Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader –  ilafy]


Chapter 104


EunAh’s sudden message…

[KimSilverA: YuSung… I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be able to participate. Something happened in my family. I'm sorry.]

It was a situation that could surprise anyone, but surprisingly, Shin YuSung was quite calm.

'There's nothing I can do…'

He'd considered the possibility but never thought it would actually happen.

The good thing was that Shin YuSung had prepared backups.

'The ones that are left are… Amy and SiWoo.'

Kim EunAh was the second strongest, so her not being able to participate was a huge loss, but he had to make a choice.

'If I need to pick between Amy and SiWoo, right now, it's SiWoo.'

Between them, anyone would think that Amy had a higher chance of winning, but Shin YuSung chose Lee SiWoo.

It wasn't that Shin YuSung realized Lee SiWoo's true skills.

Before entering Gaon, SiWoo had received a lot of gun training.

There were very few people who knew about his real skills.

That wasn’t what Shin YuSung had realized.

[Swoosh! Paf!]

What Shin YuSung found weird was Lee SiWoo's shooting at first—there was a lot of strength in his shoulders, and his posture was too straight.

Although his posture made him look like a novice, how he managed his breath was too smooth.

Just taking into consideration how he breathed, it was even comparable to Shin YuSung, who'd trained on the Martial Spirits' Mountain for 12 years.

[10 points! Let's go!]

Decisively, although his posture was bad, he was surprisingly good at aiming. Lee SiWoo was clearly hiding something from Shin YuSung.

That was why Shin YuSung had chosen him even though he was like an unopened box.

'I'm not sure why SiWoo is hiding his strength, but he's currently stronger than Amy…'

Even if Lee SiWoo lost, he was sure of that. After making a decision, Shin YuSung sighed.

'Sumire and SiWoo are the people I chose…'

Shin YuSung smiled while looking at his Pocket. He was the one who said that trusting your party was important, after all.

"I'll have to trust them."

After making up his mind, Shin YuSung clenched his fists.


* * * *


Time went on.

There was a plate of rice porridge in the room.

In the end, because she was worried, Lee SuHyun entered the room and looked at Kim EunAh.


Even if Lee SuHyun called her, Kim EunAh sat silently on the bed. Lee SuHyun gripped the plate and spoke.

"The Language Soul’s source is mana. You tried to resist it, so you're probably tired… Eat some easy-to-digest porridge at least."

As Lee SuHyun gave it to her, Kim EunAh closed her mouth.

"I don't want to…"

"Miss, please. At least a spoon…"

"There's… no need to ask me, right? Force me to eat with that great Trait of yours."

Kim EunAh's eyes seemed tired because she'd tried to resist Lee SuHyun, who was a rank 6 hunter for the entire day. It was impossible to do with Kim EunAh's physical ability.

Even if Kim EunAh was a numbered of Gaon, the opponent was an active rank 6 hunter—she wasn't someone Kim EunAh could face.

"Miss, please."

"I don't want to…"

Kim EunAh's voice sounded exhausted.

Kim EunAh realized that resisting was futile. EunAh's blank expression suddenly changed.

"I… know why mom is trying to do this."

Her voice filled with a bit of anger.

Kim EunAh tried to calm down and then spoke.

"It's because oppa… became like that. She's afraid, right?"

Lee SuHyun bit her lips.

She couldn't get herself to reply to Kim EunAh's trembling voice.


* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

"I understand. Yes, she's probably worried. What will she do if I suddenly can't get up from bed? I understand it, but…"

Kim EunAh began crying while glaring at Lee SuHyun.

"You shouldn't have done this…"

She was trying her best to hold back the tears.

Lee SuHyun knew that Kim EunAh cried easily. She knew that, on the days she went to see Kim JunHyuk, she put her head on the pillow and cried while trying to make as little noise as possible.

"But… you've seen it all."

Tears dripped from Kim EunAh's eyes. She wasn't sobbing because she felt betrayed. Lee SuHyun began feeling weak when she saw her like that, but that only lasted for a brief while. SuHyun clenched her teeth.

