Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 205


A soft, yellow light shone over the terrace. From there, they saw the sea stretch out into the distance, and the far-off cityscape lights drove away the encroaching darkness. It was almost as if all of the things EunAh liked were pasted together, and it was one of her favorite viewpoints.

"I wanted to show this to you… but it’s hard for me to enjoy it right now due to what’s going on with my family,” she said.

It wasn’t just the view from the terrace that she was excited about. EunAh wanted to tour the nearby cities with YuSung as well. Other than her family, he was the first person she’d ever trusted, and she thought doing new things with him would be fun.

"They messed it all up… I came here after they begged me to, but I didn’t think they’d say something like that…” she muttered with a sullen look.

She was sitting on an orange chair and hugging her knees. "Last time, Mom spoke as if everything was settled…"

"If they'd told me beforehand, I wouldn't have brought you. They tricked me…"

"Now that I think about it… this makes me angry. I already gave them my decision, so why are they trying to force me into deciding otherwise?" She angrily said.

Despite her complaints, YuSung silently looked out over the night.

'I see…'

He recalled EunAh’s father, whose words had been calm but firm.

[Of course, it’s only normal for her to pay back her debt by accepting your request and joining your party. The Shinsung Group certainly doesn’t forget its benefactors, but…]

Kim SungHan, the vice president of the Shinsung Group and EunAh’s father, always kept such a neutral expression that you could never tell what he was thinking based on that alone.

Despite that, YuSung could tell just how much EunAh’s father cherished her, and it probably wasn’t just him, either.

Though JunHyuk usually sided with EunAh as her brother, he’d remained silent and stood with the rest of the family because he knew the life of a hunter better than anyone and that it was filled with life-threatening fights and talent gaps that couldn’t be overcome without external help.

Those were the very things the Shinsung Group wanted to keep EunAh from. They’d only sent her to Gaon in the first place due to its status as a prestigious school. It’s not like everyone who became a hunter had to engage in dangerous work, after all.

The more YuSung thought about it, the more he realized just how much they all cared for the girl.

He remembered her mother’s words. [I'm sorry for mentioning this so suddenly, but we never sent EunAh to the Academy to become a hunter.]

Then there was her grandfather, a figure who ruled the world of business. [I ask this as a representative of the family and promise we’ll properly reward you for saying JunHyuk, so could you remove EunAh from your party?]

“Everything they said was for your sake, EunAh…" he finally said.

She buried her face against her knees and said, "Then… what about you?"

He couldn’t tell whether her voice was trembling in anger or sadness, but he was certain that she was holding something back. Contrary to his concerns, the next words that came from her mouth were surprisingly calm.

"What if… As Mom says, I quit the party and we simply remain friends…?" She lifted her head and looked at him. Her eyes were a bit puffy, but she wasn’t crying yet, and her gaze contained a mixture of disappointment and resentment.

"Would you be okay with that…?" she asked as she tried to remain calm.

YuSung wasn’t able to give such a calm answer in reply—he’d never considered the thought of her leaving his party before.

Compared to the 17 years he’d lived so far, his time in Gaon was short but special. He’d experienced more things and made more friends there than in the rest of his life combined.

EunAh was a particularly special friend. She was one of his party members with whom he’d shared moments of joy and crisis with, and…

He began to speak. "EunAh, I—" 

Before he could finish, EunAh interrupted him. "I’d be incredibly sad."

She could somewhat understand her family’s worries when she remembered how sad she’d been after JunHyuk fell into a coma, but…

"I feel like, if I leave the party… Well… Even though I could still see you guys…” She buried her face against her knees again and softly said, “I think I’d be incredibly sad.”

The chilly night wind blew against them. As YuSung looked at EunAh, huddled in the chair and struggling with her emotions, the viewpoint took on a new meaning for him. Before, it simply felt beautiful, but for how long had she looked out at that view from the castle-like residence that stood separated from the rest of the world?

He'd gone through a similar experience and recalled moments of gazing at the starry night sky in the mountain forest, far from the city. He wasn’t quite able to recall exactly what he’d felt back then anymore, but…

'I can understand what she’s going through…'

The distant city lights began to vanish one by one. Even the beautiful view would’ve been overshadowed by the loneliness she felt. 

They’d only known each other for a short time, but they’d become close friends, and it was hard to fathom drifting apart with someone like that. Though she tried to act strong in front of others, she couldn’t help her emotions. She was only human, after all.

If he left her alone, there’d be a day when she stood alone and the beautiful view evoked nothing but sobs.

"EunAh…" he mumbled.

When he thought of that lonely scene, he felt a chill run up his spine.

EunAh fiddled with her fingers and laughed at his worried tone.

"Hey, I'm not dumb," she calmly said. “I know my family’s doing this for my sake…” 

She dropped her usual strong facade and spoke to him with complete honesty. "I know it's dangerous to be in the same party as you. I know we’re different, and I know I’d regret getting into the exact sort of dangerous situation my family worries about…”

She smiled at him as she thought the conversation was becoming too gloomy. "Honestly, I don't want to get hurt. I hate being sick and dirty. I dislike rainy days…"

YuSung’s path was similar to the Fist King’s, and it wasn’t the same path EunAh wanted to take.

