Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 197


The Toy Kingdom was like a child’s dream made manifest. That's why there were many toys and places related to kids' imaginations.

What if there was a kingdom of toys, a dragon’s cave, and a forest made of cookies?

"Don't tell me…" Amy exclaimed in surprise as she saw a brownish river.

"Really…?" She stuck her finger into the river


Upon licking her finger, the scent and flavor of cacao spread through her mouth.

Her eyes widened in surprise. "It's real chocolate!"

"If you keep acting like that, you'll get sick. You don't even know what it is." Although SiWoo was seven, he looked very calm. He even looked more adult than the first time they saw him, when he was trying to act bright.

"Th-that's right. Even if it's surprising, this is the Tower. I have to come back to my senses…" In contrast to her words, Amy lowered her body and mouth to the ground.

‘Is this also sweet?’

She’d turned seven and lost self-control, so she licked the green grass.

A soft sensation spread over her tongue. The grass was made of a sweet jelly with mixed melon and apple flavors.

"D-delicious…" Amy's reaction was normal. After all, every child, at one point, dreamed of a world made of snacks.

She was synchronized with the body of a child, so it was a temptation she couldn't go against.

While Amy was chewing the grass, SiWoo carefully observed which direction the grass was bent in.

'Although it's jelly, the grass bends in one direction. In some cases, there are even squashed marks.'

SiWoo was the abnormal one. Although his mental capabilities had been matched to a seven-year-old child’s, his attitude was akin to that of a member of the special forces.


SiWoo grabbed a few pieces of jelly grass and scattered them in the wind.


Although the wind was weak, the grass still drifted in one direction.

'The wind's moving to the northwest, but the jelly grass is bending to the northeast.'

That meant someone had been there.

'Still, there are no other traces. In this case, there are two possibilities… The first is that someone crossed the chocolate river and exited elsewhere, the other possibility is…


SiWoo lowered his body and looked to the northeast.

'They're still here.'

Maybe they were following them. SiWoo took a small plastic bottle from his pocket and filled it with chocolate.

"SiWoo, you're also trying to eat! Grab this and cover it with chocolate! The tree branches are biscuits!" Amy gave him a tree branch, her eyes shining, but SiWoo ignored her and filled his bottle.

'I have to spread it before it hardens.'

SiWoo used the chocolate to leave a trail behind as if a little kid had naturally dripped it chocolate while they were eating.

'This will probably confuse our pursuers.'

He'd dispersed the chocolate over three different areas. 


"Even the dirt is made of cake…"

Amy was eating as if she were about to devour the entire forest, but SiWoo liked that.

'With this, they won't suspect the false tracks… They'll think of us as mindless seven-year-old kids.'

To finish things, SiWoo installed all sorts of traps. 

"This is enough. Let's hide."

"Okay! I'm also really done eating." Amy looked as energetic and happy as a seven-year-old child should, but SiWoo's expression was too cold.


He set off a bomb to catch the attention of their pursuers, and Amy followed SiWoo and hid behind a tree.

"Follow me. From now on, we’re going to predict our opponents’ movements."

"Our opponents’ movements?"

"Now that we've left traces behind, it won't be that hard. After all, the enemies will probably move as I want… All that’s left is something you can easily grasp if you know the basics of concealment.”

Amy didn't understand him, so SiWoo pointed to a tree. "Based on their tracks, nine people or less should follow us. Since I divided our false tracks in three directions, how do you think they’ll separate to follow us?"

"Even if I've become younger, I know how to divide! In groups of three, obviously!"

As Amy showed him three fingers, SiWoo nodded. "Yes. We should face three at most. That's why I picked a place with many trees. Their movements and sight will be hindered."

SiWoo covered his eyes with the palm of his hand, and as he slowly moved it away, blue mana shone over his eyes.

"Okay, they're coming."

On the other hand, in a restricted place like that, SiWoo could see the opponents thanks to Clairvoyance and See Through.

He was good at strategy, and he turned a normal place into one advantageous for him and disadvantageous for his enemies.

"The problem is that I don't know a toy’s vital areas, but there's nothing I can do about that."

Tap. Clack!

SiWoo put bullets into his child’s air gun.

"I'll have to put some bullets in the head and the heart… I'm sure that'll stop them."

His words were too chilling to have come from a seven-year-old’s mouth.

"Their bodies seemed to be made of plastic or glass, so be careful of fragments."

SiWoo slowly concealed his body.

"Th-then I'll also attack with my whip if you give the signal!" Amy didn’t have to worry.

Tap. Slide. Tap. Tap.

As the toy soldiers walked toward them, SiWoo activated the trap he'd prepared.


A specially made rope surrounded them.


Their glass feet were cut. If the opponents were alive, it would've been a horrible sight.


Amy was surprised at the cruel scene. SiWoo, on the other hand, pointed his gun toward the toy soldiers and pulled the trigger.



Amy was sweating nervously, but SiWoo calmly walked toward them.

"Left like this, there's a chance they could be restored, so…"


He threw a plastic with a hot liquid that melted their bodies without leaving any traces behind.


Amy couldn't help but exclaim in surprise at SiWoo's perfect and cruel moves.

"Hey, let's move to the next area."


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After being thrown by the toy soldier, Sumire looked around. As expected from a place called the Toy Kingdom, the prison's installations weren't as bad as she thought, but it was disappointing that they left the food on the floor.

Biscuits and candies…

There were snacks and a comfy mattress where she could rest.

"If it's EunAh, even if she's alone… I'm sure she's doing a good job."

Even while locked inside the jail, Sumire was worrying about EunAh as she pulled off the arrows sticking to her head.


'If I can use mana, getting out of here should be…'

She found that she couldn't use her mana within the jail

[Toy Kingdom’s Rules!]

[Content: A prisoner of the Toy Kingdom cannot use mana until they escape.]

Based on the hologram that appeared before her, it seemed like she had to escape before she could use mana.

'Then, since you can use mana from the outside if someone breaks the cage…'

No matter who came, they could easily break that kind of ceiling.


As if to answer her wish, EunAh's head stuck out.


Sumire's face brightened at EunAh's confident expression.

"EunAh! You came to save me!"

EunAh's face quickly darkened. "No…"

Tap, tap.

A toy soldier carried EunAh, hiding inside an orca, and threw her into jail as well.

"I was also trapped…" EunAh flapped the orca's fins as she spoke.

"It was my first time using it in a while, so my electricity didn't come out properly… I hid inside the orca as I was escaping, but I was trapped. How did they know…?"

Sumire was smiling on the outside, but her insides were burning.

'There's no way they wouldn't know if there was suddenly an orca out of nowhere…'

That only lasted for a brief moment. Sumire was happy that EunAh was okay.

"Hehe… Anyway, do you want juice?" Sumire asked. 

EunAh flapped the orca's fin. "Yes… and the candy, too."


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