Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 120


In an old-fashioned treehouse placed within a beautiful outdoor garden with a flowing stream, Sakura spoke in a serious voice.

"What brings you here?"

Unlike her usual self, she wore a ponytail. She was also wearing orange sunglasses and informal clothes. 

Lee SiWoo took a sip of black tea and casually asked,  "Please, become my sparring partner. It’ll last until I’m satisfied."

Sakura's eyes narrowed, and she ended up sighing. "You're going to keep the promise, right…?"

"Yes. You've also done a good job. If the dojo reopens, it will be recognized as a training place for City Guards again."

That was why Lee SiWoo had gone to see his father again. The family wanted him to use guns again and, after graduating from the Academy, for him to become his father's successor.

'Well, I have no intention of going under my father again.'

Lee SiWoo smiled at Sakura and calmly said, "So, what's your answer?"

Sakura had no reason to refuse Lee SiWoo's proposal, but she couldn't help but feel it was a bit unpleasant.

"But… why are you planning to help our dojo?" Sakura asked as she gave him a suspicious look.

"It just didn't feel good to leave things as they were. The archery taught in your dojo is indeed great, and I felt that my father forced something he shouldn’t have."

Sakura’s wariness eased when she heard his explanation. "Hmm… Then why do you want me as a sparring partner?"

SiWoo looked her in the eyes as he replied to her question. "There's no particular reason. It's just that you're the best shooter I know."

Sakura smirked, and it seemed like she enjoyed that answer.

"We’ll do it until the second round starts," she firmly said.

Lee SiWoo extended his hand.

"That'll be enough."

What Lee SiWoo needed was time to recover his shooting senses. He needed to wipe away the rust and regain his former skill.


* * * *


Two days had passed since he began absorbing the Thousand-Year-Old Jade.

It wasn’t enough time to get much stronger, but Shin YuSung felt a huge change within his body.

'This strength…'

Large amounts of mana moved deep within his body.

If the mana Shin YuSung already had was like a calm lake, the mana of the Thousand-Year-Old Jade was like a stormy sea.

'It's a massive amount of mana, but it's also dangerous…'

The strength was different from the strength of his normal mana.

'If I can control this strength, then I'll definitely…'

Shin YuSung clenched his fists. It was already impressive that he'd absorbed the strength of the Thousand-Year-Old Jade, but he was also trying to freely use that strength.

"YuSung, can I really go all out?" Kim EunAh asked him.

YuSung looked at Kim EunAh. She was laying on a tree, giving him a worried look.

She knew that YuSung was strong, but as a party member, she couldn't help but be worried.

Kim EunAh fiddled with her Pocket.

"Should I put the barrier up just in case?"

"No. It's better without the barrier." Shin YuSung shook his head. 

He needed to increase his senses, so having something like a barrier up was bothersome to him.

"Hmm… Okay…"

She was asked to attack a partner with all her might, but despite not liking it, it was Shin YuSung who asked, so she couldn't help but accept.


Paf! BZZT!!

A blue light surged around her, and the electricity had no sense of speed to it.

EunAh’s only weakness appeared when she was preparing to attack. One could react to the attack just before she fully committed to it. If one missed that opportunity, the electricity would fry them.

'To think he'd try to go against such an attack head-on…'

EunAh focused mana onto her right hand. She was going to use a new skill she'd obtained after absorbing the Thunder Dragon's Orb.



It was an image that was easy for her to envision.

As Kim EunAh shouted, an orca made of lightning came down from the sky. The orca stopped on the palm of her right hand.


* * *

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