Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 234


Velvet brushed her teeth with the toothbrush she'd brought and looked satisfied. Was it because she’d slept well? "As expected. Everyone should sleep together~"

Gargle, gargle–

After finishing brushing her teeth and rinsing her mouth with water, she stood from the chair she was using as a platform.

"Velvet, you brush your teeth well." Adela, sitting at the table, gave the girl a pleased look. 

"Remembering to brush your teeth after waking up is vital!” Velvet said. “Strong and sharp teeth are important for dragons!"

Adela smiled at Velvet’s words, but the little dragon girl’s expression remained stiff as she put her toothbrush back into her bag and thought back to when Sumire had given her the toothbrush.

[Velvet. This toothbrush and toothpaste are amazing! Brushing three times a day will make your teeth strong and sharp!]

[Eek… Then I will crush everything I bite!]

[Fufu, exactly! You must diligently brush your teeth to bite the bad people.]

She looked over the rest of her belongings as well, all of which had been given to her by Sumire.

[Velvet~ This is a bandage and medicine for wounds. You must treat wounds immediately so they don't leave scars!]

[Kyahang! These are all essential for adventures! Mommy Sumire is amazing!]

"Kyahang…" Velvet’s shoulders slumped, and she wondered what Sumire was doing at the moment. Was she following the usual routine? If so, she’d be preparing a delicious breakfast. Velvet believed she’d messed things up. 'I’ve been selfish. Mommy Sumire must now hate me.'

Velvet was inherently smart since she was a dragon. Perhaps, due to her being by Sumire's side, she'd also developed empathy. She was aware that Sumire's stern behavior was for her own good. 'Mommy Sumire always thinks of me, but I just whined…'

Could she be forgiven if she returned? The thought of Sumire possibly disliking her made Velvet's shoulders droop even more. "Dad, I finished brushing my teeth…"

"Good job, Velvet." YuSung gently took Velvet's hands and helped her straighten up. 

Adela noticed the girl’s gloomy expression and worriedly asked, "Velvet, is something wrong? You look upset."

"Today, I thought that… I’ve been very bad. I only caused Mommy Sumire to worry… and I just whined…"

YuSung stroked her head as if telling her everything was okay, but Velvet's expression remained dark.

"Haha… Yesterday, she was scolded by Sumire," YuSung explained.

Adela wondered what Velvet could’ve done that deserved a scolding. "I see…" She didn’t offer any advice, though. It was something Velvet had to overcome, so all she could do was cheer for the little dragon.


Finally, Velvet opened the portal and entered with her shoulders still drooping; all Adela could do was wave goodbye.


* * *

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* * *


How tired must she have been? EunAh was still slumped over the massage chair, firmly asleep and unaware of everything that had happened. Sumire had put a blanket over EunAh's knees so she didn't catch a cold overnight.


She woke up from the loud noise of the portal opening and stood, slowly blinking as she met YuSung’s eyes and then saw Velvet standing next to him, looking dejected. When she saw Velvet’s bag, she asked, “Did you guys go somewhere?”

YuSung started to say, "Ah, yesterday…" 

Even if she wasn't feeling well, Velvet was still a smart dragon. Just when YuSung was about to reveal that they’d spent the night sleeping with Adela, she interrupted him for the sake of her family’s peace. "Dad and I were together!"

"Is that so? You guys must have missed breakfast." EunAh looked around and yawned. "Sumire doesn't seem to be here. Should I make something?" Having previously succeeded in making curry thanks to Velvet's unseen help, she was confident in her cooking. 

Normally, Velvet would have used her brain at full capacity to stop EunAh from cooking, but not that time.

"Uh…" Sumire wasn't there? Was it because of her? "She isn't here…?" Velvet stumbled backward in shock.

"Are you okay?" EunAh, who wasn't aware of the situation, was simply puzzled, but Velvet's expression looked extremely solemn.

Even if she threw a tantrum, the little dragon thought Sumire would always be by her side, but that was something she’d taken for granted. She's been fooled by the familiarity and forgotten what was truly precious. Unfortunately, she couldn’t turn back time.

