Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 218


Ackman and Elan followed the purple butterfly through a forest filled with the chirps of grasshoppers and past a brook complete with the croaking of frogs. Finally, they arrived in a place with a completely different atmosphere—it was literally a swamp of death.

Trees blocked the sunlight, a green bog ran through the area, and the smell was enough to make you grimace.

"Ugh… Is she hiding in such a gloomy place?" Ackman asked.

Kanina, sensing something in this quiet swamp, perked up her ears. "Kyu, kyu, kyu-!'

"Ackman, be careful! The master of the mountain is warning us. This place smells of death."

"Even without her telling me, I can already smell how moldy and gross it is." Ackman sighed and looked around, but all he saw was more of the same swamp. They could only quietly walk toward the center and avoid the bog as much as possible.

"Can we trust this butterfly…?" Ackman gave the innocent butterfly spirit a suspicious look.

"Wait!" Elan shushed him. “There's something weird here. Ackman, can't you hear that? The spirits are whispering…"

Sure enough, Ackman began to focus and also heard something.


It was like the vibration from a monstrous foot stomp.


On top of that, they heard a strange sound that could best be described as a secret doorknock, but the most decisive evidence of something being off was the shaking and rumbling of the ground.

WHOOM! Crack—!

"What?! This…! Don't tell me!" Ackman urgently exclaimed, but it was already too late.


It turned out that, rather than solid earth, they were standing on a dirt-covered plank. Of course, it only made sense that such thin planks would break under Kanina’s weight.

"It's a trap!" Ackman, along with Kanina and Elan, fell into the trap. A moment later, the undead converged on them in an ambush.


"Crack, crack!"

"Sylph! Guide us!" Elan urgently summoned a wind spirit, which was enough for him and Ackman to pull themselves from the pit.


"KYUUU!" Unfortunately, Kanina was just too heavy.

"Clack, clack! Clack!"


Skeleton soldiers struck the giant rabbit while ghouls unleashed poison from their mouths in a combined attack.

"Kyuu, kyu-!" Kanina cried out from the combined attack.

Ackman used his Divine Power and emitted light from his right hand. "Oh, light. Judge the dead!"

[Judgment of Light]


The undead began to disintegrate under the bright light that Ackman created by converting his mana into Divine Power, but it wasn’t enough.

"Haa… Why are there so many?" It was like trying to evaporate water with intense heat—destroying larger numbers of undead required comparably larger amounts of Divine Power and mana. Converting mana to Divine Power was a fundamental aspect of his Trait’s buffs as well.

"Kyuu… Kyu, kyu." Kanina was finally able to try breaking out of the trap due to the reduced number of undead.

"A-Ackman…!" Elan called out to him in panic.

"Yes…? What's wrong?"

"Look around…" Elan’s voice was filled with despair.

Ackman took a glance around and understood Elan’s reaction. "C-crazy…"


Ghouls and skeletons emerged from the ground as if they'd just woken up.

'Dozens? Hundreds?' He saw a simply unreasonable amount of them—it was as if they were just sprouting from the earth. 'She’s supposed to be an F-rank Necromancer…?'

The ‘Witch’s Fragment’ allowed Sumire to awaken her dark magic, which was far beyond Ackman’s comprehension as a Blue Priest.


There was an unidentified roar, and the once-quiet swamp became filled with the sounds of skeletons clacking their jaws and the howling of ghouls. It was enough to break an ordinary hunter’s spirit, but Ackman took a deep breath.

"I can’t believe I’m being forced to use this already…" he mumbled.

Elan looked at him in surprise. "Ackman, don't tell me."

"I’ll use the artifact the church gave me. I can only use it once, but…" Since he was the youngest Blue Priest and had attracted so much attention due to the games, the church had given him something special.


The particles of light in his hand formed a scripture in the form of one of the church’s unique books—the Book of Judgment.

"Reveal the first chapter of the Book of Judgment! Deus's Crusaders!"


Light pierced down through the dark clouds and hit the ground, where it illuminated three knights standing in the hellish swamp.

"Deus's Crusaders! Judge the undead with the power of light!" At Ackman’s command, they easily slaughtered the approaching undead with their shields and swords. It didn’t matter that the undead outnumbered them a hundred to one—their divine weapons and shields annihilated any undead who even touched them.

"To think Gaon’s necromancer would set such a trap… She’s smarter than I thought…" Ackman felt dizzy—a common side effect of mana deficiency.

"Ackman, are you alright?" Elan asked.

Ackman took a deep breath to calm down. The skill he’d used was merely from the first of 10 chapters, but it was all he could do with his mana. 'I finally managed to borrow a unique-rank artifact… but I can’t even use it correctly.'

It was simply too strong for him.

