Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 199


Sumire gathered the remnants of the toy soldiers and made a bonfire, which burned well since they were made of wood.


It was night, and a chill wind was blowing, so the party members gathered before the bonfire.

"Fire…" The young Adela said.

"W-woah. To think that she'd make a bonfire. As expected of Sumire…" Amy looked at the bonfire with great interest.

'They’re the only ones maintaining their 17-year-old attitudes…'

Sumire looked at SiWoo and YuSung. SiWoo was cleaning his gun, and YuSung was staring hard into the bonfire.

'As expected of SiWoo and YuSung!'

Sumire was wrong.

"Sleepy…" SiWoo yawned.

"I'm hungry…" YuSung was biting his index finger.

 No matter how you looked at them, they were clearly seven-year-old children.

'H-how could that be…?'

Sumire finally understood.

The scariest thing about the Toy World was that you slowly forgot your memories through the subjugation.

Sumire clenched her fists.

'We must finish it tomorrow…'

Sumire had her memories intact, so she would have to put in more effort.

"Then, everyone! How about we have dinner?"

Although the subjugation was important, eating came first. 

"Dinner? Nice! But is that okay? There are only toys around us." Amy asked. 

Sumire took out the ingredients she'd brought from her Pocket. "I knew something like this would happen, so I brought some side dishes! I've also prepared a few ingredients, so we just have to boil the soup on the bonfire."

As long as Sumire was present, they wouldn't starve. In the Tower, Sumire not only served as a fighting force, but she was also a good cook.

YuSung nodded. "It seems delicious… Thanks, Sumire."

Sumire felt good about his praise.

'Younger YuSung… Cute!'

Maybe it was because of her kind appearance that she seemed easy to approach, but Sumire was popular with kids no matter where she went. Thanks to that, she'd seen many cute kids, but YuSung was in a whole other dimension. It was as if they'd taken the word ‘cute’ and shaped it into a human form.

YuSung maintained his calmness until the afternoon, and maybe it was because he was being assimilated into a kid's body, but he was tilting his head.

'As his memories are being assimilated, he's becoming even cuter…'

To be honest, if it wasn't the Tower, Sumire wanted to see the younger YuSung a bit more.

Sumire shook her head and tried to brush YuSung off. She was able to resist because she had her 17-year-old mind, but it was different for EunAh and Adela.

"Hey! Sit next to me." EunAh tried to have YuSung sit next to her, and Adela was using YuSung's arms to lean on instead of the teddy bear she'd picked up.


"You two are too close! YuSung, come next to me!"

Adela and EunAh fought for YuSung but soon reached an agreement.


"Why, even you…"

Adela and EunAh were laying on the orca on either side of YuSung, whose face seemed emotionless.

"I want to eat Sumire's food." Adela was looking at the ceiling of the cave. She could feel the comfiness of the orca and the warmth of the bonfire, and for some reason, the party members talking felt good.

"This doll…" Adela touched the orca’s fur and spoke to EunAh. "Name?"

EunAh made an annoyed expression at Adela's question but replied. "Name's ‘Orca’. Don't call it a doll. It's my friend!"

They were both seven, but Adela called the orca a doll while EunAh called it a friend.

That was probably proof that, although they were both the same age, EunAh was a bit more immature than Adela. In a sense, that meant she was purer, but the young EunAh was using her imagination and dreams on top of that.

"One day, I'll go to the North Pole with the orca! I'll probably be able to see penguins and polar bears over there."

Adela nodded at EunAh's goal.  "The North Pole is too cold…"

Because she was younger, Adela reacted more generously. 

EunAh's eyes began shining. "Then the Pacific Ocean!"

"What about the Amazon…?"

"Why the Amazon so suddenly?"

"There's a pink dolphin in the Amazon…"

There was no way the killer whale, no, the orca, would go to the Amazon, but EunAh was seriously thinking about it.

"Oh… I want to see that… First, I'll go to the North Pole, and then… the Amazon!"

While EunAh was making plans she'd never do, Sumire kept cooking, and Amy showed off her whip skills.

'I like this…' Adela thought while looking at the party.

She was able to be honest with herself due to her young age. Adela had completed a dungeon subjugation alone, so 17-year-old Adela didn’t consider a party as important.

Being with others was different, though. It wasn't just a matter of fighting capability. She had people to rely on and could feel their warmth. After realizing that difference, she thought YuSung's party was a warm place where she wanted to stay.


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Subjugating the Tower was hard, and it was even harder on floors like the 10th one that applied all sorts of penalties.

A normal hunter would wander around after completely turning into a seven-year-old kid and collapse from tiredness, but Gaon's party was different.

YuSung had an impressive fighting capability for a child, Sumire kept her 17-year-old mind, SiWoo could see through the labyrinth of the Toy World, Adela was great at using her Trait, and EunAh had overcome her fear of electricity.

Also, they had Amy, who ate spicy food better than anyone.

Their Toy World subjugation squad was unlike others the Toy King had faced before.

"Damn it! Are they really only seven? Where did such people appear from?!" The Toy King, who'd entered a teddy bear, tried to escape, but YuSung's party was faster.

"I can see everything."

It was thanks to SiWoo's Clairvoyance and See Through.

Toy soldiers holding swords and spears tried to attack them, but it was as meaningless as ants trying to defeat an anteater.


YuSung could destroy the wooden soldiers with one, easy movement, and Adela effortlessly froze the arrows coming at them.

'Usually, people become scared after turning into children…'

For the Toy King, except for the pink-haired girl, the others were as strong as active hunters.

YuSung approached him after twisting the necks of three soldiers.

Bang-! Bang, bang!

As SiWoo’s bullets pierced the teddy bear, the Toy King collapsed.

"I have no other choice…"

He was feeling danger for the first time in a while.

The Toy King clenched his fists, but he knew that defeating the opponents wasn't everything. After all, the opponents were inside the Toy World, where the rules of the Tower applied.

The more time he stalled for, the bigger the advantage he would get.

'I just have to escape!'


The Toy King… No, the teddy bear was suddenly a simple toy. It fell to the ground.


Smoke rose from the teddy bear. The Toy King could move out of and possess other toys.

 'Let's escape. I should hide in the body of another common toy. One month! Just a month should be enough to tire them!'

The Toy King made a strategy and was escaping when…


A ray of light flew toward him.

The surrounding area brightened as if lightning had fallen. EunAh hit the Toy King with the orca and shouted, "Take this-!"

Light poured down with EunAh's attack. At the same time, a blue hologram appeared from the Pocket.

[You've destroyed the Toy Kingdom and sealed the Toy King’s soul.]

[You've cleared the 10th floor of the Tower, the Toy World.]

[A random person from the party will receive the Tower's blessing.]

[Let the Tower's blessing follow you.]


Suddenly, a slot machine appeared in the air.


The slot machine stopped, and YuSung's face appeared in it.

[Blessing: Toy World's Rule!]

[Effect:  You can ignore the Tower's penalties and rules once.]

"We won!" Amy shouted after reading the hologram.

"Is it over?" SiWoo smiled in satisfaction.

"We can now go back!" Sumire seemed relaxed and happy.

"You know I defeated him at the end, right?" While EunAh was bragging, something unexpected happened…

"What's with this uncomfortable fin and stupidly big body!"

Her orca doll talked.

It seemed like the Toy King's soul was sealed in the orca, but EunAh shouted in excitement.

"O-orca… The orca is alive!"

YuSung fell into thought. 'Should I cut the head off…?'

The orca was a toy EunAh liked a lot, and they'd already cleared the Tower's 10th floor, so YuSung let it be.

'EunAh's happy, so…'


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