Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

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Chapter 106


After the incident…

Kim EunAh and Lee SuHyun, the two of them, were sitting on the bed with their backs touching each other.

EunAh had recovered some of her energy after eating the porridge. SuHyun sat next to her, wearing pajamas as well, and sighed.


Lee SuHyun narrowed her eyes and took a glimpse at EunAh.

"Hey, you know that, if we go and see your mother tomorrow, I'll immediately be fired, right? You should be thankful to me."

"Hmph, traitor…" Kim EunAh mumbled in a low voice.

She didn't seem angry, but she seemed annoyed. SuHyun shook her head.

"She ordered me. What could I have done? Do you know how scary your family is?"

EunAh clicked her tongue at SuHyun's words and turned her head away. SuHyun was feeling troubled.

'I've lost my mind. To think that I'd think of going against the madam…'

Kim YunHa, Kim EunAh's mother, after Kim SukHan, was the strongest among the Shinsung Group. Although SuHyun was a rank 6 hunter, going against Kim YunHa's orders was too burdensome.

Even amidst such a situation, SuHyun was worrying about EunAh.

"Your body's going to hurt tomorrow, so you should try to sleep."

"Whose fault is that…?" Kim EunAh complained in a low voice. Then she narrowed her eyes.

"Tomorrow… you're really taking me to mom, right?"

"Yes. I'll just accept my fate and take you there."

Lee SuHyun sighed after hearing EunAh's question.

"Haa… But why do you want to become a hunter? You're from a jaebol household, after all."

"Because I want to."

That was EunAh's simple answer.

Then it was EunAh’s turn to ask a question.

"Then why did you quit being a hunter? I heard you used to be quite successful."

"That's… Haa, do you really want to hear why?"

SuHyun, who seemed like she was about to say something, grabbed her forehead as if it hurt.

"No matter what, being a hunter…"

SuHyun suddenly remembered what YunHa had told her—becoming a hunter was too dangerous for her daughter.

Lee SuHyun, who was a rank 6 hunter, agreed with that.

"A day when something sad happens will inevitably come."

Lee SuHyun's bitter voice was serious.

"I just wasn't able to handle that."

To become a rank 6 hunter, Lee SuHyun had gone through many battles. Among them, she'd had to sacrifice a lot to succeed in raiding a dungeon or the Tower.

A small mistake could put everyone's life in danger.

Lee SuHyun really hated a lifestyle like that. Living a comfortable life working for the Shinsung Group was much better.

Kim EunAh fell into thought while patting the orca doll that was on top of her legs. After thinking for a while, she opened her mouth.

"Is that why you did that…?"

At Kim EunAh's question, Lee SuHyun remained silent for a while. She only opened her mouth after organizing her thoughts.

"Yes. You won't be able to handle it."

Lee SuHyun looked through her memories. Although Kim EunAh acted cold on the outside, she was quite a warm person in reality.

You could easily see that when she went to the hospital to see Kim JunHyun. She’d cried next to him for the entire day.

"It isn't that you aren't brave. Being a hunter is a really cruel job."

Lee SuHyun had a pained expression on her face.

"You'll eventually have to make a decision and say to yourself that it was the best one…"

Although she hadn't said it, Lee SuHyun was remembering something.

"Depending on the result, a situation when you must sacrifice a partner might come."

Lee SuHyun knew that the EunAh she knew wouldn't be able to make that decision. Maybe her soft personality might bring an even greater danger.

"You don't know the position in which you're in. You aren't someone who can handle such danger."

Lee SuHyun wasn't talking as an employee of the Shinsung Group but as EunAh's onni.

"You can do something more worthwhile than becoming a hunter."


While talking, Lee SuHyun's emotions became heated. She turned her head to Kim EunAh. 

"Why not…"

EunAh had fallen asleep while resting her head on SuHyun's shoulders, and her face looked more innocent than anyone else's when she slept. SuHyun sighed.