"Anyway… Let's find the necromancer before she creates more undead. I'll cast a buff on Kanina." He wanted to end the game while he had the upper hand.

Trrr- Whoosh!

"Page of Blessing!"


'Finally, a good buff.' He’d buffed Kanina with the [Vicious Honey Badger] effect that temporarily increased physical strength.

"Kyuuuu~!" Kanina roared into the sky as her eyes turned red.

"Get on! Ackman!" Elan was planning to take decisive action while Deus's Crusaders were holding off the undead. 

"Alright. Let's find her and send her back to the waiting room." Ackman thought it was a good idea as well.

Kanina took off at incredible speed as soon as the two of them were on and trampled over the undead ahead of them in a frenzied charge.


"Over there! She's there!" They finally saw Sumire. 

When the girl saw them, she began to shout in what was a feigned tone of distress, as if she wanted them to hear her. "Ah-! How did they find me so fast…? If this goes on, I might get caught…!" She ran deeper into the swamp.

"There she is! If we miss her now, it's over! Catch her!"

"Necromancer! I won't let you get away!"

Ackman and Elan took the bait, and Kanina burst forth in pursuit.


* * *

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Sumire managed to create a huge amount of undead within just an hour of starting and gained a large amount of fame from that, but she had a concern…

'No matter how many skeletons and ghouls there are, they won't be a decisive factor!' The scalability of her skill was the issue—she couldn’t read peak effectiveness with only ghouls and skeletons.

'I need something that can deliver a decisive blow!' In the end, she came up with a plan that involved being chased by Kanina.

'Just a bit more. I must run a bit faster~!' She hadn’t planned on using such a method at first, but she’d be at a disadvantage against Ackman’s Divine Power if she confronted them directly. 

If that was the case, then how could her most powerful summoned creature unleash its strongest move before he could weaken it?

'Faster… I must lead them to a certain place in the swamp.' There was still quite some distance between her and Kanina, but she ran forward with renewed effort. She was using mana to strengthen her body but wasn’t used to physical efforts and quickly began to tire.

"Give up! You're going to be eliminated here!"


"Ah!" Sumire stumbled over a vine but regained her balance and kept running. Everything was going as she planned, and the only variable was her performance.

She clenched her fists and thought of her party members. 'YuSung…'

[Sumire, this fried chicken is delicious.] Of course, his face was the first thing that came to her mind. He was her pillar, and he always had faith in her.

Next, she thought of EunAh. 'EunAh…'

[This is good. I don't like stews, but this one is quite edible. Huh? It isn't a stew, but a hot pot? Isn't that the same thing?] Though the girl looked prickly at first, she had a warm heart and was Sumire’s important colleague.

Then, she thought of Velvet, who had recently joined the team. 'Velvet…'

[Velvet cake has velvet in the name! Kyahang! As expected, I’m amazing!] Everything Sumire was already familiar with was a new experience for the little dragon. She was happy someone could grow through those joyful and precious experiences.

Lastly, she thought of the person who handled spicy food the best. 'Amy…'

[Ah~ As expected, Sumire's spicy crab curry is the best!]

'I can't lose.' Her team’s victory was on her shoulders, so she’d thought of the best, least-risky plan to rise to the occasion.


After reaching the edge of the swamp, Sumire turned around. "Witch's Dark Magic! Summoner Link!" She extended her hand, and a line of blue mana connected to something within the swamp.

[The summoner's mana is being transferred to the summoned creature.]

[Summoned Creature: Bone Dragon]

[The dragon has been charging his breath for 21 seconds.]

[Accumulated energy has exceeded 100%.]

She ignored the warnings and continued.


"Bone dragon!" The bone dragon rose from the swamp, reborn from a transcendent species as the Lord of Death. As a rank 6 boss, its overwhelming presence sent shivers down the spine.

Sumire pointed to Kanina and shouted, "Dark Breath-!" It was her final command, and the bone dragon emitted a black sphere of blazing energy.

"What?! A bone dragon?!" Ackman shouted in surprise.

"Ackman! Snap out of it! All we can do now is retreat and trust Kanina!"

Ackman rolled off Kanina's back, falling to the ground. There was no time for him to harness his Divine Power. Just like Sumire trusted her bone dragon, all he could do was trust Kanina.

"Bone dragon!” Sumire shouted. “This Dark Breath contains the bonds between me and my friends!"

"Blow its head off before it can finish!" Ackman shouted.

Elan chimed in with. "Kanina! You can do it!"

Everyone’s wishes came together as they cried out and poured their souls into their summons.


Kanina, the lucky rabbit…

Against the bone dragon, the Lord of Death…

It was the battle of the century, with the futures of both teams on the line.

Their clash couldn't be stopped, and fate itself held its breath.


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