Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

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Chapter 126


The day after the banquet… 

While most students were taking a break, YuSung traveled somewhere quite unexpected—the Hunter Association’s Academy City Branch.

It was a place where only those who were the best among countless students who aspired to be hunters could go.

"It seems that we've seen each other two days in a row now… To think that I'd meet with a student this often. I feel like we might get friendlier at this rate."

As Mei Lin greeted him with a smile, YuSung also smiled at her.

That alone proved that he'd gotten close to Mei Lin, who had always kept a professional relationship with him before. 

"Set portal G-3’s destination to the Tower. There's no need for an escort—I'll follow them personally," she ordered in a familiar tone of voice.

"Yes! Understood!" After a short reply, the nearby personnel activated the portal.


Before they entered the portal, Mei Lin began warning YuSung of a few things he had to be cautious about.

"Student Shin YuSung, you're strong. You'll probably have an easy time clearing the lower floors, but there are a few things you should be careful about." Before she could continue with her warnings, she stopped. 

Mei Lin really liked people who were prepared. YuSung had gained her interest after she’d seen how much he’d prepared for the water dragon, after all.

'Don't tell me it’s the same this time too?'

Mei Lin looked YuSung in the face and asked, "Student Shin YuSung, do you know the three things one has to be careful of on the lower floors?"

At Mei Lin's question, Shin YuSung fell into thought. 

'Variables that happen on the lower floors…?'

There were too many variables on the Tower because, after all, everything that was inside the Tower was a variable.

Even if two people cleared the 30th floor, depending on the time, they might end up facing different stages. One didn't know when the stage would change, the rewards were randomized, and the quest goals always changed, so the Tower wasn't a place you could predict.

'Nothing that special happens on the lower floors.'

The Tower didn’t even have quests until the 10th floor. Rather, the lower floors only required you to clear them—you just had to defeat the monsters the Tower wanted you to.

'Still, we are talking about the Tower… There's a difference between the monsters.'

Shin YuSung tried to remember what Yu WonHak had taught him.

[YuSung, the Tower… It changes a lot, so you have to be careful. Always. And don't forget to look around.]


Yu WonHak had always emphasized three things.

"If you're talking about three things, they're probably hidden monsters, champion bosses, and hidden stages."

Mei Lin made a satisfied smile at his answer. "Correct. What's the difference between a hidden monster and a champion boss?"

It seemed like Mei Lein wasn't satisfied with his answer, so she demanded an explanation, but that at least meant that his answer had caught her attention.

Shin YuSung opened his mouth confidently. "Hidden monsters are extremely strong monsters that might appear in a non-related floor. You could call that a variable, but champion bosses are different."

"Your explanation on hidden monsters was perfect. Fufu, what about champion bosses?" Mei Lin asked with a smile. 

Shin YuSung immediately began explaining. "When a normal boss fulfills certain conditions, it evolves. The result of its evolution changes depending on the place and conditions, and that's why you never know how they will look. That’s an extremely rare case. There have only been 20 such reported cases beneath the 10th floor.”

It was a perfect, textbook answer.

To put it simply, a hidden monster was when a monster way stronger than the others appeared out of the blue.

On the other hand, champion bosses were when a normal boss became stronger for some special reason.

As Shin YuSung finished explaining, Mei Lin clapped. "That was a perfect explanation. Only student Sumire had high marks regarding theory, so I didn't have much in the way of expectation…"

Mei Lin began explaining 'hidden stages'.

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

"Hidden stages happen when you're transported to a space that isn’t the original destination. Since one doesn't know what might happen, we suggest retreating… But student Shin YuSung, you know about this already, right?"

"There are cases where portals don't work, and there are a few places without warp stones." With that, YuSung answered all questions.

Mei Lin made a satisfied expression. "To think that you already knew everything despite being a student… As expected, there’s a reason why the President cares so much for you."

Mei Lin praising someone was a rare occurrence.

"You've over-praising me. There are still many things that I'm not aware of."

As YuSung gave a humble smile, Mei Lin placed her chin on the back of her hand and stared at him.

'He's a good person, smart, handsome, and even strong? He's really the type of person who will be liked no matter where he goes.'

Mei Lin wasn't after Shin YuSung because Fist King Yu WonHak and Association President Kang YuChan were already eyeing him. Although she was a rank 6 hunter, she couldn't compete with them.


It seemed like the preparations were over. The portal began emitting blue light. After Mei Lin checked the portal’s destination, she guided YuSung. 

