Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 64


The broadcasting booth that the Association had prepared…

Amy finished her preparations and began her broadcast. Her live viewership count was growing at an astonishing rate.

“Heh heh! Welcome, everyone! You’re all here to watch Mr. Party Leader, aren’t you?!”

Amy cheerfully greeted her viewers, who began sending her donations as if they had been waiting to do so.

[Konde donates 300,000 won!]

TL/N: Possibly a reference to Kondetv, a Korean sports Youtuber. Equivalent to around 300 dollars.

– You’re one of the main Selection broadcasters, Amy? As expected of a Gaon student~!

[Aim-chan donates 1,500,000 won!]

– How’d you grab Shin YuSung?!

[alessioago33 donates 5,000 won!]

– ※Adela vince comunque.

Hurrah for capitalism.

“Oh, right!” Amy’s eyes shone as she began appealing to her viewers through her integrity. “For the record, half of my donations will go directly to Party Leader-nim! Hehe, feel free to keep ‘em coming for the sake of our party’s infinite growth! Hehehe…”

Amy checked the chat messages, in a good mood from all of the donations.

[alessioago33 donates 5,000 won!]

– Adela is Italian. She will beat Shin YuSung and win.

An Italian fan had purposefully visited YuSung’s broadcast to cheer for Adela. Amy kicked them out and directed her audience to watch the screen.

“Hey, hey, everyone, watch this! Mr. Party Leader over here is going to do something… huh?”

YuSung suddenly hid behind a tree. Amy’s eyes twinkled as she sensed that something interesting was about to happen.

“Oooh! Hey, guys, I think there’s an enemy here! He’s hiding, so… an ambush?!”

Both she and her viewers watched the scene unfurl with bated breath.

– How can he even tell?

– Vibrations from the ground? LOL

– lmaooooo, there’s no way

The messages kept pouring in, maintaining the tension. 

Right then, YuSung took out his opponent in one shot with his bare hands—no weapons or Skills were used.

“Heeeeeh?! Wh-what was that?!”

Amy’s eyes were fluttering, mouth wide open in shock at the scene.

– ?? With just his hand?

– how tf, kek

– Poor guy, disqualified as soon as the competition began. ;_;

Her viewers were also surprised at what they had just seen. 

Amy gulped. ‘Is… is Party Leader-nim really stronger than Adela?’

After her decisive loss against the S Class girl, Adela had become the embodiment of fear to Amy. But by the looks of it, YuSung had a chance of beating her.

* * * *

His 12 years of experience living on martial Spirits’ Mountain…

YuSung was showing off the knowledge he had acquired during that time with wild abandon.

‘Traces of people walking past here.’

He used which direction the blades of grass were bent towards to deduce where his opponents were heading and used the size of the footprints to deduce just how many of them there were.

‘Two people went this way. There aren’t any traces of a fight… they may have formed a pair… in that case…’

YuSung quieted his breathing and slowly followed the tracks. The more he walked, the closer he approached his opponents, and the louder their voices became.

“Is this really fine, though? It feels kind of cowardly to hide the entire time.”

“They said we could use any method we wanted. This is also a strategy, you know.”

“Mmm… I suppose we were pretty lucky, and we even started off in the same location… I guess we should use it to our advantage.”

A male and a female student. Judging by their uniforms, both from the same academy. YuSung hid his presence and glanced at the two from afar, a faint smile on his face.

‘They aren’t wrong. Forming a pair is also a strategy.’

YuSung pulled out a fistful of grass and scattered it into the air—he was checking which direction the wind was blowing.

‘Luckily, it’s blowing towards my opponents.’

YuSung opened his Pocket to retrieve an item he had prepared beforehand.

[Pocket Inventory List]

1 – Black Dragon’s Hide [Artifact]

2 – Mana-powered Smoke Grenade [Hunter Gear]

3 – Mana-powered Firebomb [Hunter Gear]

YuSung was only allowed to fit three items in his Pocket. He took out the smoke grenade and pumped mana into it.

Psh! Pshhhh!

Immediately, a loud, hissing sound began to emanate from it as smoke began to appear from the ball. YuSung ran around to the opposite side.

“The hell, is that a sneak attack?”

“Th-the smoke’s getting closer!”

While the two were preoccupied with the smoke. YuSung had reached the opposite side and began his actual sneak attack.


His first target was the neck of the female student. The male student quickly turned his head towards YuSung, just in time for it to be squarely kicked by his foot. The two dissipated into blue pixels.

[144 people are left.]

YuSung scanned his surroundings with a dispassionate expression.

‘I should probably leave this place before the smoke spreads even further.’

YuSung was trying to find a location where those trying to survive would gather.

[Amy♥: hey! party leader-nim! it looks like the losers left behind some items.]

YuSung, who was just about to leave, read her message and double-checked the area.


The hunter gear that the students had prepared was lying on the ground, right over the spot where they had disappeared. Only two items had been dropped, even though he was fairly certain that was the first time they had fought and thus had not used any yet. It seemed to be that there was a possibility for a certain number of items to drop. 

