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Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator – Bob ]

[Proofreader – ilafy ]


Chapter 63


Metro City’s giant stadium…


The ceiling roared as it closed itself over the structure, bathing the interior pitch-black. Two spotlights shone over the stadium, highlighting the stage.

Flash! Flash! Flash!

 On the stage were the MC and the commentator. The audience cheered at the sight.

“Hello, everyone! It’s me, Yu HanNah! Looks like the stadium is already heated up with anticipation for the Representative Selection!”

Skillfully completing her intro, she glanced over at Mei Lin. The other woman had an exasperated look on her face.

“…And I’m the commentator, Mei Lin.”

She wasn’t a fan of getting that much attention from the public, but it wasn’t something she could help. Mei Lin was, in fact, one of the most popular hunters in the entire Association.

‘If it wasn’t a request from the Association president, I wouldn’t have…!’

[Cool & beautiful! Goddess! Mei Lin!]

[Academy City’s… wingless fairy★]

People were even holding up signs for her in the audience like the ones you would see in idol concerts. Mei Lin’s face, set in a hard grimace, showed her blatant distaste for the whole situation. Even so, her fans cheered when the camera landed on her.


Mei Lin quickly turned her head away, face flushed red with embarrassment. 

Yu HanNah smoothly continued the proceedings.

“Okay, everyone. Before we show you all the students and the results of the preliminary votings, we’ll explain the rules of the Selection as well as how broadcasting it will work!”


A detailed explanation appeared on the screen.

[Rules and Things to Know]

1. Participants are allowed to use any kind of strategy possible.

2. When a participant has accumulated enough damage to be considered disqualified, they will be ejected out of the portal.

3. The portal is connected to an artificial space created using mana. (Don’t worry, any wounds inflicted on students do not affect their real bodies!★)

4. Up to three artifacts and hunter gears may be in possession at a time in one’s Pockets.

5. Any supporters’ messages will be censored as needed by the event organizers. (Let’s keep the competition fair and equal for all!)

“And in the case that you want to keep watching a certain student you’re rooting for, turn your eyes from the official broadcast towards the individual broadcasts hosted by their supporters!”

The broadcasting rights that Amy had wanted so dearly were used for said individual broadcasts.

The more popular the student one supported, the higher the viewership would obviously be for the broadcast. YuSung and Adela were rather sought-out students in that regard.

“Now, then! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! We will show you the results of our preliminary votes!”

1st – Adela Ortensia (43%)

2nd – Shin YuSung (39%)

3rd – Na JiHye (7%)

An overwhelming difference.

The results of the vote were functionally meaningless, seeing as the selections hadn’t even started yet. Even so, one could tell that YuSung and Adela were incredibly popular.

“As expected, our first and second-place students are Adela and Shin YuSung, both hailing from Gaon Academy! Gaon is famous for being a top-class school. Our third-place student is Na JiHye from Inno Academy!”

So ended Yu HanNah’s explanation. Mei Lin slowly opened her mouth. 

“…Preliminary votings are just that: preliminary. Whether these students will reach the finals is a different story.”

Despite saying that, she had already decided in her heart that the finalists would be YuSung and Adela.

‘Taking the skill levels of the participants into consideration, the finals are near-guaranteed to be a fight between those two.’

Therefore, her words were said only out of courtesy.

A seasoned veteran, Yu HanNah quickly picked up the thread Mei Lin had left behind.

“True enough! Even if you weren’t ranked in the preliminary vote, don’t give up! There’s no telling what the results of the competition will be, nor how the final vote will turn out!”

The explanation ended there. As it did so, the rest of the lights turned on, revealing the students that had been hidden in the darkness.

—The top student of her year at Gaon, Adela.

—The disciple of the Fist King, Shin YuSung.

—Na JiHye of Inno Academy, as well. The students were lined up neatly according to the number of votes they had received in the preliminary polls.

YuSung looked at the tens of thousands of people sitting in the stands—every seat was filled to the brim.

‘…So this is the Representative Selection,’ he pondered.

YuSung had shown great results in both the Association’s dungeon raid competition and in his extracurriculars. 

The selections, however, were on a completely different scale. It was a national event enjoyed by people all around the country—an event that would decide a sole party leader to represent the country and prove Korea’s might to the world.

‘…I’m sure that Master is watching me.’

The Fist King was the person who had emphasized the importance of the International Competition above all. It was a place to fight strong people from all over the world—a great opportunity for one to get stronger. It was one that YuSung, who was aiming to become the strongest hunter in the world, couldn’t miss.

‘I won’t be able to look him in the eyes if I manage to lose here.’

YuSung smiled in a carefree manner as he thought that. Compared to his goal, it was nothing but the starting line.

– Whoaaaa!

Cheers spilled over from the audience as the cameras captured YuSung’s smile. Yu HanNah, as the MC, watched it happen proudly.

‘He really is popular.’

As proof, the ratings were shooting up. 

Korea’s Selections were rather popular on their own, considering the fact that the country was considered one of the top producers of hunters in the world. Of course, the participants that the viewers were interested in most were by and far Adela and YuSung.

—Adela, with an unmarred win streak.

—YuSung, the disciple of the Fist King.

Even if they were students, their names held incredible value.

‘It’ll be interesting no matter who wins. For the narrative, though… I’m sure that it’ll be better if the native Korean contestant wins.’

Yu HanNah finished the calculations in her head. 

“Now!” she cried with an exuberant grin, “We will begin the Representative Selection!”

The students entered the portal one by one amidst the crowd’s cheers and applause.

* * *


Reaper Scans

Translator - Bob

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

A neatly organized desk…

Shin HaYoon, the president-elect, was watching a broadcast of the Representative Selection, posture relaxed. Her fingers were loosely tented.


