Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader –  ilafy]


Chapter 102


In the end, Amy won. 

Amy's self-defense got her the upper hand. Unexpectedly, Amy was quite good at self-defense. Lee SiWoo tasted the bitter taste of defeat after being pushed into the ground by her.

"Agh, uh… Wh-what strength!"

"Haha! This is what you get for underestimating me!"

"Aah! Okay! I've lost! So please, come down!"

After Lee SiWoo admitted defeat, Amy got up and brushed off her hands. On the other hand, Lee SiWoo got up while holding onto the wall.

"But… you're a reserve member. Is it okay for you to stream?"

"The party leader said it's okay! And come on~ there's no way someone would go missing."

As Amy smiled, Lee SiWoo fell into thought.

"Really? He said I should participate as a reserve member…"

Amy was surprised at Lee SiWoo's words.

"Huh, r-really? But… that makes it sound as if he thinks I'm weaker than you!"

Amy looked at Lee SiWoo and then laughed!

"Of course~ that isn't true at all!"

"Yes, You're great."

It was true that Lee SiWoo had lost against Amy, but that was when talking about the bow. Lee SiWoo had never used a gun in Gaon Academy.

'Although, I'm wondering…'

How far could the shooting abilities his father had recognized take him?

'Well… There's no way I'll be using it.'

While Lee ShiWoo's thoughts were getting deeper, Amy took something from her Pocket and put it in the air.


It was a small drone that was the size of an eraser. Amy, who was a streamer, greeted her viewers.

"Hey! Everyone, before the competition begins~ I'm going to introduce a new guest! Ta-dah~"

"I am the guest?"

Before he noticed, Lee SiWoo had become Amy's guest.

"Come on, greet the viewers~."

She was even pressuring him. Lee SiWoo nervously spoke while making an awkward expression.

"H-Hi… I'm Lee SiWoo, Amy's party member."

Lee SiWoo was very nervous in front of the camera.

"I… won't be able to use this. Well, I guess there's nothing I can do. Only someone like the party leader can be comfortable in front of the camera from the beginning~"

"I guess so. YuSung is good at everything, but is streaming important for a hunter?"

Amy's expression hardened after she heard Lee SiWoo's question.

"Ugh. Th-there's no way… Are you underestimating the importance of entertainment?!"

"No, I'm not ignoring it, but…"

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

"Ugh… I really hate this… I'll slowly explain things to you, so focus here!"

Amy put the hologram chat window up.

[Yeonsari has donated 5 USD!]

- Is this japan?

[Eimjang has donated 250 USD!]

- Are they preparing for tomorrow?

- Yes.

- Amy is really a goddess…

- But what are they doing?

Lee SiWoo was forced to look at the chat window. Amy began talking again.

"Check this out. Can you see the people waiting? How many are there?"

"Let's see… There are about six thousand people? It's still going up…"

Lee SiWoo scratched his cheeks nervously. He was afraid he was going to make a mistake. It seemed like Amy was really passionate about broadcasting.

"When all these people look at my streams, I have fun! Yes, streaming brings peace back to my mind!"

"It sounds impressive."

Lee SiWoo was starting to understand.

Amy's mood had improved.

"In reality, it's also because of my Trait."

When he thought about it, Lee SiWoo didn't know Amy's Trait. The only thing he knew was that she was in the same class as Kim EunAh, so it should’ve been an A-ranked Trait. 

"You're streaming because of your Trait? What's… your Trait?"

As Lee SiWoo asked her, Amy began scratching the back of her neck. It wasn't clear if she was embarrassed or happy.

"Hehe, that's… T-transformation?"

As Amy smiled awkwardly, Lee SiWoo narrowed his eyes.

"Transformation…? Is it a body-fortifying Trait? But what does that have to do with streaming?"

Lee SiWoo had seen transformation or body-fortifying Traits. There was a wide variety of them, from a simple body-fortifying, buffs, or even transforming into an animal, But he never imagined a Trait like Amy's.

"The… more people look at me, the stronger I become."

After saying that, Amy showed him her Trait.