'Well… I guess it's understandable for you to be tired…'

Kim EunAh had received Lee SuHyun's Trait up front. That should've consumed a lot of her mana. As SuHyun tried to move away…

EunAh's eyebrows scrunched.


In the end, SuHyun couldn't move at all, but she wasn't feeling annoyed.

'She's cute in situations like this…'

Was it because she'd used a lot of mana?

Watching Kim EunAh sleep made her sleepy too. On top of that, the sound of Kim EunAh's breath sounded like a lullaby.

'I… Should lay on the bed and sleep properly…'

Although she was thinking that, SuHyun's eyes were closing. Soon, while leaning on each other, they both fell asleep.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

Japan, Yokohama Stadium.

The giant stadium that more than 70 thousand people could enter was full of people.

[Hood-blooded boy! Seiji! Fighting!]

[Sakura, you're the best!]

[Isshin, show your samurai mentality!]

[This is our home ground!]

There weren't many people shouting, but many placards were hanging. As the Japanese team entered the field, the people began clapping.

When Shin YuSung and the Korean team entered, they clapped but not as loudly.

Yokohama was the Japan team's home ground, after all. Besides some people clapping in respect, there weren't many people cheering for them.

- Hi! I'm Yuki, the one in charge of presenting this International Competition!

- … I'm rank 6 hunter Shoichi!

The presenter was smiling brightly, and the commentator had a blank expression on his face. Those two were some of the most famous people in Japan.

Shoichi was a rank 6 hunter who'd worked in Korea with the nickname Shim Ahn. His abilities were widely known worldwide.

- This Korea-Japan match is gathering the attention of the world since it's the first match of the International Competition!

Yuki began presenting in a bright voice. As the camera zoomed in on her, she smiled.

- Commentator Shoichi, before starting, what do you think is most important?

- I think that it's the formations… Because it's one-on-one duels in three matches, the party leader must get the victory for his team.

As Shoichi finished giving his explanation, Yuki nodded while making a huge gesture.

- Then we will start by checking the list of matches! The party leaders gave the list of participants a day ago! The rules are really fair and just! Should we check the details?

[Korea: 1st round - Shin YuSung]

[Japan: 1st round - Kuroki Seichi]

As the matches were presented, Shoichi frowned as if he didn't like the result.

On the other hand, Yuki shouted while making a surprised expression.

- Ah! The 1st round is going to be a match between party leaders! It seems like they've chosen their strongest members to be able to bring victory!

Yuki was right.

To lift the atmosphere, Korea sent Shin YuSung, and Japan sent Seiji.

Both party leaders had decided to participate in the 1st round.

"Hmm! A fight between party leaders! This is making me nervous!"

Although he said that, Seiji was smiling.

Sakura sighed.

"You should've listened to me and avoided Shin YuSung. You could've easily won a point if it were someone else."

"Trust me. I'll do my best."

"You idiot. It isn't about doing your best but getting the point~"

While Sakura was talking with Seiji, Yuki announced the matches of the 2nd round.

- So~ I'm going to announce the matches of the 2nd round! Ta-dah!

[Korea: 2nd round - Lee SiWoo]

[Japan: 2nd round - Hanasaki Sakura]

Sakura smiled in surprise while looking at the screen.

"Eh? What~ Him? That isn't Sumire or Kim EunAh!"

Sakura looked at the other side in surprise. She saw Lee SiWoo's face.


It seemed like something had come to her mind. Seiji just laughed.

"Then, is Kim EunAh in the 3rd round?"

"Well, I guess that's expected. There's a weird atmosphere here, too…" Sakura said to Isshin. 

There was nothing weird with Sumire not participating and Kim EunAh being in the 3rd round. As 2nd in the Gaon ranking, Kim EunAh's abilities were very widely known.

[Korea: 3rd round- Hanajima Sumire]

[Japan: 3rd round - Kirishima Isshin]

Nobody expected that.

Isshin couldn't help but frown while looking at the screen. 


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