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Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 204


Sumire’s cooking class proceeded smoothly, and Amy made a proud smile when she saw the dough on her tray.

"Ahh!” She yelled out in excitement. “I made it!"

"Amazing, Amy! That’s a very good first attempt!”

"Fufu! This is just the start. Now I have to put it inside the oven and bake it, right?"

"Yes! I've already frosted the cream cheese!"

Dragons were characterized by their endless curiosity, and Velvet tilted her head as she listened to their conversation.

"An oven?” She asked. “What's that? That’s where the dough goes?"

"An oven…? Hmm… Ah, it's a machine that uses high temperatures to create very delicious foods~" Sumire explained.

Velvet raised her hand. "Kyahang! I understand! I can do the same thing!"

Sumire and Amy both looked confused when they heard her say she could do the same thing as an oven until…


Velvet breathed fire out onto the dough and gave them a proud smile.

[Calling me a kid again…?! Grr… Be careful! I can spit fire!]

[No! It's ‘strongest’! I can breathe fire! I’ll be the only fire-breathing chef in the world!]

They remembered what the little dragon had said back then. To think that this moment was the culmination of her dream…

"Sumire! The cake dough!" Amy screamed.

"A-ahh! It… it's okay! We can just prepare it again!"

Sumire quickly rushed toward Velvet.

"Sumire, Mommy! Aren’t I the best?! Once I grow, the fire will become bigger! Then I can bake for you at even higher temperatures! Kyahang!" Velvet’s eyes sparkled as she asked to be praised for her hard work.

Sumire wasn't the type of person who’d let the girl down. "W-well done, Velvet! That was neat!"

"Hehehe~ Pat me, please!"

Sumire kindly patted Velvet's head, and Amy clicked her tongue. "Sumire! You have to reprimand her in situations like this! The dough was bur—"

"This is delicious! Sumire, taste it!"

The dragon was asking them to taste the dough it’d burn with its breath? It hadn’t even been cooked in an oven, so there was no way it’d taste good.

"Okay! I'll taste it!” Sumire said as she looked at how much Velvet believed in her. “Before that, though…!" Sumire followed the recipe for a velvet cake as best she could with the burnt dough.

"Kyahang~ As expected, you’re amazing~!” Velvet seemed moved. 

Amy, on the other hand, was impressed. “Wow~ The cream on it looks delicious!”

Sumire sighed in relief after finishing with the chocolate frosting. "Ahh~ This is the last thing we need to complete the cake!” She said as she took out a birthday candle.

She’d decided to make the cake to celebrate Velvet’s birth, and after she ignited the candle with her mana, Velvet stared at the little flame as if she were bewitched.

"What, it was a birthday cake? As expected of you, Sumire! You even prepared candles!"

"Kyahang…?” Velvet asked. “Birthday? Candles?" She tilted her head in confusion. The candle Sumire had ignited flickered with a mixture of blue and red colors.

"What's that?" The little dragon asked.

Sumire pointed at the candles and taught her another one of society’s customs. “A birthday is a celebration of someone’s birth, and everyone celebrates theirs once a year.”

The dragon stared at the cake, and it wasn’t clear whether she was moved or just deep in thought.

"Fufu, look at how moved she is. She might be a dragon, but a kid is still a kid, right?” Amy touched Velvet's cheek as if she found her cute.

"Kyaho! Don't bother me. I’m calculating my next birthday! A year is 365 days… A day is 24 hours! An hour is 60 minutes… Hmm. So my next birthday…" As if to show how intelligent a dragon was, the girl was calculating the exact hours until her next birthday.

"You don't need to calculate it like that. You can just check the date…" Amy said in disbelief, then pointed to the candles. "You have to blow out the candles on your birthday and inwardly make a wish~” 

Velvet nodded. "Then does the cake make your wish come true? Kyaho… Mommy’s cakes are incredible!"

"Ah, before you do anything, I must say that you’re trying to put out the candle with your breath, not pour out more fire.”

"I’m a genius! I can do it!"

Although they didn't seem to get along initially, Velvet and Amy ended up getting along better than anyone initially expected.

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Velvet cupped her hands as she blew out the candle, and a blue, fog-like light wafted from her hands.

"Is she a humidifier? What's going on?" Amy asked as she took a few steps backward, but it was too late.


The blue fog covered everyone, and mysterious lights reminiscent of fireflies flitted around the blue fog. It could only be described as ‘beautiful’.

'So this is a dragon’s power…' Sumire looked at Velvet, who was making a wish. She had a massive amount of mana compared to others, but Velvet was in an entirely different dimension. It was like comparing a pond to a sea.


As if blessing its master’s prayer, her mana formed yellow fireflies and moved in a lifelike manner. One could even say it looked like her mana was trying to protect her and fulfill her wish.

Sumire looked at the little girl being surrounded by a blessed light. 'Velvet…'

Just what had the newborn dragon wished for? No matter how much Sumire thought about it, she couldn’t come up with a concrete answer.

"Mommy… What did you wish for on your birthday?" Velvet asked as if she’d read Sumire’s thoughts.

"Hmm, I… obviously wished for everyone to be healthy and happy…" Sumire mumbled. At her answer, the firefly-like mana lights turned to butterflies and flitted away from Velvet, and only then did the girl open her eyes again.

"Kyahang~ you liar. I’m a genius. I know everything."

Why had the girl suddenly asked Sumire what she wished for?

"Sumire, there’s something else that your heart longs for.”

There was something else her heart longed for? She wanted to ask the little dragon what she was talking about, but a certain person’s face came to her mind.

"H-huh…?" She mumbled in embarrassment. She’d never thought of a wish like that before and thought that Velvet might have somehow managed to find such a deeply hidden wish that not even she had realized it.

"V-Velvet? Why are you suddenly asking about what I really wish for…?"

Velvet seemed proud of Sumire’s flustered expression and straightened her back. "Kyahang~ I asked it for you! Your wish will be as if it were mine!"

"H… Huh?" Sumire dumbly asked. She seemed extremely flustered.

Regardless of whether she knew Sumire’s true feelings or not, Velvet confidently said, "I’m a genius! So it will definitely come true!"

'Something I really wish for…?'

She thought of what Velvet had said before.

[Kyahang~ I understood! Dad's the most important person to you! Kyahang!]

'Don't tell me…' Sumire tried to keep a neutral expression, but she couldn’t stop the smile that crept onto her face. Ever since going to Japan with him, she’d imagined a happy future with him many times and even went as far as to make specific plans.

When she thought about it, it probably wouldn’t have been that strange if Velvet read her feelings.

She thought of her deepest wish. "V-Velvet. Don't tell me…"

"Yes. It's just what you’re thinking of!" Velvet exclaimed.

The little dragon girl revealed what she believed Sumire’s heart to truly be longing for—the wish she’d made.

"This cake is now… the world's most delicious cake!"


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