Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader –  ilafy]


Chapter 98


Sumire was laying on her bed and looking at the ceiling.


Twisting her body, she was struggling to fall asleep. Finally, she fell deep into thought as she hugged her pillow.

- Listen well. The way to awaken the strength of the fragment is… your… ⬛⬛feelings. Okay?

Sumire was thinking about what Laplace had said.

'My feelings…'

What mattered was Sumire's feelings, but she wasn't sure what kind of feelings an evil witch would want.

'I just want to be helpful to YuSung…'

She wanted to become stronger—that was Sumire's goal. It was weird because, up until then, Sumire had never been greedy about anything.

Thinking about Shin YuSung being happy made her heart beat faster.


When he called her food delicious…

When he praised her after a successful attack…

When he told her that she was helpful to him…

When he made a lonely expression on a rainy day despite being so strong…

Thinking about Shin YuSung made her feelings change. For Sumire, just thinking about him made her happy, so that's why it was understandable that she wanted to see him happy.


Sumire's thoughts started turning into a desire for more strength…


Her right hand was shining.


* * *


11 am…

Everyone was in the club room, so it was extremely noisy.

Sumire was cooking in the kitchen, and EunAh was hugging her killer whale doll on the sofa.

Lee SiWoo yawned because he'd spent the whole night cleaning his guns, and Amy was smiling as if something good had happened.

'It seems like everyone has gotten used to the club room.'

Shim YuSung looked satisfied. His party member had increased to five people, including him.

Everyone believed in and followed him as the party leader, so YuSung felt a strong sense of responsibility.

"Wh-what would everyone like to drink?!"

Sumire shouted from a distance, and everyone else began replying.

"I'm okay with anything." Kim EunAh was still playing with the Orca.

"Black tea!" Amy lifted her hands while looking at her Pocket.

"Water." Lee SiWoo rubbed his eyes.

Sumire brought a plate with rice balls into the room.

"The snack is here! As for the drinks…"

Sumire seemed used to taking care of her party members, and it reminded YuSung of something.

'I feel like… I saw something like this in Japan.'

His mind went to when they were about to have dinner with her little siblings.

[Noona! I want cola!] Suito raised his hand and shouted.

[Onni, I want green tea!] Tsuguha shouted, a smile on her face.

[Who drinks green tea with sukiyaki?]

[Why do you care about what other people drink?]

What Shin YuSung was seeing overlapped perfectly with what he'd seen in Japan.

'It seems like Sumire is good at taking care of others…'

It seemed like Sumire noticed him watching her.

"Ah. YuSung… You want this, right?"

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

Sumire held banana milk out to him. Shin YuSung accepted it with a smile on his face.

"Thank you. I was just craving this."

"Ah… As expected…"

Sumire seemed happy to have guessed correctly, and Amy was interested in Kim EunAh's orca.

"EunAh, what's this doll?"

Amy laughed, covering her mouth with her hand, and began poking EunAh’s waist.

"Come on! Tell me! It seems like you got it at the festival. Don't tell me~ Did someone give it to you?"

Kim EunAh gripped the doll and stood, taking a slight glimpse at YuSung before speaking.

"It's just that the orca was cute."

"Did you buy it yourself? Well, you~ kind of like cute things, after all…"

As Amy nodded, Kim EunAah put her hands on top of the orca and narrowed her eyes.

"How do you know that?"

"Of course I know. After all, you like cuteness more than anyone else in A class!"

Amy stood still, looking confident. 

"What are you talking about?" Kim EunAh replied with a straight face.

"Also…! To be honest… It's a bit embarrassing to say it with my own mouth, but I think I'm quite cute!"

As Amy nodded with a serious expression on her face, Kim EunAh grabbed the orca and made it bite Amy's arm.


Amy's arm went deep into the orca’s mouth.

"Your arm goes quite deep… It's very well made!" Kim EunAh proudly said after seeing Amy's surprise.

"Right?" Amy smiled.

"Hehe, but I'm glad~ I thought you'd spend the whole festival inside the cafe because you found it annoying, but it seems like you enjoyed yourself quite a bit! EunAh, you've grown!"

