Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

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Chapter 103


After completing her tight schedule, Mei Lin returned to Korea. 

"Is it here…? She sighed and asked Baek MyungHo.

Tap tap.

Her high heels tapped over the floor as she walked. Baek MyungHo gave her a glance and nodded.

"Ah! Yes! Everything you see before you are the artifacts to be given out as rewards!"

"I see… Ah, I apologize for this, but could you stay a bit away from me?"

Although they were both hunters that had the same 6th rank, Baek MyungHo acted as if she were his superior.


Mei Lin found Baek MyungHo's attitude uncomfortable but forced herself to smile. She began checking the list.

"Giant Snake's Scales, Blood Grial, Saint's Watch… Hmm? Where's the Star Coral Stone?"

Baek MyungHo pointed toward a box that was in the corner.

"I changed the artifact according to the Association President’s orders from the Star Coral Stone to the sphere inside the box!"

Mei Lin looked at him while making a confused expression.

"The President changed it himself? And… a sphere…?"

"Ah, if you stay here for a moment, I'll bring it to you!"

Baek MyungHo was overly kind to Mei Lin. She nodded.

"Thank you, I'd like to see it briefly."

Baek MyungHo smiled and adjusted his glasses before he scurried over to grab the box and bring it back to her, opening it for her to see its contents.

"Here! It's this artifact!"

As the box opened, Mei Lin was lost for words, but she did her best to return to her senses.

"Haa, ehem! This is clearly an artifact the Association President could give… but did he really say… he's going to give this artifact as a reward?"

"Seeing how surprised you are, it seems like he was right!"

Baek MyungHo reacted proudly to Mei Lin's befuddlement.

'Th-this… isn't something a student can handle…'

The Thousand-Year-Old Jade…

The Fist King, Kang YuChan, the Dark Witch, the Sword God, etc…

It was the reward that a party made of the six strongest had obtained after clearing the 50th floor.

The scary thing about the Thousand-Year-Old Jade was the strength it contained. It was a crystal made after the mana flowing from the dragon god's veins gathered and condensed.

It was a dangerous artifact. If someone who wasn’t ready obtained it, they could be swept away by the strength.

'As expected… is the Association President trying to give this to student Shin YuSung?'

It was excessive.

Not only that, but the Korea vs. Japan match was a three-on-three match, so even if Shin YuSung was strong, there was no guarantee they'd win.

'It’s hard to understand what he’s thinking…'

As a hunter, Mei Lin had become interested in Shin YuSung, who'd shown great potential as the Fist King's disciple. What would happen if he absorbed the Thousand-Year-Old Jade? 

Wouldn't he be able to reach a higher floor of the Tower that humanity hadn’t yet gone to?

"Does anyone else know that the reward was changed…?" Mei Lin calmly asked.

MyunGo touched his glasses in a nervous manner.

"It… it's just me and Ms. Mei Lin!"

"Ah, yes… Okay. Until tomorrow… I hope you maintain this as a secret."



Leaving Baek MyungHo behind, Mei Lin walked out. MyungHo finally sighed in relief and made a satisfied smile.

"I'm… glad I became a hunter."

Was it because of the humidity? Baek MyungHo's glasses were covered in steam. He took them off and began wiping them with a special glasses cleaner.

[Wingless… Academy Town's Fairy ★]

—A glasses cleaner that had something weird written on it.

"To think I'd be able to see Ms. Mei Lin's face…" MyungHo happily mumbled to himself.

He was an honorary member of Mei Lin's fan club. 


* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * * 


Her mind was still hazy because she still hadn't fully woken up.

Rubbing her eyes, Kim EunAh looked around. She saw a bed that she hadn't seen before.

‘This is…'

Someone next to EunAh said something.

"Did you wake up…?"

It was Lee SuHyun's voice.

EunAh suddenly remembered what had happened. Fwoosh- She moved back and glared at Lee SuHyun.


EunAh's voice was filled with anger.

SuHyun had expected such a reaction from her.

"Miss, shouting when you were just asleep is a bad habit. You should still be tired, so lay down on the bed."

"Why…? Why did you?"

