Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader –  ilafy]


Chapter 111


The stadium’s waiting room was silent.

YuSung fell into thought as he looked at SiWoo.

'His atmosphere changed.'

SiWoo threw the gun aside and pressured Sakura. He wasn't sure about the details, but there was no way Sakura would refuse SiWoo's proposal.

Everything happened after SiWoo pulled out his gun.

'As expected, SiWoo's main weapon wasn't the bow.'

YuSung already knew it because, compared to how good his breathing and concentration were, Lee SiWoo's skills in archery were terrible.

That meant that, before using the bow, he used another weapon.

Leaving whatever situation had happened before aside, SiWoo held his handgun that YuSung hadn’t seen him use before in front of him.

YuSung thought making SiWoo his party member was the correct decision.

'ShiWoo's strength… isn’t solely in his Trait.'

Just like YuSung, SiWoo's strength had been polished and improved through training.

Through fighting and experience, one could fortify their Trait, and if your mana increased, you could become a hunter different from the others.

'That's probably also the case for the Japan team's Sakura.'

Not only had Sakura trained her trait, but she'd also practiced archery throughout her entire life. Sakura's archery was, without a doubt, perfect.

Unlike YuSung, who was analyzing their strength, Sumire was more interested in SiWoo and Sakura's relationship.

"I wonder what the relationship between them is…" Sumire wondered.

YuSung just smiled.

"I'm not sure…"

YuSung couldn't even guess what the connection between them was.

"But there is one thing I'm sure about…"

Sakura’s shaking eyes told him what she was going to say.

"Sakura's going to accept SiWoo's proposal…"

Up until that point, YuSung's guesses had never been incorrect.


* * * *


In a corner of Echo Forest…


Sakura glared at Lee SiWoo, a frown on her face.

His demeanor completely contrasted Sakura's. Even if the winner of the match was on the line, SiWoo seemed calm.

"If I do use my gun, it won’t be because of you. It’ll be to achieve victory for my party, okay?"

Lee SiWoo smirked, and Sakura just clenched her teeth.

'He's probably watching…'

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

The International Competition was transmitted all around the world. Her dad was definitely looking at her from somewhere.

The archery she'd polished and practiced since she was little… Sakura wanted to show her skills and have the confidence to say to him that he wasn’t wrong.

To do that, she had to accept SiWoo's proposal. She couldn't prove anything by defeating a weaponless opponent—it meant nothing.

"Do you think I'll accept such a proposal…?"

Sakura's voice had gone cold.

SiWoo shrugged.

"I'm not sure. I know that, even if I use my gun, I will lose if you use your Trait. I don't want to use it in a fight where I already know I’ll lose. I also have my reasons."

SiWoo picked up the pistol that had fallen to the ground and began brushing the dirt off of it.

"Answer quickly. If you say you won't use your Trait, I'll take my gun and move away; then I'll fight with you."

SiWoo skilfully spun the handgun in the air and then said, "Well, if you don't like my proposal, shoot me. Of course… You'll never be able to take revenge for what happened in the dojo."

Lee SiWoo's words went directly to the point.

After thinking about it for a while, Sakura opened her mouth.

"Okay… I won't use my Trait, so fight with everything you have."

"Alright, let’s make it a battle of shooting abilities."

SiWoo smiled.

A one-on-one duel between shooters was always 20 steps. Just like cowboys, both began taking step after step away from each other.

'She really accepted my proposal.'

SiWoo thought to propose such a thing because he'd remembered Sakura's expression in the dojo.

Back then, Sakura came running while carrying her schoolbag, saying not to make fun of archery. Although Lee SiWoo was still a kid, he was still surprised.

'Whether it's a gunpowder weapon or archery, how can she be so serious?'

To SiWoo, the gun was associated with all sorts of painful memories. He had nothing like the pride Sakura had regarding archery.

'To think that she'd accept a proposal like this just because of pride…'

It didn't matter how much he thought about it, she was dumber than dumb.

Still, SiWoo didn't feel good for some reason. He felt strangely frustrated even though he couldn't agree with the emotions Sakura felt in the dojo that day.

What would happen if Sakura lost against him?

What would happen if his bullet pierced her? 

Would she cry?

Would she give up on the bow?

Would she start hating archery?

How would her father greet her?

With every step he took, his thoughts deepened.

'Don't think about that. I'm YuSung's party member, and victory here depends upon the pull of the trigger.'

Lee SiWoo had been trained to an extreme in using guns. If he had a gun, he was confident he'd be able to shoot accurately regardless of the terrain.

Even so, it was the first time he felt so guilty.

SiWoo didn't feel good about the thought of destroying the archery Sakura appreciated so much with a pull of his trigger.

'It seems like we're similar… No, to be more precise, we're the complete opposite.'

SiWoo hated his authoritarian father more than anyone. Every time he held a gun, he couldn't help but remember his painful past.

He didn't remember a single time he was proud of the weapon.

Sakura respected her father more than anyone, and she was proud of archery.

Ironically, they were too similar and yet too different at the same time.

19 steps…

20 steps…

Subconsciously, SiWoo took one more step.

Considering SiWoo's shooting skills, it was an unbelievable mistake.


After making a short exclamation, Lee SiWoo quickly turned around. Sakura had already completed her twenty steps and was aiming at him.

He was surprised only for a brief moment. Lee SiWoo quickly got into position. He would've won the round if he hadn't made such a mistake.

Was it that he hadn't practiced for too long? SiWoo's finger hesitated for a brief moment on the trigger.

[Don't make fun of archery!]

They'd only met once when they were kids.

[You can become strong with a bow and archery!]

SiWoo clenched his teeth.

Him hesitating with a gun wasn't something that should've happened. SiWoo was sure that there was something wrong with him…

But he wasn't able to pull the trigger.

He was upset about his situation and fell into a half-hearted dilemma.

Against Sakura, who’d devoted herself entirely to archery and lived for it….


Lee SiWoo couldn't pull the trigger.


Her arrow penetrated his skull. His sight became blurry, and his barrier evaporated.

[The barrier has been destroyed.]

[Remaining barrier 0%.]

The last thing he saw was the hologram’s message. Although he'd lost despite being better at shooting, he wasn't dissatisfied with the result.

Even though he had the skill to beat Sakura, he didn't deserve to win. It was just the result of that.

'Damn it…'

Lee SiWoo fell and scattered away into light. 


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