Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 123


If Alkaid Hall was a place for select VIPs, Alioth Hall was where they'd gathered delicious food from around the world.

Kim EunAh brought Shin YuSung a dessert, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Huh? Where's YuSung?" Kim EunAh asked in confusion. 

"I don't know. Maybe he went out a little bit?" Amy, who had already fallen for the food, gave her an uninterested answer.

"But I picked out and brought food for him…"

EunAh looked at the beef Wellington on the plate she’d brought for YuSung, who really liked meat. Not only that but there was also tiramisu—the first dessert he'd tasted at the cafe.

"Haa… This lobster is crazy. I feel like my tongue is about to melt…" Amy fussed as she continued to eat the food.

EunAh continued to look for YuSung, but he was still nowhere to be seen after five minutes of searching.

'When is he coming?'

Kim EunAh absently scratched the plate with a ford.

"Haa… I'd like to eat like this every day. Ah, EunAh! Can I taste that tiramisu?" Amy said, her mouth full of food.

Amy eyed the tiramisu, her eyes shining, but EunAh was feeling a bit annoyed at YuSung’s absence.

"No. I'm going to eat it all, so get one yourself."

It was too much to eat alone, but still, EunAh ate a spoon of it.

The soft sensation of cream, cheese, and coffee powder spread through her mouth.

A familiar scent remained on EunAh's nose.

'What's this smell…?'

The smell was kahlúa—alcohol made with a variant of arabica coffee was in the tiramisu.


'It's really delicious… Although there isn't anything he doesn't eat, he's definitely going to like this.'

Kim EunAh took another spoon of tiramisu and thought about how YuSung always ordered tiramisu when he went to a cafe.

'He doesn't like coffee because it's too bitter… Yet he likes coffee cake.'

From what Kim EunAh had seen, YuSung favored sweet things.

'Who eats tiramisu with banana milk in a cafe…?'


'Stupid… Besides tiramisu and banana milk… there are many other delicious desserts from around the world…'

Kim EunAh sighed and ate another spoonful of tiramisu.


* * * *


The night sky could be seen from Alkaid Hall's terrace. Sumire gave YuSung a serious look before she opened her mouth to speak.

"I got this message earlier today, but I feel like I need to show it to you, YuSung."

"A message?" YuSung asked.

Sumire nodded and touched her Pocket.


A name YuSung was familiar with appeared.

[Club Application Form]

[Club Name - Hunter's Club]

[Leader - 2nd-year S-class Shin HaYoon]

Shin HaYoon…

YuSung frowned when he read the name. There wasn't anyone in the Academy that didn't know that Sumire was part of Shin YuSung's party, yet HaYoon had sent something like that.

It was too lowly to even call it a provocation.

Also, one could easily see what Shin HaYoon was after just by glancing at the contract.

[Hunter Contract]

[Client - Shin HaYoon]

[Target - Hanajima Sumire]

[Detail - Admin Shin HaYoon will pay 100K USD every month for six months in total.]

[Detail 2 - If the contract is accepted, you'll have to do nine requests every month (rank 4 or lower).]

* * *

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* * *

Kim EunAh didn't have any needs in terms of money, and Amy was also from a wealthy family, so she’d targeted Sumire. 

With HaYoon's influence and Sumire's improved skills, it wouldn’t be hard to earn more than the contract specified.

That aside, it was clear that wasn't HaYoon's real goal. If she wanted to give her nine jobs a month, that meant that she wanted to make Sumire leave YuSung's party.


Shin YuSung's expression hardened. 100K USD every month… 600K in six months—It was an amount of money that only a guild could afford.

Despite HaYoon being a student, she was administering the club in a legal yet aggressive way. 

YuSung hadn’t realized the weight of money at first, but that wasn't the case anymore.

100K USD was too much of a temptation for someone like Sumire, who was helping her family.

Sumire tugged on the ends of her sleeves.

"Uhm, YuSung…?" She was wondering how she would convey her thoughts to YuSung and decided to say it directly. "I heard… about your and the student council president's relation…"

Maybe it was because she was lacking in self-confidence after the incident, but it was easy for her to pick up on things like that.

"You don't have a good relationship. Right? That's why the student council president…" Sumire carefully asked.

Shin YuSung nodded. "Yes. She wants to separate us, after all."

Shin HaYoon had clearly said that she would get Shin YuSung. She'd said that she'd give him the best treatment and requested that he return to the family.

That wasn’t something YuSung could do. He wasn’t training so hard to return to the family or serve as HaYoon’s underling, after all.

What he wanted was to prove his worth as the disciple of Fist King Yu WonHak and to test his worth and limits as a hunter. In order to achieve that, his goal was to become the strongest, and that was also why he didn’t intend to serve under someone.

As complex emotions became apparent on YuSung's face, Sumire grabbed his right hand with both hands.

It was something that the previous Sumire wouldn't have dared to do, and YuSung was surprised at the unexpected gesture.


He felt the warmth emanating from her hands.

Sumire looked up at him and said, "YuSung…" with a serious look in her eyes.

It was the first time she had looked at him in such a way.

"You can rely on me a bit more… if you're struggling with something."

YuSung was trying to solve the problems that Shin HaYoon created to bother him. Besides that, he'd never shown Sumire his weak side.

For Sumire, YuSung was always strong, and she admired him.

"I'm… not as strong as you, YuSung… and I'm also not as intelligent… so I'm not sure if I could be helpful." Sumire gathered courage and kept talking. "But still… I want to at least listen to your worries."

Her courage only lasted for a moment, and her face reddened as she became aware of YuSung’s stare. 

"B-because… we're p-party members!" Sumire quickly let his hands go.

"Yes. Thank you, Sumire." YuSung gave her a soft smile, and she gazed back at him with a blank expression.

Three seconds of silence passed.

Surprised, it took her a few moments to return to her senses. "Ah! I… I…! I want to stay in your party, YuSung!" she quickly added.

Her rushed reply and honest appearance made YuSung’s worries vanish.

"Even if they gave me a couple of million… I want to stay in this party…" Sumire suddenly stopped talking and lowered her face. "That's why… you don’t need to worry about this proposal."

He felt as if a heavy weight had disappeared and was about to say something when…


The terrace door opened.

Tap! Tap!

He heard footsteps approaching and a weird laugh.

"He… Hehe."


Someone hugged Shin YuSung.

"Our~ YuSung~ So you were here?"

"M-Miss EunAh?!"

Sumire's eyes widened. It appeared that EunAh had gotten drunk off of the tiramisu. 

"E-EunAh?” YuSung asked in surprise.

Kim EunAh, drunk, jumped up from behind and grabbed Shin YuSung's cheeks.

"You cutie~ Where were you?"

EunAh, smiling mischievously, was the first person at the banquet who had gotten drunk off of a traditional tiramisu.