Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 113


The result of the International Competition was still 1:1.

The final match would decide the pride of both Korea and Japan.

As the participant in the 3rd round, Sumire ended up holding everything on her shoulders.

'K-Korea’s win in the International Competition depends on me.'

Sumire gulped.

The responsibility was too heavy. It was a huge loss that Kim EunAh wasn't able to participate.

On top of that, Japanese representative was Isshin, someone who was involved in 'that incident.'

Then, to make things even worse, the competition was formatted into one-on-one matches.

There was too much riding on Sumire’s shoulders.

"Sumire, I'm sorry… I’ve placed too heavy of a burden on you."

SiWoo seemed very depressed, which made Sumire remember something.

[No, Sumire. Thanks to you, the plan’s execution was quickened… That's why your role in this tournament is so huge.]

No matter what the situation was, YuSung cheered for her. Sumire smiled at SiWoo.

"It's okay…! SiWoo, you don't need to be so sad…"

Sumire had definitely changed. Even in a situation where she should be feeling extremely anxious, she was quite calm.

"I… I can't trust myself… because I think that I'm dumb and clumsy…"

Although she couldn't see him at the moment, Sumire was definitely thinking of Yusung.

"YuSung trusts me… so I can also trust myself!"

She smiled brightly. She wasn't confident without any foundation.

If she thought she wanted to win for YuSung, Laplace's strength began swelling.


Purple light began leaking from her hands as if it were waiting for that moment.

Laplace's strength was awakened by the desire to become stronger; when her desire to become stronger intensified, she could use that strength.

And at that moment, Sumire wanted to become stronger for YuSung more than ever.

"I don't think that I'll lose. I'll win, no matter what."

Sumire was displaying a strong will. YuSung felt a bit weird when he saw her with such a different attitude.


Sumire was completely different from when he’d first met her.

Back then, she showed low confidence and fear. 

Sumire's emotions had been trodden upon by all sorts of things. It was similar to how he felt wounded when his parents abandoned him at five years old.

YuSung had extended his hand toward Sumire. Just like his teacher had done with him, he'd seen the potential in her.

Thanks to that, Sumire's strength rode on YuSung's confidence in her.

"I want to become a party member that complements you, YuSung…"

Sumire smiled.

YuSung also smiled. 

"Sumire, I believe in you. I don't think you're going to lose."

As long as YuSung believed in her, Sumire could also believe in herself. She could do anything.

If she were alone, she would've definitely given up, but at that moment, it felt like nothing.

"I'll… be back…!"

Sumire looked as serious as she possibly could.


* * * *


Mei Lin watched the matches through the screen on the wall with a cool expression, but unlike her calm outer appearance, she was falling apart inside.

"It's the final round…"

The International Competition was already a big stage, but the reward that time was an artifact from the Tower—the Thousand-Year-Old Jade.

It was a treasure that could evolve your body and mana a few times over if you just absorbed it.

'The Thousand-Year-Old Jade’s strength is hard to absorb without a strong body… The only students that should be able to handle it are Shin YuSung or Liú Jùn…'

From Mei Lin's perspective, Sumire had to win the round at all costs. If she didn’t, the reward from the 50th floor would be wasted.

'She has to win…'

Mei Lin crossed her legs while sitting on the chair, but all of the worry in the world wouldn’t change the outcome—the match had already started. All she could do was watch and wait.


* * * *


Japan team's waiting room…

Seiji cheered for him Isshin as he stood up.

"Good luck, Isshin! Even though I lost as your party leader…"

Although he'd said that, Seiji was smiling. Sakura, whose mood had improved, had returned to her normal self.

"Well~ His personality is trash, but Isshin is strong."

Seiji nodded and raised his index finger to make everyone focus.

"Still, we should be careful! Sumire's a necromancer, which is rare among hunters. Not only that, but she has an artifact."

"I can't even think of what she's gonna do…"

Sakura agreed, and Seiji smiled bitterly.

"To think you'd have to fight an ex-party member… I'm sorry for giving you such a burden."

Sumire was Isshin's former party member. Not only that, but they used to study in the same class. She was also involved in 'that incident', so the battle meant a lot.

Isshin narrowed his eyes.

* * *

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* * *

"It doesn't matter… She's just a traitor," he said in a firm voice.

Isshin still felt the same weird emotions as before, but he'd cast them aside.

He didn't want to mess up the competition because of his emotions, but he felt angry every time he saw Sumire.

Why didn't she tell him anything if she thought of him as a party member for even for a moment?

'It probably means that someone like me didn't matter from the beginning…'

Tap, tap.

Isshin began walking toward the portal on the stage. As soon as he walked out of the building, the skylights poured down on him.

The audience started to cheer and, in the middle of it all, Sumire was waiting for him.

Badump, badump.

For some reason, his heart started to beat faster when he saw her.

He couldn't calm himself down, and his chest felt heavy.

Isshin tried to ignore Sumire and placed his eyes on the audience.

- The participants of the last round have gathered! Korea vs. Japan! Everything goes to the victor of this battle! Mr. Soichi…

While Yuki's noisy voice spread over the audience, Sumire spoke to Isshin in a low voice.


To think that Sumire, who always used to avoid looking at him or even avoided running into him, would talk to him. He couldn't help but frown in the midst of the unbelievable situation. He did his best to ignore Sumire's words, but what he heard next caught him completely off guard.

"I'm sorry,” Sumire said in a serious voice.

It was the first time Isshin had heard her speak in such a way.


Isshin couldn't resist and turned his head, but Sumire didn't stop talking.

"I'm really sorry…"

Unlike her usual self, Sumire wasn't trembling. No, Isshin actually felt a shiver of fear run up his back.

"You! What are you…"

"I was scared that a lot of people got hurt because of me… I was really scared. I was worried about what the wounded people would say and how I was supposed to apologize… I was scared of everything."

‘Why now…?’

Why did he have to hear her apologizing right then? Isshin's hands trembled. His heartbeat was fluctuating like crazy.

"I'm an egoist… I thought that you might get affected because of me… That's why I didn't tell you anything. If I had stayed in Japan…"

The more Sumire faced her past self, the stronger she became. Her fear was disappearing, and she wasn't trembling anymore.

"You would have had to deal with my mistake… That's why I escaped without saying anything. If Kirishima tried to stop me… I felt that I wouldn't have been able to escape to Korea."

Compared to Yuki's voice coming out of the speakers, Sumire's voice was faint, but Isshin could even hear her breathing.

"You, why… why now?!"

Isshin's emotions fluctuated.

As Isshin shouted at her with his eyes trembling, Sumire gave him a determined look.

"I felt like I had to tell you in order to be able to give it my all."

"What? You… You're an egoist until the end! Do you think I'll forgive you because you’re sorry now?!"

Just like when he'd gone out for a walk, Isshin's head began hurting.

"We, no… I kept waiting for you. I believed that you'd return and fill the void left in the party… that…"

Isshin wanted to say that it was Sumire's place, but those words didn't come out of his mouth.

Isshin had learned swordsmanship and mental discipline thanks to his training, but all those efforts were in vain in front of what Sumire had said to him.

His breathing even became irregular, and he was unable to calm himself.

To Isshin, Sumire was a cruel egoist until the end.

"I won't return…" Sumire said in a firm voice.

Isshin clenched his teeth and looked down at Sumire, but she just gave him a determined stare.

"To me, my current party is more important… Because I'm an egoist, I won't return."