"Well, Mom probably knows that I don’t quite fit your party, but you… Ahem!” She coughed in embarrassment before she could finish her sentence.

When else would she be able to have such a conversation with him and express what she truly felt and was thankful for?

She pushed past the embarrassment and said, "I like being with you and the others…"

Thanks to their party, she’d realized that who she spent her time with was more important than what she spent her time doing. As if to prove that, she recalled how much fun she’d had growing stronger as a hunter. Overcoming danger and achieving victory with her party members was thrilling.

"What about you, YuSung?" Her expression seemed relaxed and at ease, and she smiled at him.

He mirrored her smile and said, "Well, if you were to leave… I would also be incredibly sad. I don’t think anyone could replace you.”

She looked away from his eyes when she heard the confident response.

"W-well!" she stuttered. “You’re not wrong!”

YuSung placed his hand over hers, and the warmth of his palm stood in stark contrast to the cold night air.

"Huh…?" She gave him a startled look. “You seem very used to this for some reason.”

She leaned in toward him, and they both looked up at the night sky. The infinite expanse of stars above them looked almost like an embroidered image.

* * *

Reaper Scans

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YuSung kindly said, "It's true that we’ve gone through many things together in a very short time.”

EunAh continued to grip his hand as she avoided his gaze. “You’re good at saying embarrassing things, but you’re right. I remember the first time you visited a cafe.”

"There was also my first time going to a ball," he said.

Her mood brightened, and she cheerfully said, "Ah, the festival?! You're right! That was when you won me the orca.”

"Darts were easy,” YuSung playfully replied, “but dancing is hard."

"You're unexpectedly clumsy. You need to be flexible like me."

EunAh smiled as they went over their memories together.

'Yes,’ YuSung thought, ‘she looks best with a smile on her face.’

He felt lighter when he saw the smile. He wanted her to stay in his party, of course, but the choice was ultimately hers.

Even if she chose to go along with her family’s request, he couldn't blame her. The Shinsung family was very different from his own Shin-of family that’d tossed him aside.

'Even if she leaves…' Contrary to his thoughts, he unconsciously tightened his grip on her hand.


EunAh chuckled at his reaction. "Hey, that hurts… You don’t have to grip me so tightly, you know. I’m not about to run away.”

She knew he was trying to be considerate of her and her choices. He wasn’t as selfish as her, so she knew what he was unable to say.

"I won't leave the party… I like being with you guys, so… please don’t make such an expression.”

She pulled her hand from his and moved in close. There, on that terrace balcony alone with him, she whispered, "I feel like you…"

Before she could finish what she was saying, she realized just how close they were. Her breath tickled her skin and made her heart beat faster, and his expression showed a complicated mix of worry, gratitude, and relief.

Finally, she gently scolded him. "Th-that's why you need to be greedy. If you don't want me to go, say it honestly."

Before she could pull away, YuSung wrapped his arm lightly around her waist. "Kyaa~” she yelped “Wh-what are you doing?"

He drew her in closer and sincerely said, "EunAh, thank you so much."

She finally stopped moving and accepted his embrace. "It's okay,” she said. “How many times do I have to tell you that I'm staying because I want to…?"

She was very aware of his hand on her waist as she slowly lifted her head to look into his eyes. The tense atmosphere made her feel even more embarrassed, and the hair on her arms stood on end.

In a moment of panic, she gripped his clothes and said, "Y-YuSung… I…"

He misinterpreted her actions as thanks and tightened his embrace.

"Still…" he said. “Thank you.”

She was starting to tear up at that point. "Really… what…?"

Had something happened between him and Adela during his absence? He seemed to have gotten better with touch, but she wasn’t sure if it was just her imagination.

As if her desperate feelings were calling out for someone…


They heard a portal activate behind them.

She’d never expected to hear a portal on the terrace, but it made sense when she heard who spoke next.

"Mom! Dad! Did you call me?!" It was Velvet.

"Kyahang~ Are you hungry?" The dragon girl appeared with a plate full of velvet cake.

Only after the girl appeared did YuSung finally let go of EunAh’s waist.

"Velvet?" YuSung looked pleased to see her, but EunAh was out of breath, and her face was completely red. 

Velvet, surprised at the sight, rushed toward her. "Eek, Mommy EunAh, are you hurt?! Your face is red!"

The dragon placed the plate on the orange chair and read EunAh’s emotions with a gentle touch.

"Phew. Thankfully, you aren’t hurt, but you're angry with Daddy! There’s also a feeling of intense desire?! What exactly is going on…?” Velvet’s shoulders shook, and she couldn’t understand what she was feeling.

"Wh-what are you talking about?!” EunAh protested with her face flushed red. “It… it isn't anything like that!"

Her protest was useless. Her emotions didn’t lie, after all.

"Kyahang~! Mommy, Daddy, eat the cake! I made it with Mommy Sumire!"

Velvet, completely oblivious to the entire situation, happily smiled. Thanks to her, EunAh's usually quiet terrace became exceptionally noisy.


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