‘...I’ll just take what I need, then.’

As YuSung stared at the items, a hologram appeared and displayed info on them.

[Drop List]

1 – Scarlet Dagger [Hunter Gear]

2 – Capturing Chain [Hunter Gear]

3 – Mana-powered Electric Bead [Hunter Gear]

YuSung could only store three times in his Pocket. Even so, it didn’t look like there was anything useful enough for him to bother taking with him.

‘The Electric Bead, I guess?’

YuSung placed the gear in his Pocket. Right as he did so, a message appeared from Amy.

[Amy♥: my party leader whom i deeply respect!]

[Amy♥: your loyal supporter has once again found some incredible info to tell you! ٩(*ˊ∀ˋ*)ዖ]

For whatever reason, she seemed to be ecstatic. YuSung himself smiled without noticing as he checked the rest of the message’s contents.

[Amy♥: statistically, most of the participants gather around in the middle of the map and hang around in the outskirts!]

[Amy♥: so, so! we should find them quickly and…! (ง•‵_•՛)ง]

She was saying that he should increase the number of disqualified participants.

The information she gave was quite useful to YuSung. 

Unlike the two he had just taken out, his goal wasn’t just to place high during the competition. His only goal was victory. And even if he made it to the finals, he needed to show the audience a great performance if he wanted to win in the voting portion.

He agreed to the proposal. “Sounds good. As it happens, I can follow the river and it’ll lead me to a village. How about we start from the closest outskirts?”

[Amy♥: kk, let’s do that! i believe in you and you only, party leader-nim!]

Amy’s loyalty towards her partner could be felt through the words typed on the screen.

* * *


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Translator - Bob

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

F Class, who were all watching the Representative Selection, was practically in a celebratory mood.

“YuSung already knocked people out!”

“And all with one blow!”

“Insane. How is he so strong without even using his Trait?”

The entire class had gathered together to watch the broadcast. 

Lee SiWoo began handing out inflatable cheering sticks.

“Tsk, tsk~ how dare you guys cheer YuSung on with nothing but your bare hands?”

“…Wow,” Renia said, staring at the stick-shaped balloons in her hands. “You even prepared something like this?”

Lee SiWoo preened. “Everyone, grab a pair and cheer YuSung on.”

He made his way to the snack corner to grab some popcorn. Right after, however, he turned his head here and there, as if he had discovered something odd.

“Huh? Hey, Renia.”

“Shut up, something important’s happening. YuSung is breathing in some air right now.”

“No, uh, have you seen Sumire around?”

“Huh? Now that you mention it…”

Only then did Renia look away from the screen. She stretched her neck out and scanned the area, but the girl was nowhere to be found.

“Hmm, she’s not the sort of person who’d miss this,” SiWoo remarked, a worried expression on his face. He complained about Sumire a lot, but even he seemed to worry about his fellow party member when she was nowhere to be seen.

“Just where did she go?”

* * * *

Sumire was at her dorm.

Specifically, the most luxurious dorms in the school, reserved only for the Sevens. She had recently sat on the sofa and began adjusting a screen.

‘If I go in here and write Amy-ssi’s name…’


The screen display changed as soon as she finished inputting the name. Sumire had wanted to watch Amy’s individual broadcast, not the official one.

“Ah! Sh-Shin YuSung-ssi!”

Her heart thumped as she stared at the screen. The latter showed the accomplishments of all participants, but the former focused solely on YuSung. That difference was quite important to Sumire.

“Ah, huhuhu…” she laughed creepily. She was holding the cheering sticks in her hands.

Sumire seemed to be content just by being able to see the boy.

Right then, a school-wide announcement rang throughout the campus.

[Check, one, two! This is the headmaster, Jin ByungCheol. To the first-years, your classes have ended early so that you can watch the Selections, so please do so. Also, whoever was given the password pad to sparring arena #3, please return it posthaste.]

Sumire stopped swinging her batons and began listening in on the announcement.

[This is Instructor Lin Xiao. First-year C Class, please return the passport pad for sparring arena #3, return it immediately. And guys, cheer for YuSung, got it… Argh!]

[This is Instructor So HaeJung. Please ignore Instructor Lin Xiao’s biased words, and cheer equally as much for S Class’s Adela. That is all.]


Sumire firmly gripped her cheering sticks once more. And at that moment, YuSung defeated two more in an instant.

“Ah, Sh-Shin YuSung-ssi!”


Sumire’s expression became brighter and cheerful. Self-conscious, she quickly glanced around, despite the fact that the area was empty of all other people.

Seeing that, she gained some newfound courage.

“Yu… Yu… YuSung-ssi! Good luck! Keep on fighting!”

Of course, the only way it had manifested was in her dropping his surname when referring to him. Even so, Sumire was more proud of herself than she had ever been before, as if she had done something monumental.

Left Baton: F Class’s Pride and Joy

Right Baton: Shin YuSung





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