"Miss… I had no other choice."

Lee SuHyun calmly said, leaving emotions aside.

"Miss, you will become the hair of the Shinsung Group… The more power the crown brings you, the heavier it will become."

Lee SuHyun wasn't planning to let Kim EunAh go.

"Miss, you're the person who's going to wear the heaviest crown. A hunter… can always be replaced, but one cannot replace the heir of the Shinsung Group."

After Lee SuHyun finished talking, Kim EunAh lowered her head.

"Who said that… I want to wear something like that? Do you think that I'll give up on the party… That I’ll give up on becoming a hunter because of something like this?"


Kim EunAh spoke in a low voice that SuHyun could barely hear.

"You saw it all… How YuSung saved my oppa… How I sent a message to him…"

Kim EunAh kept mumbling.

"I finally decided to get close to him…"

Every time Kim EunAh talked, Lee SuHyun couldn't help but feel remorse.

"I finally decided to stay in YuSung's party…"

Because of what happened to Kim JunHyuk, Kim EunAh had been afraid of opening her heart to others. 

Lee SuHyun turned her head away, but Kim EunAh didn't stop talking.

"You know that I invited him… to the ball. That I met him at the festival… You're worse than my mother."

Kim EunAh slowly raised her head.

As expected, Kim EunAh cried too easily.

"Kim EunAh, don't force things…"

SuHyun forcibly tried to look angry, but EunAh glared at her and shouted.

"Don't call my name-!"

Lee SuHyun couldn't even imagine how betrayed EunAh must have felt. Unlike her, who was an adult, Kim EunAh was just 17 years old. Lee SuHyun often thought it might be how having a little sister would feel.

'She probably trusted me more than I do…'

SuHyun had betrayed her.

"Traitor…" EunAh said, frowning.

It seemed like even getting angry was too hard for Kim EunAh at that point.

"I really trusted you a lot… I thought that, sniff- We'd become really close…"

Lee SuHyun failed to control her expression. She grabbed her forehead, and her head hurt as she closed her eyes.

All the things they'd gone through passed through her mind.


[Look at this!]

Them sending the message together…

[I… I could make a mistake… Why did you kick me?]

[I'm tired of repeating myself!]

Them watching the stream together…

[Ah, yes! I got a bit fatter! Stop touching me! Is my stomach clay?! Why are you touching it so much?!]

[Sit down. I'm going to put on the blue dress!]

Them picking clothes together.

'Ah, this is going to make me crazy…'

SuHyun lifted her hands from her forehead.

She would be lying if she said she didn't have fun during the time she'd spent with Kim EunAh.

She sighed and got on top of EunAh's bed.

"Hey, eat…"

EunAh shook her head.

SuHyun forced her to grab the spoon and forced her to eat.

"Ugh! Ub!"

"Stop complaining and eat… Tomorrow, I'll go with you to talk to your mother."

As Lee SuHyun lifted her hands from the spoon, EunAh flinched in surprise. 

SuHyun gave her an annoyed look.

"Are you going to eat or not…? Should I throw it away?"

"No. I… I'll eat it…"

After grabbing the spoon, Kim EunAh took a glimpse at Lee SuHyun.

"Tomorrow is the tournament… Won't speaking tomorrow be… too late?"

Kim EunAh's eyes were red as she asked that question. SuHyun frowned.

"You're being greedy again. There's no way you'll be able to participate in such a state. Do you just want to stay here?"

"N-no. That's not it…"

Kim EunAh took a spoon of porridge while trying to avoid looking at Lee SuHyun. 

SuHyun looked as if she'd given up.

"Hey, your mother is going to fire me tomorrow, so I'll talk to you comfortably. You don't have any complaints, right?"

"Ah. Y-yes!"

Kim EunAh nodded.

SuHyun sighed.

'How did I get involved with such a stubborn kid…?'

SuHyun’s emotions had been bounced around too much by mother and daughter. 


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