[Transformation (Trait) - You can increase your physical stats for a determined time. While Transformation is on, the Guardian's Heart will be applied.]

[Guardian's Heart (Skill) - The more people you have to protect, the stronger the effect of Transformation will become.]

To be more precise, she had a Trait that scaled depending on how many people were cheering for her.

"She's a real attention seeker…" SiWoo unconsciously mumbled.


* * * *


Junes Family Restaurant


"You can sit anywhere you want."

The employees greeted them as soon as they entered the restaurant. It was a place Sumire always wanted to go to with Shin YuSung. Unlike before, Sumire seemed excited.

"What should we order?"

As Shin YuSung asked briefly, Sumire began looking through the menu.

"Ah, in this shop it seems like steak, pizza, lobster… and tomato spaghetti are delicious! Taking into consideration YuSung's taste… I think that curry will be okay, too."

Sumire's attitude had improved a lot. Shin YuSung sighed in relief and ordered from the menu.

"Enjoy your food!"

As the employee put their plates on the table, Sumire concentrated on how well-decorated the plates were.

"Ah, so in places like this, they decorate the food like this…" Sumire mumbled in surprise while looking at the spaghetti in front of her; then she took a fork, rolled the spaghetti onto it, and put it in her mouth.


From the sauce to the noodles, the spaghetti was perfect.

"It… it's… delicious…"

As Sumire exclaimed in surprise, Shin YuSung took a spoon of curry and tasted it.


"As expected, it isn't that delicious." Shin YuSung, who enjoyed most foods, mumbled while making a calm expression.

"Yes? Th-there's no way…"

Sumire was surprised, but YuSung spoke as if it was obvious.

"As expected… it seems like the curry that Sumire makes is the best."

Sumire subconsciously took a deep breath.

"Y-YuSung… S-something like…"

Sumire tried to hold back the laughter, but she couldn't. The ends of her mouth were going up. After looking at the curry, Shin YuSung spoke.

"It's true. This curry doesn't even have delicious karaage."

He was definitely saying that to make her feel better.

Even if she knew that, Sumire was feeling good about it.

"He, hehe… Th-that's because it's a mushroom curry! It's obvious that it wouldn’t have karaage."

Although he'd said that, Shin YuSung was eating curry just as well as usual.

"I'm sorry for making you feel worried…"

Sumire closed her mouth tightly to gather her courage; then she opened it and said what she was thinking.

"I was just thinking… could someone like me, who ran from Japan… deserve to be so happy…?"

And after saying that, she smiled bitterly.

"Because of my Trait, I ended up hurting people… I was even scared to look at their faces… So I just escaped…"

As Sumire scratched her empty spaghetti plate, Shin YuSung spoke in a serious voice. 

"So you want to escape again?"


Sumire mumbled out the last part of the sentence. Shin YuSung put his spoon down.

"Sumire, I'm here now."

Shin YuSung knew how important it was that someone was next to you when things become hard—his growth and skills were proof of that.

"It doesn't matter what happens. I'll be on your side."

Sumire was very important to Shin YuSung. She was a colleague that was like family to him, so Shin YuSung was serious.

"Getting the courage and starting is something only you can do."

Sumire had to face her biggest trauma: the Japanese students she'd hurt… the party members she'd abandoned without a word.

Even though Sumire could continue running, she nodded.

"I… I'll get the courage… I'm going to get stronger… I want to become a party member that suits Mr. YuSung…"


As Sumire said that, her right hand began shining. That time, what Sumire was after wasn't external but inner strength.

Laplace's strength had reacted to her craving for strength.


Sumire was surprised. Her Pocket was projecting a hologram.

[You've fulfilled the 2nd condition, and synchronization has increased to 5%.]

'This is clearly…'

Sumire remembered what Laplace had said.

[Listen well. The way to awaken the strength of the fragment is…]

She couldn't hear the latter part, but she subconsciously knew what it was. Her desire for strength had awakened the strength of the fragment.

[Current Synchronization Rate: 56%]

Sumire looked at the hologram with a blank expression.


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