"Once you pass through the portal, you'll find yourself on the 1st floor. You’ll be entering with me this time."


Mei Lin walked into the portal first; YuSung clenched his fists and prepared his heart.

'I wonder how the Tower looks.'

YuSung had only heard about the Tower through stories, and the one who told him those stories was obviously his master, Yu WonHak.

[You’ll feel how many hunters are around the world just by going to the first floor!]

[You’ll realize how much stronger you have to become!]

While thinking about Yu WonHak's laugh, YuSung walked through the portal.


He had high hopes for the unknown territory.

As he walked out of the portal, a scene YuSung would have never imagined unfolded before him.

"A hunter that wants to clear the 8th floor? The Italian here speaks Korean well! We have one place left! Quick!"

"Andiamo e basta. (Let's just go)."

A Korean woman and Italian men sought members to clear the Tower.

[Hunter Equipment Repair/Buy/Sell!]

[Magic Stone Exchange]

[Hunting Commission (Rank 3 ~ 5)]

There were all sorts of shops. The 1st floor of the Tower looked like a giant plaza or a market.

"This is the Tower…?" Shin YuSung looked around in surprise.

"It isn't always like this, but most of the time, it is. This is where the journey starts, after all." Mei Lin began pointing to the shops. "Hunters that don't want to use their money on the portal often re-equip on the 1st floor. They can get things repaired here, and they also sleep in the lodgings."

"I see…"

"And to start the journey up the Tower, you have to use the warp stone at the reception area."

Mei Lin took Shin YuSung to the reception area and gave the guide Kang YuChan's permit. 

After they checked the permit, the guide smiled at them. Mei Lin looked at Shin YuSung and asked, "You can explore right now by yourself, you can come later on with your party members, or you could form a party here with other people. Student Shin YuSung, what do you want to do?"

At Mei Lin's question, Shin YuSung looked around and fell into thought.

'As expected, I…'

As he finished thinking it over, Shin YuSung smiled.


* * *


As soon as it turned morning, sunlight filtered through the curtain. Kim EunAh got up and rubbed her eyes.

'This is…'

She was in a soft bed, wrapped in a velvety blanket.

Judging by the furniture, it didn't seem to be her house. Kim EunAh was rubbing her eyes with a blank expression when she heard a familiar voice.

"Ah! You're up!"

It was Sumire, who was smiling while wearing a T-shirt. Kim EunAh looked at her own clothes.

'What are these clothes?'

The t-shirt she was wearing was too big for her around the chest area.

"Ugh… My head. We're… In the dorms, right?"

Kim EunAh grabbed her head, still hungover, and looked at Sumire.

"Sumire… Where am I? Isn't this… your home?" Kim EunAh looked confused. 

Sumire made a troubled smile. "Ms. EunAh… You told me you would go with me, no matter what…"

"Huh? What?! Me?" Kim EunAh denied it while trying to remember what had happened the previous night. She slowly started to remember bits and pieces.

[I~ don't wanna~ I don't want to sleep alone~ Ah, I don't wanna~ Rather than my house~ I want to sleep with my party members.]

She threw a tantrum because she was drunk.

[Sumire… do you like me?]

[KYAA?! YES?! Yes! I like you!]

[Fufu, I also like you~ Then let's sleep together. If you don't, I will take it as if you don't like me…]

The more she remembered, the redder Kim EunAh's face became.

"I… I'm sorry… I wasn't in my right mind yesterday…" Kim EunAh quickly apologized.

Sumire smiled and extended the mini table over Kim EunAh's bed.

"Here! This is your breakfast."


"It's breakfast, so I made something easy to digest! Fufu… After all, we all ate a lot yesterday." After saying that, Sumire cutely patted her stomach. Kim EunAh grabbed a spoon of porridge and put it in her mouth. Her eyes shone.


From Kim EunAh's point of view, it seemed more delicious than something a chef would have made. She couldn't understand why.

After she ate the porridge, Kim EunAh spoke. "And YuSung?"

"Ah, YuSung went to the Tower today."


Kim EunAh seemed disappointed, but that only lasted for a short while. Her spoon stopped—it seemed like she'd remembered something uncomfortable.

[Me? Rather than that, I came to feed YuSung with delicious food…]

[YuSung~ What I give you… eat it well~ You look like a baby bird.]

As soon as she remembered everything that had happened the night before, she thought to herself, 'Let's just die…'


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