Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader –  ilafy]


Chapter 110



Sakura's arrow flew across the forest.


The arrow with the strength of the wind behind it tore everything apart in its wake. Lee SiWoo was somehow able to dodge it.



After falling to the ground, he crawled and hid as quickly as possible. He heard the air whooshing in the distance.

'How could an attack like that…?'

Lee SiWoo's attack had damaged the barrier, but Sakura’s attack was on another level.

It could destroy his barrier if it even touched it slightly; he would immediately be disqualified.

'If I retreat, it will be okay… I'll have another opportunity…'

While SiWoo was hiding his presence, he heard a familiar sound coming from where Sakura was standing.


Sakura's second arrow.


Lee SiWoo turned his body at the chilling sound approaching him.


The arrow swept away everything next to SiWoo. Broken pieces of wood and dirt scattered away in all directions.

Lee SiWoo's F-rank Clairvoyance was helpful in long-range attacking, but Sakura's S-rank Trait was incomparably more powerful.

It increased the destructive power of her arrows and also enabled her to create a barrier.

Even her skills were extremely good.

'The only good thing is the line of sight it creates…'

Lee SiWoo fell into thought as he frowned.

Sakura's attacks swept away the forest and cleared up the view. For SiWoo, who had Clairvoyance, that was quite helpful.


The problem was speed and precision.

SiWoo fell into thought as he ran across the forest.

'My arrows aren't faster or stronger than hers…'

Sakura had practiced archery her whole life, and her Trait was S-rank, so trying to fight her under the same circumstances was suicidal.

'If I used a gun instead of a bow…'

—Then he had a chance.

The thought of grabbing a gun still made him hesitate.

'Damn it…'

Due to his inhuman training, giving up wasn't an option for him. His father believed that all of SiWoo’s achievements were thanks to him.

To Lee SiWoo, his father was the worst.

'Grabbing a gun… is like admitting that my father was right.'


SiWoo was standing behind a tree, hiding his presence, and Sakura was clenching her teeth while trying to contain her anger. She began walking in SiWoo's direction.

"Answer me… Are you making fun of me?"

Sakura's anger-filled voice seemed to have a tinge of sadness in it for some reason. She was angry because he was using a bow instead of a gun.

Sakura was proud of archery, but if Lee SiWoo didn't use a gun, it was as if he were saying he wouldn't fight with everything he had.

"You piece of trash… You were the ones that laughed about how old and rusty archery is…"

Sakura's voice trembled.

It was then that Lee SiWoo began remembering something from the past.

[Don't make fun of archery!]

[You can become strong with a bow and archery!]

'She's the girl from that time…'

Sakura continued to talk as she slowly advanced.

"My… My father…"

Her voice sounded strained.

Sakura suddenly stopped in place. Before entering Choten Academy, she'd become angry with him and run out of her house.

She had felt that way after he decided to close the dojo that contained all their childhood memories.

She just felt angry.

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

As time went on, Sakura realized something…

Instead of her dad giving up on the dojo and smiling softly, she wanted him to shout proudly again.

Archery wasn't rusty; her father wasn’t wrong.

She didn't want her dad to give up.

"Archery… is my pride."

Sakura glared in SiWoo's direction. She had gone to the dojo since she was a kid, so Sakura knew how serious her dad was about archery.

"He isn't someone you guys can make fun of…"

When Sakura picked up the bow, he always talked to her about her mindset, so there was no way she didn't know.

"Use your gun,” Sakura said in a firm voice.

SiWoo, who was listening to her from behind the tree, slowly walked out.

They looked at each other. The sun had passed overhead, and its light was filtering through the treetops. SiWoo’s silver gun shone in the sunlight.

SiWoo looked at Sakura with cold eyes. It was a strange sensation. Just by grabbing that thing made of steel, his head became calm, and his heartbeat normalized.

What were the chances of him winning against Sakura? After thinking about it for a while, he smiled as he looked at his gun.

'It might be worth trying.'

Tap, tap.

Lee SiWoo lightly waved his handgun.

"Is this what you want?"

Sakura frowned after looking at it. She hadn't misunderstood.

'As expected, he's…'

He was the son of Lee SungHwan—the person who'd made fun of archery in her father’s dojo. No matter what, Sakura couldn't lose against Lee SiWoo.

Lee SiWoo's thoughts were different.

"You know what?"


SiWoo dropped the gun. 


The pistol thudded into the dirt.

Lee SiWoo spoke while looking into Sakura's eyes.

"I don’t want to do as you please."

It was a provocation Sakura wasn't expecting.

Sakura looked at him with a stunned face, and her expression soon turned aggressive.


Sakura aimed at Lee SiWoo.

"You…! Are you going to make fun of us and archery until the end?!"

At Sakura's angry voice, a slow smile crept onto SiWoo’s mouth, and he replied.

"Hmm, I'm not sure…? Unlike you, who is proud of the bow, I do not hold such thoughts towards the gun."

Lee SiWoo looked at Sakura with cold eyes.

"Maybe you were happy using your bow, but every second I held a gun was like hell to me. I'll never use something that hurts me like that again," Lee SiWoo said firmly and then laughed mockingly toward Sakura.

"How about you shoot me while I'm weaponless with your ‘great’ bow?"

Sakura couldn't handle her anger at the provocation and rushed toward SiWoo.


Sakura grabbed SiWoo's collar and kicked him onto the ground.


Lee SiWoo fell right next to the handgun. Sakura pointed at him with her finger and spoke.

"Grab the gun…"


Wind began gathering on Sakura's finger, but still, Lee SiWoo was relaxed.

"I don't want to."

Based on what he'd seen, SiWoo knew that Sakura wouldn't be able to hit him in his state.

It was ironic that being weaponless was so safe. Sakura stood over SiWoo, grabbed his collar, and raised his head.

"Grab the gun-!"

Sakura's eyes had a strong killing intent, but even though she was grabbing his collar, SiWoo seemed relaxed.

"How about this…?"

He made a proposal, a smile beginning to show on his face.

"Don't use your Trait."

Sakura's expression distorted.


"You heard me. Don't use your Trait."


SiWoo pushed aside Sakura's hand and continued speaking. 

"Let’s make it a pure shooting competition with no Trait involved."

He let his smile fully show.

"If we do it like that, I’ll use my gun. Didn't you want to see who's stronger?"

SiWoo, whose eyes had completely changed, kept provoking Sakura.

"Don't tell me that you wanted to beat me with your S-rank Trait and say that archery had beaten a gun?"

It was a provocation Sakura couldn't refuse.


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