As Kim EunAh looked at her in confusion, SuHyun spoke while making a serious expression.

"The madam has ordered me not to let you leave this room."

"WHY?!!" Kim EunAh shouted in an annoyed voice. 

SuHyun slowly walked toward her.

"Miss, think about it. Why… do you think the madam ordered this?"

As SuHyun walked toward her, EunAh slowly moved back.


As if there were a transparent wall behind EunAh, she couldn't retreat anymore.

"What's this? I can't leave the bed…"

SuHyun was right in front of her.

"This is the strength of my Trait, Language Soul. I placed a lot of restrictions on you while you were asleep."

Kim EunAh tried to push her, but as she touched SuHyun's body, she couldn't put any strength in her arms.

"My body's weird…"

Not only that, but she couldn't use her electricity either.

"Miss… I'll ask again. Why do you think the madam has done such a thing?"

Lee SuHyun's voice spread throughout the enclosed space. EunAh shook her head.

"I don't know… That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Why are you doing this to me…?"

SuHyun looked at EunAh with sharp eyes.

"You need to figure that out because that's the weight of your privilege."

SuHyun leaned in close to EunAh and held up three of her fingers.

"I've placed three restrictions on you." Lee SuHyun said while folding her fingers.


"Do not leave the bed."


"Don't attack me."


"Don't use your Trait."

Lee SuHyun lay EunAh on the bed by force.

"Ugh! You! You… what the…?"

Kim EunAh was so surprised that she even hiccupped.

SuHyun covered EunAh with a bed sheet.

"You could catch a cold, so I should add another Language Soul."

"Are you crazy! No! Don't do that!"

She couldn't do anything against SuHyun, who was a rank 6 hunter.

"Don't leave the blanket."

Lee SuHyun's voice spread through the room, and SuHyun have EunAh a cold look.

"My Language Soul becomes stronger in an enclosed space. Even if you try to win, you'll just pointlessly waste your mental power"

The sight of Kim EunAh covered with a blanket was funny.

"What's going on…? Why are you doing this…?"

EunAh glared at SuHyun, but it was useless—SuHyun ignored her.

"If it were up to me, I'd put you to sleep again, but I cannot do that since I cannot use a Language Soul that I've already used again…"

Ah! It seemed like SuHyun had thought of something. She sat on the chair and spoke in a soft voice.

"Then… should I tell you a fun story until you fall asleep?"

"Leave me alone…"

EunAh was already exhausted from trying to escape from the Language Soul’s bindings. Lee SuHyun smiled bitterly.

'I'm sorry, I had no other choice…'

After calming herself down as much as possible, EunAh spoke to SuHyun.

"I'm not sure what you and my mother are after… but I must participate in the International Competition tomorrow."

"We know that."


"Now that I think about it… I almost forgot about something."

Lee SuHyun leaned in close to EunAh and began manipulating her Pocket.

"I'm sorry, but I'll be borrowing the miss's hands."

Lee SuHyun grabbed Kim EunAh's hands and began pressing on the hologram. Shin YuSung's name appeared on it.

"It's his name, not a nickname. I'm glad. I'll say this again… Miss, you cannot leave this room."


SuHyun grabbed EunAh's hands again and began writing a message; then she sent it.

[KimSilverA: YuSung… I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be able to participate. Something happened in my family. I'm sorry.]

Kim EunAh's expression hardened at the unexpected development of events. SuHyun got up from the chair and looked at her.

"Isn't the way of writing identical…?"

"I really can't understand… Why are you doing this…?" EunAh asked while looking at SuHyun, who avoided looking at her.

"I've spent a lot of time next to you, so I already know…"

The SuHyun Kim EunAh was looking at wasn't her usual self.

"Miss, you wouldn't listen to what the madam has to say… That's why they made me do this."

Treating someone with whom you used to talk and laugh with was really hard to do, so SuHyun bit her lips and quickly left the room.

'EunAh, I'm sorry…'

Lee SuHyun was regretting having become affectionate with her. She thought that was a mistake for both of them.

'I don't have a choice.'

SuHyun closed the door.

She heard EunAh's voice from the other side of it, but SuHyun did her best to ignore her. 


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