Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 117


A jaebol mother-and-daughter hug.

SuHyun made a satisfied smile as she watched over them.

'Well, this looks good…'

Even if they didn’t have as many benefits, many companies were looking to hire Lee SuHyun, who was a rank 6 hunter. If she lost her job, she could easily find a new one.

On the other hand, she'd gone against YunHa's orders and done something that would change the course of EunAh’s life.

'It's too bad that I'm going to be fired, but at least EunAh was able to remain in the party.'

YunHa said something unexpected as she hugged her daughter.

"Secretary Lee SuHyun…? Although I'm the mother, maybe you know more about EunAh than I do."

"Yes…? N-no! Madam!"

As Lee SuHyun shook her head, Kim YunHa smiled.

"No. I learned how much you care for EunAh. That's why you went against my orders, right?"

"Yes? Th-that's…"

Kim YunHa started to laugh in a soft voice at SuHyun’s surprise.

"You're humble until the end… It seems like both EunAh and I are lucky in terms of people we have close to us."

Since the boss of the Shinsung Group, a person famous for being cold, said it with a warm expression on her face, Lee SuHyun couldn't deny it anymore. 

"Th-thanks for having such a positive opinion of me…!"

"No. It's I who must salute you. I hope you keep taking good care of EunAh."

Things were flowing in an unexpected direction, and SuHyun felt beads of nervous sweat dripping down her back. 

"Ha… haha…"

"Also… Secretary Lee SuHyun, I'm sure you were quite troubled by this incident, so I'm going to give you a small gift in thanks."

A small gift from Kim YunHa… How much was that going to be? Though YunHa might have thought of it as ‘small’, for SuHyun, it was definitely going to be a lot of money.

"Th-thanks, madam…"

In the end, Lee SuHyun lost to capitalism.

EunAh slightly turned her head from her mother’s arms and looked at SuHyun.

EunAh's eyes were still red, was it because of how much she had cried? She smiled at SuHyun.

"I hope we get along from now on too…"

It was an awkward but warm atmosphere.

'As expected, was all of my worry for nothing…?'

There were many things for her to be worried about, of course, but she made a forced smile at the sweet taste of the Shinsung Group's overwhelming riches.

"Yes! Yes! Miss!"


* * * *


In the Hunter Association…

"Haha… I'm glad that YuSung won the first round…" Kang YuChan said to Mei Lin while looking out the window.

"I've seen many parties, but never have I seen a party of 1st-year students as strong as Shin YuSung's."

Kang YuChan laughed at Mei Lin's statement.

"I'm not sure about other aspects, but that Yu WonHak did a great job in raising his disciple."

"With some luck in the events… Korea might really win the International Competition."

"Haha, yes. That should happen, of course."

Kang YuChan looked at the documents as he laughed—they were important things that needed oversight from the Hunter Association President.

"Yes… Liú Jùn of Skyscraper Academy. According to the rumors, the Sword God gave him the secret book he obtained from the Tower."

YuChan smirked at Mei Lin's report.

"Yu WonHak probably stimulated him. To think that their disciples would also become rivals, hahaha!"

He was the president of the Association, but Kang YuChan still remembered the glory days.

Korea's Fist King…

China's Sword God…

England's Witch…

Italy’s Silver Wind… 

And Kang YuChan himself. The peace that humanity was enjoying was the result of their sacrifices.

"I still prefer YuSung, but at this point, it's hard to cheer for only one student."

Mei Lin nodded at Kang YuChan's words.

"I also want YuSung to win, but it's hard to make a guess at this point."

"We have a lot of information on the promising candidates, right?"

YuChan had asked for information about a certain person among them.

"Especially Lorelei, even I'm wondering about him… Isn't the nickname ‘Witch of Time’ too grandiose for a 1st-year student?"

"I'm sorry… I wasn't able to find much information on Lorelei of England."

"I guess it's understandable if she's the disciple of that woman! Haha, to think that her disciple would also be so mysterious… It seems like they're too similar."

YuChan laughed, touched his pocket, and gave the quest’s details to Mei Lin.


[Tower Entrance Permission]

[1st Goal: 10th Floor]

[Allowed number of people: 5]

[※ Attention: If the 1st goal is fulfilled, the Administrator must verify.]

It seemed like Mei Lin noticed something as she read the hologram.

"Ah, it's what you mentioned before…"

"WonHak talks about the Tower so much. The 1st round ended, so there's enough time, right?"

"The Tower's 10th floor seems like it will be a good experience for them."

As Mei Lin nodded, YuChan smiled and made a serious expression.

"Yes, YuSung's party members are strong enough to do it."

The Tower's 10th floor…

For a legendary hunter like Kang YuChan, it was easy, but for students, the Tower was an unknown, mysterious structure. 

Kang YuChan was allowing such a mysterious structure to be accessed by Shin YuSung in his 1st-year.

He smiled as he looked out the window.

'Even I'm wondering how much stronger you'll become, YuSung…'

For Association President Kang YuChan, YuSung served as a solid pillar of support.

* * *

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* * *

It was the same day they returned from Japan, and Shin YuSung was walking toward the club room.

Tap, tap.

'I have quite some time until the next round. Once I'm done absorbing the Thousand-Year-Old Jade… I should prepare for the next round with my party.'

Although they'd beaten the Japanese team, Shin YuSung wasn't planning to relax.

'For that…'

Shin YuSung opened the club room while making a serious expression.

'As the party leader, I should figure out what the members need to improve on…'


Shin YuSung couldn't help but stop at the unexpected scene that unfolded before him.


It was a sight that shocked even YuSung, who wasn’t a person that was easy to impress—the orca doll was devouring someone's head.