She laughed with her eyes narrowed as if finding something amusing. Lee Hyuk found that side of her unfamiliar.

“This is the first time I’ve seen you take so much interest in a first-year student.”

“Ah, yes. I know him from way back.”

Even as he was talking, HaYoon’s gaze was locked on YuSung, who was being displayed on the screen.

Lee Hyuk couldn’t figure out just how an orphan and someone from the Shin-oh family would ever have the opportunity to meet each other.

The only point of similarity they had was that they had the same surname.

“…I wonder,” muttered HaYoon, in her usual, cold tone.

“Who will the winner be?”


HaYoon had a hard time holding in her laughter. It truly was an amusing scenario she was observing.

“Whatever it is, looks like you’re having fun with it,” replied Lee Hyuk.

Curious as to what he meant, she checked her reflection in a nearby mirror.


The corner of her mouth had tilted up without her noticing. HaYoon lightly bit her lip, only to let the rest of her bright grin spread across her face.

“I guess I was looking forward to this too much.”

She was not talking about the winner of the Selection. In fact, what she was referring to was the reaction of the prideful head of the Shin-oh clan, her own father.

‘…Will the clan head finally admit that he had judged wrongly?’

If YuSung emerged victorious in the selection, the clan head’s judgement would be put under question by the members of his own family—that much was inevitable.

The fact that he had personally thrown away an unpolished gem valuable enough to be picked as the representative of Korea…

The fact that he didn’t have the skills to polish the gem in the first place, unlike the Fist King…

‘If it really were to happen, I’m sure that there would be at least one person tripping over themselves to bring YuSung up to him.’

HaYoon seemed to enjoy the idea of the trouble it would bring, despite the fact that it would affect her family and her father. 

Lee Hyuk, not knowing anything about the situation, simply nodded at her comment.

“I’ve heard bits and pieces about what they’ve accomplished so far. I’m looking forwards to this event as well.”

“…That so? Good to hear. Shall we watch the broadcast together?

HaYoon began clearing the documents off her desk as she said so. Lee Hyuk sighed, exasperated.

“Fine. Just two hours, though, there’s something planned in a bit…”

“Sure,” she acquiesced.

That was plenty of time for HaYoon, who had already exceeded the strength of her instructors, to measure YuSung’s skills.

* * * *

—Densely-cropped trees.

—A green forest, filled to the brim with tiny, frolicking animals.

The location that YuSung had arrived in after entering the portal was some sort of mountain.

‘…This is all fake?’

Even the smells and sounds felt realistic, giving off an authentic experience. It was, however, an artificial space created with mana for the selection. Thanks to its existence, any fatal wound would simply eject the participant out of the portal—the person’s body would suffer no harm.


While YuSung was standing there, impressed at the technology the Association possessed, a blue hologram appeared from his Pocket.

[We will start giving you information regarding the Representative Selection.]

[Chosen map – Sarnia Island]

[Starting Area – Mount Sarnia]

[Participants start at random locations. Use all methods at hand to survive until only two of you are left.]


Amy had already given YuSung the explanation regarding the Selection. Thankfully, Sarnia Island was one of the maps that he had the chance to study beforehand.


[Amy♥: oho, sarnia! nice, nice! i remember pretty much everything there is to know about this place! ٩(๑˃̶   ⌣  ˂̶)و]

[Amy♥: hmm, and if you’re starting on the mountain, generally the best move to make is to follow the mountain ridge and get a good view of the area.]

Good things give you more joy if they are shared with other people.

Amy, who had been watching along, sent him a message in excitement.

“No, I have my own idea.”

But YuSung didn’t need her plan. He quickly crouched down and placed his palm on the soil. Then, using his Trait, he heightened his concentration to the utmost.

– Step. Step.

He could feel the vibrations through his fingertips.

Then he used his ears to listen to the tiniest of sounds as if they were being produced right next to him.

– “Ugh, which way’s the creek?”

– “It’s gotta be below here somewhere.”

‘So they’re looking for a stream.’

He didn’t know who the owner of the voice was, but the actions they were taking were logical. If they moved through the shallow stream of water, they could erase all traces of their footprints, making it harder for their opponents to track them.

On top of that, Sarnia Island’s creeks had one characteristic: they all led to a village. Thus, another benefit to following one was that one could find the village without getting lost.

‘Judging by the direction…’

YuSung predicted which route his opponent would take and hid himself behind an appropriate tree. Just as he did, his opponent began heading in his direction, cutting a path through the foliage.

“Ugh, why did they even make the bugs realistic here? I can smell animal poop, too…”

They were complaining loudly at their supporter. Their actions were much too casual and had a high chance of broadcasting their location to their enemies.

‘A boy. Just one.’

The closer the other boy got, the quieter YuSung breathed, erasing all traces of his presence. And right when his opponent was about to pass by him…

“Dunno, to look good, I guess. Since it’s broadcasted, a bunch of people will see me, too… Urk!”

He struck the boy in the neck with a knifehand strike.


The poor guy immediately lost consciousness from YuSung’s clean blow. A hologram appeared from YuSung’s Pocket right after.

[Yoon MoonBok from YooSeon Academy has fainted.]

[Recovery determined to be impossible. Disqualified.]

[163 people are left.]


The hologram disappeared. The male student turned into blue pixels; then also vanished—like dust in the wind.

YuSung watched it all happen, amazed. ‘So that’s how the disqualified are taken care of.’

Similarly, Amy was also amazed by YuSung’s skills.

[Amy♥: party leader-nim…? you already disqualified someone… how…? it hasn’t even been a minute yet…]

Amy realized yet again that YuSung was incomprehensibly strong.



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