Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

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Chapter 119


Within Gaon's reception room…

Kim YunHa and Shin YuSung sat across from each other. Although she looked similar to Kim EunAh, her atmosphere was completely different.

"Then I’ll talk to you more casually."


YuSung nodded at Kim YunHa's smile, and then she finally opened her mouth while making a relaxed expression.

"Our EunAh has been causing quite a bit of trouble, right…?"

Shin YuSung shook his head. "It's me who's receiving help. EunAh is a very helpful party member, after all."

"Really? Fufu… It makes me happy to hear good things about my child… But still, as a mother, I can't help but be worried."

Every time she raised the black tea, the atmosphere in the reception room got heavier. Kim YunHa raised her little finger and sipped the black tea.

Even that tiny movement portrayed her elegance.

"Even though EunAh tries to act strong, she's the type of person to easily get hurt. You know that, right?"

YuSung didn't answer her question. She’d shown her sensitive side when she’d opened her heart to him, but she'd also shown a huge mental strength when they hunted the rank 4 lake boss.

"Due to how she was raised, she doesn't care about what others think and likes to do things as she pleases. Not only that but because she gets easily wounded, she's quite prideful…"

Whish- Tap-

The spoon stirring the black tea stopped.

YunHa looked at Shin YuSung. "Even so, everyone in the family loves EunAh."

Shinsung Group's chairman and father, Kim SungHan…

Her mother, Kim YunHa…

And even her oppa, Kim JunHyuk. The entire family loved Kim EunAh, which was why she was special to them.

"Unlike us, EunAh is pure. It's really impressive~ Isn't it strange for someone like her to be born under such circumstances?"

She remained silent for a moment, a complex expression on her face, but then she sighed.

"Student YuSung… This is what our family thinks of EunAh. What do you think about her?"

At Kim YunHa's question, YuSung fell into thought. The first time he properly met Kim EunAh was during extracurricular activities. When he first met her, Kim EunAh portrayed an atmosphere of being the heir of a jaebol family that was cold and had a strong sense of pride.

The more they talked, the more YuSung realized that, just like him, she was a normal 17-year-old student.

EunAh felt anger at others’ stories, and she felt sad about his past. Not only that, but she was strong enough to stand against those who did wrong, and she was also weak enough to cry when she thought about her oppa.

"When I first asked if she wanted to join my party, it was because EunAh was outstanding."

Among the ‘Sevens’ of the 1st year, she was placed 2nd.

She had an electricity Trait that could bolster their team's firepower—that was what YuSung used to think about her when they didn’t know each other that well.

"Is that so…?" She looked at him as she drank her tea.

YuSung stared right back into her eyes. "That isn't the case anymore."

It was hard to explain with words, but Kim EunAh was an important party member to him, not just because she was outstanding.

No one would be able to replace her.

"In our party, EunAh is—"

"Wait." Kim YunHa extended her hand and stopped YuSung for a moment before she asked another question.

"I know that's what you think of her as a party member, but is that all?" Her expression made it look as if her pride had been hurt. 

YuSung, who had spent 12 years on Martial Spirits' Mountain, couldn't understand what Kim YunHa was talking about.

"No, it's a bit embarrassing to say this with my own mouth, but… EunAh looks so… Don't you find her pretty?" she said.

YuSung still looked confused.

Kim YunHa frowned. She wanted to advise that they leave personal feelings aside until they became adults, but seeing that there were no other feelings involved hurt her pride.


The tears Kim EunAh had shown in Japan.

Back when YunHa had seen the tears flowing from EunAh’s eyes in Japan, she had realized something…

Although EunAh didn't know it yet, Kim YunHa, her mother, knew what EunAh's emotions were.

'It seems like it is EunAh who…'

She was feeling a weird sense of defeat.

She couldn’t withstand her daughter being treated like that. It was only right that the other person liked her more than she liked them. If someone was to beg, it shouldn't be her.

Unfortunately, the reality was that it was the complete opposite.

"Student YuSung… From what EunAh told me, you wanted to come to the ShinSung Group’s banquet, right?"

It seemed like YunHa wasn't satisfied with YuSung thinking about her daughter as just an important party member.


"I realize how good of a person you are… so come… okay?"

YunHa's pride was hurt, so she made sure he would come. YuSung didn't realize the change in Kim YunHa and nodded while smiling brightly.


"Okay…! Student YuSung, I hope you keep taking good care of EunAh."

Although they were both smiling, YunHa was burning with a sense of competitiveness.


* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


In the club room after the incident…

As YuSung entered, Kim EunAh patted the sofa.

"Here!" She was telling him to sit next to her.

She asked him a question as he sat down.

"What did my mom say? She said something strange, right? Did she try to scare you? Did she ask you to kick me out of the party?"

"No. She just asked me to take good care of you."

"Take good care…? How weird. My mom isn't someone who'd say something like that." EunAh looked at YuSung with suspicious eyes. "You aren't lying, right…?"


"Hmm…" She sighed and then stood up.

"Then I'm glad! To be honest… I wouldn't have been surprised if my mother offered you a couple million and asked you to kick me out of the party."

A couple million…

It didn't sound like a joke if she was the one saying it.

"I would've rejected it. To me, my party members are more important than money."

Kim EunAh's ears turned red at YuSung’s answer.

"Forget it… Just prepare with the others to come to the banquet!"

After saying that, Kim EunAh walked out, and YuSung smiled as he watched her leave.

Many bothersome things had happened, but he was feeling satisfied. YuSung lay back on the sofa and looked outside.

'Should I go out today…?'


* * * *


The blue moon shone over the sky, and a woman wearing a suit looked down from the rooftop of a building.

"Target confirmed…" Her eyes were shining with blue light that indicated mana usage.

At that moment, she was watching a man walking through the darkness.

- Claw, can you do it alone?


She held an analog radio in her hand, and the audio quality was very poor. Even so, older communication equipment was better if they wanted to avoid government surveillance.

"The opponent is as strong as a rank 5 hunter… Three minutes is enough."

Her voice sounded mechanical as it was warped by her mask’s voice-changing capabilities.


- Really? I'm sorry to make you do it alone, but we need him if we want to get Cheat back.

Claw replied coldly, even to the man’s cordial voice.

"To think you'd give another opportunity to such a screw-up. It seems like you lack what it takes to be a leader."

- Don't be like that. We need Cheat's hacking capabilities. Okay, Claw?


A young woman’s voice was heard speaking over him.

- Hngh, I can't keep listening to you. You young ones, stop complaining.

The radio went silent.

Claw’s eyes shone sharply as she looked at her target.

'One must hunt when the target is alone.'

She waited for the hunt to begin.

Tap, tap, tap. 

As soon as the man was alone and stopped moving, she spoke in an intense voice, as if bestowing a death sentence upon the man. 

"Securing the target now…"



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