Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 201


If things had gone as planned, then they would have taken a break to prepare for the International Competition the next day, but the dragon hatchling threw any idea of a break out the window.

[Breaking News at Gaon Academy!]

[A dragon was born from an egg?!]

[Nothing like this is even recorded in the Tower Records!]

Mei Lin arrived from the Association and was lost for words.

“We’ve never seen anything like this… We’ll tell you what to do after our meeting next week.”

No matter how many times she looked at it, she just couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

'Is this kid really a dragon?' She wondered. In the end, she had no choice but to believe it.

In front of her, a child who looked to be about seven years old had real horns on their head, and that wasn’t all…

"Kyahang-! My name's Velvet! Call me by my name!"

Though the dragon had been born the day before, it had polymorphed into a cute girl and could already speak well. As one would expect from Sardonyx’s offspring, she was also incredibly intelligent.

'She truly is a dragon…'

Velvet hid behind YuSung’s legs to avoid her disbelieving stare. Things were getting awkward, so Lin decided to take her leave.

"Ah, okay. Then… I’ll see you two in a week,” she said as she left.

The club members looked at each other, all equally shocked by the dragon’s birth.

"What should we do…?" EunAh mumbled.

"Miss! Your surprise is understandable! This is hard to believe. I never even saw anything like this during my eight years as the Toy King!” The orca said. Though he agreed with her, EunAh thought he was a problem as well.

"The orca doll suddenly started talking, and now there’s a polymorphed dragon…” Sakura, who still hadn’t turned to Japan, calmly said, “This is closer to a circus than to an organized party.”

As the one who’d been holding the egg, Adela seemed to be getting along with Velvet well.

"Kyahang-! Adela, mom! Everyone's coming to see me. I'm popular!" Velvet yelled.

To Adela, it felt like the whole room was brightening up. "M… Mom?"

"Yes! Mom! Mommy Adela held me until I was born! It was refreshing and nice!”

Adela hugged the dragon child and mumbled her name. "Velvet…" 

EunAh clicked her tongue. "How very moving~"

"Ahh. Yes, EunAh! It's moving!" Sumire said. She was wiping her tears with her handkerchief and, unlike EunAh, seemed to be sincere.

"I was being sarcastic!” EunAh shouted. “What is this, an orphanage?!" She was slowly losing her mind.

SiWoo put Sakura out of mind for the moment and looked at Velvet in disapproval.

"Well, I guess we have no other choice,” he said. “We'll have to stay with this kid for the week."

"Ahh! Angry! I'm not a kid! I'm Velvet!" The polymorphed dragon replied from Adela’s arms.

YuSung tried to play his role as party leader and mediate. "Yes, this is better. We did what we wanted to in the Tower, so we should all get some needed rest now.”

When he smiled at Velvet, EunAh narrowed her eyes and said, "Hey… Are you planning to play with that kid for a week?"

He tried to nod, but her look told him that he was forgetting something.

"Didn't you promise me something…?" She asked.

* * *

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* * *


YuSung tried his best to remember. 'A promise I made to EunAh…'

Mana coursed through his body, and the events in the Tower played back through his head in less than a fraction of a second until he found it.

'Ah… I see now…'

It was back when he arrived with Adela in the club room. When he’d mentioned staying with Sumire, EunAh had said…

[I'll end up forgetting how you look at this rate.]

It was as if he could still hear what EunAh had told him that day.

[You told me you'd return right after the raid ended, but you didn't even call me once.]

There was only one thing he had left to remember…

[If you're sorry… There’s somewhere I’d like to go with you when you return.]

"I haven't forgotten, EunAh."

"You're not lying, right…?" She turned her head in satisfaction, and her index finger moved to show she was feeling better in a similar manner to how a dog’s tail wagged.

Adela seemed to think EunAh’s lightened attitude was a good opportunity for her to bring something up. "Then… I'll be in charge of Velvet for a week…"

"Ah! Adela, you just got back, so you should rest!" Sumire exclaimed.

"But…" Adela tried to argue.

"It's okay. We can take turns with Velvet!"

Since Sumire was considered fair and reasonable, everyone readily accepted her suggestion. SiWoo was the only one who seemed hesitant as he looked at Velvet.

"Playing with a kid? Well… One or two days is no problem," he said.

"Calling me a kid again…?! Grr… Be careful! I can spit fire!" Velvet spat back at SiWoo’s remark.

Sakura laughed as if she were enjoying the situation. "Okay~” She said. “When would we get another opportunity like this? I'm going to help. I want to raise a child with SiWoo!"

SiWoo looked dissatisfied, but he couldn't say it was a misunderstanding. The two might not have been formally dating, but everyone else pretty much assumed it already.

[Parenting Velvet!]

[1st day! - Not assigned]

[2nd day! - Not assigned]

[3rd day! - Not assigned]


Sumire even made a schedule. 

Then, she grabbed Velvet’s hands and kindly said, "Velvet! Should we make cookies and cake together?"

"Kyang! C-cake?! Are you talking about that red and sweet thing?"

"Ah, you mean velvet cake? Of course! We can make it together with sweet cocoa!"

"Yay~! Mommy Sumire is the best!"

Though Sumire was 17, she had taken care of her siblings from a very young age and could care for Velvet as if she were her mother.

Adela gave Sumire an admiring look. 'To think Velvet would look that happy…'

Unlike Adela, who had a cold outward appearance, Sumire looked like a kind mother. That wasn't something you could learn—it was a characteristic you were born with.

Adela watched Sumire take Velvet to the kitchen and thought, 'One day, I'll also be like her…'

Sumire used to be the worst student, but she’d become someone Adela, the best student, admired.

Life was full of unexpected events.


* * *


Classical music played from the private limousine’s speaker, but unlike usual, EunAh’s bodyguard wasn’t present. YuSung sat with her instead.

"You haven’t left Academy City the normal way for a while, right?" EunAh asked as she looked out the window with her sunglasses on.

YuSung nodded and took banana milk from the limousine’s fridge. "Yes. I’ve only ever left through portals."

"That's great. Take this chance to catch some fresh air. We’ll be spending the next two days together, after all."

EunAh hadn't told him where they were going, but she’d planned some things that weren’t too grandiose. Things like watching movies, going to amusement parks, etc.

"Well, just tell me if it gets annoying for you…"

Maybe it was because they’d been in the same party for a while, but YuSung was able to figure out how she was really feeling.

He knew that, despite what she'd just said, she was excited. She wouldn’t have been slightly moving to the rhythm of the classical music if she weren’t feeling good.

'I already knew she wasn’t honest with herself…'

"No. I'm excited," he said.

Her face flushed, and she reached up to scratch her cheek. It seemed she was embarrassed.

"I… Hmm… am also excited. It's been a while since I've gone out…" She was a bit more honest with herself that time.


Outside, they saw waves breaking over rocks at sea. Their limo was the only vehicle around.

"This is our group's exclusive road… I wanted to go right away, but Mom and Dad said they wanted to greet you."

They were waved through by a guard, and the limo started its way down a well-paced road.

"Ah, that's right,” EunAh added. “Grandfather said he wants to meet you as well.”

Why was it that, though he’d never had a proper conversation with SeokHan other than when he met them at the banquet, YuSung felt chills down his spine?

As it turned out, his innate hunches were very precise, even in moments like that.


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