"Kyahuu- Kyahuuu-" Velvet began crying. "Kyahaaaang-!"

"Eh? V-Velvet?" EunAh, not knowing what had happened, anxiously comforted Velvet. "Wh-what happened? Is it because I said I'd cook? Shall we just wait until Sumire comes back?"

"K-kyahang? Mommy… Sumire?" Velvet stopped crying at the mention of Sumire's name. 

EunAh patted Velvet's back. "Yes. She'll be here soon. After all, she always goes shopping at this time…"


The room’s door opened, and Velvet looked over to see Sumire entering, grocery bags hanging from her arms.

As the club's room opened.

"Kyahang…" Velvet's eyes widened, and tears welled up. 

Sumire smiled as if she already knew everything. "Velvet…"

Velvet ran toward her. "Mommy-!"

"Velvet!" Sumire exclaimed.

The two met in the middle of the room and embraced each other tightly.

“I was wrong!” Velvet cried out. “I’ve been bad-!"

"No, Velvet. I'm the one who did wrong. After all… you’re still a child." Sumire shed a single tear. 

After being held by Sumire, Velvet regained her usual innocent smile. "Kyahang!"

EunAh, still clueless, looked over at YuSung and asked, "So what happened…?" She was completely bewildered at that point and wanted an explanation. Everyone was happy, though, so did it really matter what happened?

"Velvet, Sumire…" YuSung slowly approached and warmly embraced them.

"Why am I the only one left out?" EunAh thought she should join in as well, even if she didn't understand what was happening.

The heartwarming scene made the day seem almost too peaceful in Gaon.


* * * 


Laplace sat at her desk, flipping through an ancient book leaking with purple light.

'Her name was ‘Shin HaYoon’, right…?' YuSung’s sister, the eldest daughter of the ShinOh family, had seen Laplace’s essence and called her out for being fragmented. No matter how much she thought, though, Laplace couldn’t think of any witches with Telekinesis. If the girl had obtained a fragment, her mana should have resembled one of the witches.

'What's going on…?' How had HaYoon obtained a fragment despite having Telekinesis and mana that wasn't similar to any witch she knew of? 'No… she never mentioned having obtained a fragment.'

Shin HaYoon had described Laplace as a fake with nothing but the original’s memory. If she'd obtained a fragment, she wouldn't have described her in such a way. 'In that case, how could she have a witch's memories?' She thought of many different witches, but she couldn’t narrow them down without any other clues.

Laplace needed to find out which witch's memories HaYoon possessed. 'This is necessary for Sumire's safety…' Once again, she went over the information she had.

[I've been reborn. You, on the other hand, didn't even bring out your throne or wear your crown… I guess this is all a fake can amount to.]

'Throne… Crown…' Laplace sitting on the throne and wearing a crown implied her using all of her power, but she'd only shown her full power to a handful of witches. Most of whom were like her sisters.

'One of them was Luisa.' The Winter's Witch had descended upon Volterra and was defeated by the hunters. 'At best, only her fragments would remain, but since the nature of their mana is different… She can’t be the one HaYoon shares memories with.

The next time Laplace had exerted her full power was against the Knight of Eradication, the strongest Knight in the Empire's history. He had worked for the Holy King, and the war in which he'd participated was a crusade against witches and devils—beings that the Empire considered evil. 

'In that fight… each witch defended her faction.' It was impossible to have seen her fight from a distance. 'Since things are like this…' Laplace frowned and went through her memories. Maybe it was due to her nature as a fragment, but trying to complete the story with mere pieces of memories wasn’t easy.

'I have no choice but to look toward the source of my memory…' Each fragment’s source was what formed their personality. Laplace tried to use mana to forcibly remember what she’d forgotten.

[Now that our defeat is determined… I'm going to search for the ■■ world.]

She couldn't remember whose voice that was.

[Remember, Laplace… I'm going to descend upon that world, so when ■■, you must…]

It was something she’d heard before, but the memory was too distorted. She coughed. "Ugh… Is it impossible to delve deeper at the moment…?" She spat out blood and wiped her mouth. It was still too early to determine who her opponent was, so she needed more information.


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