Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 121


The EA Star Garden—Among the many residences of the Shinsung Group, it was the most luxurious. It was so big that hundreds of people managed the residence.

Even so, it was busier than it had ever been with almost 500 people going about their tasks. It was all thanks to the banquet that was going to take place the next day. As expected of the #1 business in the world, the banquet was set to be on an incredible scale.

"Hmm…" Kim EunAh watched them moving about through the window.

"Everyone's so busy~" Lee SuHyun saw EunAh covered in a sheen of nervous sweat.

"But~ Even still~ They probably aren't as busy as the secretary Lee SuHyun?" EunAh said to herself loudly as if she wanted SuHyun to listen.

"Ha, hahaha…" Lee SuHyun laughed awkwardly. 

Kim EunAh kept talking. "You must talk casually~ You must betray me~ Pinch my lips~ Give me porridge to eat~ Haa, how busy~"

"M-miss? You know my feelings, right?" Even though she was older, Lee SuHyun made a heart with her fingers and tried to act cute.

Kim EunAh smirked. "Ahh… Well, it's okay."

Although EunAh was making fun of SuHyun, she was thankful to her because she'd helped her face Kim YunHa, her mother.

"My mother made you do that… Not only that, but in the end, you took my side." Kim EunAh was going through her memories when she suddenly narrowed her eyes.

"But why did you pinch my lips? The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get."

'This will take about a month…' Lee SuHyun thought, feeling nervous.


* * * *


Korea's Gaon Academy, Japan's Choten Academy, China's Skyscraper Academy, England's Clock Tower Academy… and many other academies were candidates to win the International Competition, but Italy wasn't one of them. 

Compared to its size, Italy was a peaceful country where there weren't many gates and dungeons, which was why there weren't any other notable hunters besides Arden, who used to be called ‘The Silver Wind’.

It just didn't seem possible for Italy to win the International Competition.

- Italy's Bianca Academy has won!

But then the story changed.

- It hasn't even been five minutes! What overwhelming ability!

Adela Ortensia, The Queen of Winter, Italy became a candidate to win thanks to the return of a single student. 

'What the…'?' Leo looked at Adela, his mouth agape.

She'd dealt with three alone, and not only that, but Adela hadn't even used all of her strength.

"The estimated strength of the German team is 7th. Party leader Adela beat them alone." Leo mumbled while touching his glasses and gripping his book with one hand. "Just how strong is she…?"

Adela was the only student that had fought against Shin YuSung on equal terms. She was on a completely different level compared to the other candidates to win the International Competition.

Not only that, but after Adela lost to Shin YuSung, she started to make an effort for the first time in her life.

She'd spent up to 10 hours a day in a dungeon that could be handled only by active hunters.

Other students wouldn't have been able to handle her schedule, and Adela never complained while going through such harsh training.

'She looks like a doll with no emotions.' 

That was Leo's honest opinion of Adela.

Even if Adela didn't interact with her partners, she was still strong.

The academy always talked about the importance of party dynamics, but she dealt with all of her opponents alone as if she were mocking that.

'If it's this person…'

The Sword God, The Fist King, The Witch…

She really might be able to defeat the monster disciples of the legends and give Italy their 1st win in the International Competition.

Leo could give Adela the entirety of the spotlight for that goal.


* * * *


[Shinsung Group's Banquet Invitation]

Within the Sevens’ dormitories, Sumire looked at the hologram rising from her Pocket, a serious expression on her face.

'Shinsung Group's… Banquet…'

Although it had gotten better, when Sumire was little, she’d lived in a house that had trouble accessing drinking water. She was far away from the jaebol Shinsung Group.

In reality, Sumire didn't know that there was a banquet hall.

If it wasn't for EunAh's invitation, there was a chance that she wouldn't have known about it at all.

* * *

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* * *

Sumire's expression hardened.

'I… I… To a place like this?'

Luxurious chandeliers, huge halls, and food she'd never seen before… Not only that, but people also wore expensive-looking suits and dresses. It was all a new world to her.


Sumire looked at her closet. Rather than anything like a dress, all she could see were uniforms and casual clothes.


She looked in the mirror. At the moment, she was wearing a big, comfortable T-shirt

'I cannot go to the banquet… in clothes l-like this'

If she went with a T-shirt, Sumire would probably be stopped from entering, but she couldn't go to the city at such a late hour.

To think she wouldn't be able to go to the banquet because she didn't have a dress—it was a Cinderella-like worry. At that moment, she heard a voice from Laplace's hair decoration.

- I can't watch any further.

" M-Ms. Laplace?"

- Haa… Extend your hand.

Laplace sighed, and then Sumire's hair accessory started to shine.

As Sumire extended her hand, a violet cloud covered her field of view, and the scenery changed.

There was a luxurious table, and Laplace was wearing a dress.

- I really can't stand looking at this.

Laplace looked at Sumire up and down with judging eyes; then she stood up and walked toward her.

- Do you want to look good in front of that YuSung boy?

"Yes? Yes?!"

Sumire didn't know how to react to the precise question; her face turned red.

"Y-you see…"

- Your appearance is similar to mine, but the core is the complete opposite.

As Laplace extended her hand, purple clouds started to gather around her.


With Sumire getting used to the fragment, Laplace's mana had become stronger, and she was easily able to make small objects with her mana.


"A t-tape measure…?"

As Sumire tilted her head in confusion, Laplace began to wrap the measuring tape around Sumire.

- Your size… I don't have to measure it to know we have a similar size, but still, it wouldn’t hurt to measure it anyway.

"Ms. L-Laplace?!"

- Why are you so surprised? If someone saw us, they'd think I was about to devour you. Although your overflowing mana does look delicious…

Laplace licked her lips as she looked Sumire over.