Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 118



A bullet exploded from the barrel of the gun.


Lee SiWoo's shooting skills were perfect. The bullet pierced the center of the target. Although he'd sworn not to use the gun again, there he was, holding a gun.

'It was a dumb thought from the beginning…'

Tang! Tang! Tang!

Lee SiWoo didn't need a gauge or a power source when he had his pistol. He destroyed every target through reliance on his senses.

'Am I really going to keep using the bow just because of my father…?'

As Lee SiWoo reloaded, he grabbed another pistol from his waist and spun it around.

Clank! Swing-!

Holding a pistol in each hand, SiWoo began shooting.

Pat! Tang! Tang!

'I don't like reaching out to my father, but…'

Lee SiWoo had made up his mind after his loss. He realized the road he had to walk.

[YuSung… I'll be back soon. I'm sorry, I need some time.]

[SiWoo, I'll be waiting for you.]

'I'd rather quit than become baggage.'

Rather than dealing with his mixed emotions regarding guns, Lee SiWoo wanted to be as helpful as possible to YuSung, who trusted him.

'If I want to remain in the party, I should at least become strong enough not to become a burden.'

It wasn't time to complain. SiWoo discarded his pride and bowed his head toward his father.

[I was wrong. Father, you were right. That's why, please, have me undergo ‘that’ training.]

Lee SiWoo didn't like how satisfied his authoritative father looked. 

[Pff, I knew it from the beginning—from the moment you started talking about bows and archery. You should've done this from the beginning!]

His sister’s know-it-all reaction also annoyed him, but none of it broke his resolve.

'If I can get stronger, it doesn't matter.'

He wanted to become stronger before the International Competition was over and then be able to support Shin YuSung. If it were for that goal, he could temporarily cast aside his negative feelings regarding his father.


* * * *


She reflected on her situation from within the orca’s mouth. 


It seemed like she wasn't feeling suffocated at all. Kim EunAh took the orca off of her head after a while. She still felt sorry, but she seemed more comfortable than before.

"But… congrats on winning. If you'd lost, I would have died from remorse…" Kim EunAh was tearing up.

"It was thanks to Sumire. Although she obtained the strength of the fragment, it isn't easy to use that strength."

"I was really impressed… In the end, it was you, YuSung, who brought Sumire in, and she became strong thanks to you."

Shin YuSung had brought Sumire, the worst student, in as a party member, and she had become the sort of person who could stand her ground next to anyone else. She was a proud asset in Gaon's party.

Kim EunAh wanted to say all that, but she was struggling to open her mouth.

It wasn't that she was trying to hide it, but it was that saying such a thing made her feel embarrassed.

After taking a deep breath, EunAh got a hold of herself and made a serious expression.

"Why I couldn't go to the International Competition… In reality, it was because of my mother. She was against me working as a hunter…" Kim EunAh absently stroked the orca as YuSung gave her a silent look.

'Was it because of the inherent danger…?'

Taking into consideration EunAh's social standing, it was something that was bound to happen. To YuSung, Kim EunAh was his party member, but for the rest, Kim EunAh was the heir of Korea's biggest jaebol dynasty.

From the Shinsung Group’s perspective, the risk in EunAh working as a hunter was too high.

"I know that… To be honest, I realize I have too heavy of a background."

YuSung silently sat next to EunAh as she continued to fiddle with the orca.

Then, a smile appeared on EunAh's face, and she opened her mouth.

"Still, I'm going to do what I have fun doing." Her face turned red.

Although she was struggling to vocalize it, she kept speaking. 

"…And I have the most fun around you guys."

* * *

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* * *

Besides her family, YuSung and her party members were the first ones she had opened her heart to; that’s why she liked them so much.

"I even argued with my mother and insisted that I would be staying with you guys… To be honest, it isn't that I want to become a strong hunter, but…" Kim EunAh scratched her neck nervously and covered her face with the orca.

"You knou wat I wan to say, right…?" Kim EunAh was still embarrassed to say things like that.

Shin YuSung nodded. "Yes, that's also the case for me."

Shin YuSung also had the most fun when he was with Kim EunAh and the other party members. He learned things he didn't know before, ate new things, and felt new sensations. He felt that he was changing as time went on.

"That's why you don't have to worry. I'll never let you guys get hurt."

That was one of the reasons YuSung wanted to get stronger—to protect those that were important to him.

"Hmm…" EunAh silently looked at him. 

They may have stopped talking for a moment, but the atmosphere wasn't awkward.

Kim EunAh felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her.

"You didn't forget you agreed to come to our group's ball, right?" She could even make playful questions.

"I even taught you how to dance. So you must come." She gave him a soft look when someone knocked on the door.

"Hmm, who is it?"

They wouldn't knock like that if they were Sumire or another party member, so it was definitely an outside visitor.

Kim EunAh put the orca down on the sofa and opened the door.