Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 124


Kim EunAh, drunk from the tiramisu, ambushed them on the terrace.

"E-EunAh?" Shin YuSung smiled in surprise as she pulled his cheek. 

EunAh nodded, a blush forming on her face. "Yes~ What~?"

The Kalua in the tiramisu had an average alcohol percentage of about 20~26%, which was much higher than soju. Despite that, the alcohol went through so many processes while it was being cooked into the tiramisu that it wasn’t enough to get most people drunk. Unfortunately, EunAh had a low tolerance for alcohol.

"M-Ms. EunAh! If… if you pull YuSung's cheeks!" Sumire seemed so worried about YuSung's cheeks that she was about to cry. 

Even though EunAh was wearing a dress, she’d jumped onto YuSung’s back and looked a bit like a koala on their mother’s back.

"Ms. EunAh! If you do that, you might show something indecent!" Sumire yelled in surprise and tried to adjust EunAh’s dress.

It seemed like Kim EunAh thought that Sumire was trying to make her come down, so she shook her head. "No! No! No… I don't wanna! Let me join…"

It was their first time seeing EunAh act like that.

"Yes! We'll let you join!" Sumire quickly answered when she noticed EunAh was drunk.

EunAh buried her face in YuSung’s back and peeked at Sumire. "Really…?"

"Yes! Of course!"

"I was… sad. I brought dessert… but you two weren't there…"

Maybe it was because she was drunk, but EunAh was speaking her honest feelings. 

Sumire used the experience she'd gained while taking care of her dongsengs. "Yes?! That's not the case at all! We planned to return to you after we finished talking!


"Yes! Really!"

EunAh finally let YuSung's neck go and lowered herself from his back. "You know~ I really~ really like you guys!" she affectionately expressed. 

She was saying stuff she wouldn't normally say.

'C-cute…' Sumire felt her heart warm as she looked at EunAh.

"I… also really~ like Ms. EunAh!" Sumire also expressed her affection toward EunAh while opening her arms for a hug.

"Hehe, really? Why~?"

It had a great effect, and EunAh’s attention was soon on Sumire as she jumped into Sumire’s embrace and began moving her head up and down.

"Why~ do you like me? Hmm~ because I'm pretty~?" EunAh tried to act cute and looked up at Sumire, who quickly began praising her.

"U-unlike me! Ms. EunAh, you're very confident in yourself! And you're pretty… and cool… and you're our party member!"

EunAh’s eyes widened, and it seemed like Sumire’s words moved her.

"Ah, yeah… party members…" Kim EunAh hugged Sumire. "Hey, guys… you mustn't kick me out… let's stay together forever~."

The drunken EunAh was showing her weak side, and Sumire firmly accepted her words. “That’s obvious! We’ll be together forever, no matter what!

Kim EunAh and Sumire had confirmed their friendship as party members. YuSung fell into thought as he watched EunAh’s childish behavior.

'So it's because of what happened in Japan…'

EunAh had suddenly been unable to participate in the International Competition. Shin YuSung had never blamed her, but she’d been feeling guilty about it due to her personality.

'EunAh is more detail-oriented than I expected…'

Although EunAh looked strong at first glance, the truth was that it was all acting.

She acted strong, she acted as if she weren't lonely, and she acted as if it didn't matter…

But rather than being as cool as a cat, EunAh's true personality was closer to a rabbit that suffered a lot from loneliness.

'Is… In reality, is Sumire better with things like this?'

Sumire's self-confidence had increased after the incident in Japan, and the fact she'd won against Isshin was proof of that. As the party leader, YuSung always considered how his party members could grow.

'Since she's an important member… it’s important that EunAh’s mood returns to normal as quickly as possible.'

That's why, for YuSung, it was better for EunAh to leave her emotional baggage behind as quickly as possible. It was all to win the International Competition and increase their fighting capability. 

Shin YuSung fell into thought. 'I planned the climbing schedule with EunAh and Sumire in mind, so if the face collapses… it will be troublesome.'

YuSung suddenly decided to climb the Tower because of a message he got from Mei Lin.

[(Mei-Lin): The Association President has sent student Shin YuSung entrance permission.]

[(Mei-Lin): It would be better to check it out yourself.]

Ting! Paf! 

As Shin YuSung checked the message through the Pocket, a document-type hologram appeared.

[Tower Entrance Permission]

[1st Goal: 10th Floor]

[Allowed number of people: 5]

[※ Attention: If the 1st goal is fulfilled, the Administrator must verify.]

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

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* * *

He received Tower entrance permission from Mei Lin. With that, he could enter the Tower with a party of five.

Of course, since Lee SiWoo had begun individual training, he only had four members available, and if Amy was busy with streaming, the number decreased to three.

In the worst-case scenario, Shin YuSung might have to climb the Tower with only Kim EunAh and Sumire.

'Of course EunAh and Sumire became stronger… but still, it would be better if things were as balanced as possible.'

YuSung was deep in thought, and EunAh glared at him.

"YuSung, you… just now! You were thinking of something serious, right? If you keep doing that… I'll pinch you again!"

After Kim EunAh threatened him, she walked toward one of the terrace’s corners and sat on a chair.


Kim EunAh slapped the chair while looking at Sumire and Shin YuSung.

Pang, pang!

"Stupid… On a day like today, you can take a break. Thinking about serious things is forbidden!"


After saying that, Kim EunAh touched her Pocket, and plates with food started to appear.

"W-woah… Ms. EunAh, did you bring all of these on your own?"

It surprised Sumire. Kim EunAh was like a modern princess, so when she considered EunAh’s usual personality, it wasn’t something she would usually imagine her doing.

"Yes! Fufu, I did well, right?"

EunAh lowered her head as if asking them to praise her.


Sumire’s slowly reached out her arm as if she were finding it hard to hold back and patted EunAh on the head.

"Well done~ Good job~"

"Hehehe~ It was nothing~" Excited at Sumire's praise, EunAh grabbed a biscuit.

"I'm going to feed you, Sumire, ah~" EunAh fed Sumire a biscuit, and Sumire ate it with a smile on her face.

"It's delicious!" Sumire exclaimed.

EunAh looked at Shin YuSung. "YuSung likes sweets, so a choco chip cookie! YuSung~ Ah~"


YuSung opened his mouth while making a troubled expression from being treated like a kid. EunAh shook her head and bounced on the chair.

"No-! YuSung, open your moth more~ Ah~"

In the end, YuSung opened his mouth.

It seemed like that finally satisfied EunAh, and she fed him a choco chip cookie.

"It's delicious, right?" EunAh's face was still red, and a smile stretched across her face.

An hour passed like that.

"Ahh… EunAh fell asleep."

YuSung continued to eat his cookie and looked down at EunAh.