Kim EunAh she couldn't cast away Amy’s hug that easily. YuSung looked at EunAh while thinking about everything that had happened.

'Her being weak to cute things… I think that’s true.'

Kim EunAh clicked her tongue as she looked at Amy; then she patted her while making an expression that made it seem as if she had no other choice.

EunAh looked a bit happy, although not as happy as when she was hugging the orca.

"What about you?"

Amy raised her head at Kim EunAh's question.

"Me? I had a lot of fun. Although the haunted house was scary…"

Sumire seemed proud at Amy’s trembling, and Amy smiled as she looked over at Kim EunAh.

"I met the student council president after I turned my stream off! She treated me really well. She said she’s a fan!"

"Fan…? Hngh, really?"

EunAh's reaction was lackluster.

Unexpectedly, it was Shin YuSung who reacted the most.

"Amy… The student council president… approached you?"

"Yes? Yes! She asked me if my party leader treats me well, so I said he does~ I gave you a lot of praise!"

Amy was looking at him with shining eyes—like she was a dog that wanted affirmation.

'Noona, to Amy…?'

Shin YuSung's expression became serious.

'She's definitely after something.'

The Shin HaYun that YuSung knew wasn't someone who would approach someone if she wasn't after something.


* * *


Shinsung Group's office…

Kim SungHan's son was called iron-blooded.

"I heard from your father that you've started up quite an interesting business." Kim SungHan said to Shin HaYoon as he cleaned his glasses.

"Fufu. It's nothing. I'm just helping people find solutions to problems."

Even in front of Kim SungHan, Shin HaYoon seemed calm. 

Kim SungHan put on his glasses again and continued speaking.

"There's no need to be humble… I called you to help you with your business, after all."

Kim SungHan gave Shin HaYoon a list.

"It's the list of guilds that will make petitions to you. Although it's a subcontract, there's also a state organization. I'll give you most of the petitions we can give to Gaon students."

"Thank you. You won't regret it…"

"It's okay. I had a debt with your father, so I'm going to consider it paid with this."

After saying that, Kim SungHan was about to stand up when Shin HaYoon called him.

"Could you talk for a bit more? As the student council president… No, as Kim EunAh's sunbae, I wanted to say something."

Shin HaYoon smiled brightly—it was a smile that made even Kim SungHan feel chills.

"About EunAh…?"

"To be more precise, it's about the International Competition. Fufu, after all, she's a member of my little brother's party."

When Shin HaYoon mentioned Kim EunHa's name, SungHan was forced to sit on the chair again.

"Okay, I'll listen."

"Fufu, good. It's just about effectiveness."

Shin HaYoon narrowed her eyes like a snake looking at prey.

"EunAh is the one that will inherit the Shinsung Group, after all. A dangerous job like being a hunter doesn't suit her."

"It seems like you head something."

Kim SungHan didn't hide his discomfort, but HaYoon didn't back down.

"Fufu… If there was an incident like that, worrying about your family would be understandable, right?"

"To think that someone from the Shin-oh family would talk about family… It seems like you've grown well. Just like your parents."

Even if SungHan made fun of her, HaYoon just laughed.

"Thanks. That's why… I think that it would be better if EunAh didn’t participate in the International Competition."

"What makes you say that?"

"My brother’s goal is the Tower… which is a very dangerous place. One mistake could lead to death. If you're scared of sending EunAh into the Tower…"

Shin HaYoon talked in a calm voice.

"Wouldn't it be better if she walked off before the competition began?"

Kim SungHan fell into thought at Shin HaYoon's story before standing up.

"I didn't know you cared so much for your brother…"

Unlike SeokHan, Kim SungHan didn't want EunAh to grow as a hunter.

'Still… It's something that was bound to happen. I must stop EunAh from getting involved in dangerous things.'

Kim SungHan let her do as she wished because EunAh was determined. He turned and looked down at Shin HaYoon.

"Okay. I'll let you deceive me this time."

Saying so, SungHan took out his Pocket and called someone. 


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