lee SiWoo's help, Shin YuSung had tasted delivery food, but the Star Garden's chocolate fountain was completely new territory for him.

"How about that? It's the first time you've seen something like this, right?"

Kim EunAh seemed proud when she saw YuSung's reaction. She grabbed a stick cookie and covered it with chocolate.


"Ou can ea ih ike this."

Following her example, Shin YuSung grabbed a stick cookie with a marshmallow on it.

As he used his long fingers to spin the stick cookie, chocolate covered the marshmallow, and YuSung gave it a serious expression.


The sweet taste of the marshmallow spread through his mouth; the taste of the best Alps milk and the highest quality cacao butter followed. 

The chocolate fountain was an extreme show of wealth.


YuSung's eyes opened wide in surprise. Compared to the 12 years he'd spent in the mountains, it hadn't been long since he began living in the city.

He felt that the fatigue that had been building while preparing for the International Competition was melting away all at once.

'As expected… there are many things I still don't know.'

YuSung looked at the chocolate fountain with a serious expression. Kim EunAh kept explaining the different foods one could find to YuSung.

"Hehe~ Your eyes got so wide~ It's delicious~ right?! Oh, yeah. That caviar cracker is also very delicious!"

As Kim EunAh tried to drag Shin YuSung away to taste new things, they heard familiar voices coming from a distance.

- There's chocolate coming from that fountain…

- What an unsophisticated reaction~! That's called a fondue~ I already tried it on TV~

The two’s voices couldn’t be mistaken.

"These voices…"

Kim EunAh narrowed her eyes and looked beyond the fountain to see Sumire and Amy.


"M-Miss EunAh?"

Amy waved her hand when she saw YuSung and EunAh.

"Party leader! EunAh! I missed you! I've been looking for you!"

"M-me too…! I also wanted to see you, YuSung!"